Goofiest band you've ever met: Next Saturday 6/29 at the Pinhook.

Goner: Who will be buried first?

Here's what the Eleni Binge interviewing Goner looks like.   Scott (vocals, keyboards) responds first, followed by Chris, we think.  Beloved Binge is opening up their record release show at the Pinhook this Saturday 6/29, followed by the most excellent Wood Ear. 

EB:  How do you hope Goner looks from your death bed(s)?
S:  On my death bed, I hope the actual Goner will not be within eyesight, as I plan on burying both Chris and Greg by the time I hit 70. But maybe my then-wife Aubrey Plaza will show me pictures of them or something.

EB:  If you HAD to get a tattoo on your face, what would it be?
S: I teach 4th Grade in Wake County, so if I HAD to get a tattoo on my face, I would just go ahead and get the words "FIRE ME FROM PUBLIC SCHOOLS" on there. Or maybe Aubrey Plaza's name inside a heart. We're supposed to be together, you see.

EB:  What's behind your new album in two sentences. (I'll try: amazing?)

S: Faking The Wisdom is about a plucky little tooth named "Wiseguy" and his curious misadventures with with a dastardly impersonator. (Not really. But forget my ideas. I'd love to hear what other people think the record is about. Email us at (Especially you, Aubrey. I'm sitting by the laptop, staring at a candle, listening to Disintegration and waiting for your email.))

Another unidentified member of Goner, whom I believe to be Chris, responded thusly:

EB:  1, 2, 3 Questions

Chris-ish: I believe my answer to all three questions would be:

As Roxana, Youtube commenter, said, AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Three action items for you:  Read more about Goner in this Indy article from '08. Then listen to their fantastic album that we've played maybe 50 times so far here:  Then join us to hear them live here before Scott buries the rest of the band:

Saturday June 29 @ the Pinhook and you too

Beloved Binge is incredibly excited to be playing the "Official" release show for Goner's new 4th album Faking The Wisdom! A triumphant, long-awaited return to delightful Durham and the stellar folks at The Pinhook. A semi-early Saturday night show with an effing KILLER line-up.  Come drink soy white russians with us and rub our shoulders.


"Upbeat, stripped-down and muffed-out indie-pop rock." --Colorado Springs Independent

“Reminiscent of groups like the Moldy Peaches, [Beloved Binge adds] a humorous touch to lyrics that might seem dark otherwise.” –Daily Tar Heel, Diversions

10:00--WOOD EAR

"Like Jay Farrar fronting Built to Spill." --Shuffle Magazine

"Wood Ear arrives at a perfect nexus of the Triangle's dual indie rock and alt-country legacies. Their crossroads are rarely this developed." --Grayson Currin, Indy Week


"Intense, joyful, bummery, cathartic, & wonderful." --Ross Grady, WXDU/

"Goner has tested the limits of its power and found more. These three guys (now all past 40) will never get old, no matter how studied, wise and bittersweet [their] observations may become." --Grayson Currin, Indy Week

Doors at 8.
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