You heard it here first:  "The goofiest idea I ever heard" in action - interviews with the two other bands we're playing with 3/28, and more
BB record in action by Roberto of New Town Drunks

Three questions for two bands you('ll) like

Continuing our series of interviews with bands we share the stage with, I asked the bands we're playing with this Thursday a few questions:
  1. What makes a live show still relevant?
  2. What show/concert was the most influential on how you view performance?
  3. Will you still be playing shows at 85?
Will they be playing shows well beyond the time when Senior discounts set in?  Find out this and more below.

Thursday March 28th at the Pinhook (invite)

As Dave Cantwell noted, we stole Ross's band descriptions, because they are funny and more or less apt:

JK+5/5= Springsteeny rock-gospel (
DY=Dirty-n-loud metallo artrock (
BB=Skewed K-Records-style artpop (

Rob Beloved says, the Store is Open.

Until next time,
Eleni Binge
Drug Yacht (Indy photo)

Drug Yacht:  Not just ships and narcotics

Questions by Eleni Binge.  Responses by Dave Cantwell.  Photo from the Indy.

Q: What makes a live show still relevant?

The live show is relevant for the same reasons it's always been relevant.  Just because we all have computers and telephones changes nothing.  It's really, really fun to see musicians interacting on stage--and if you want to have any part of the "conversation" of local music in yr town, you really have to go see bands...because some of them (like--uh--Drug Yacht) have no recordings. Even if they do, seeing them live is the best way to hear their newest ideas.  (And they might do something cool you can steal.)

Q: What show/concert was the most influential on how you view performance?
I've seen many shows--and I think most of them have influenced me in some way (sometimes by showing me what NOT to do).  One that comes to mind is the first time I saw Don Caballero. They were touring for their first record and no one around here (including me) had ever heard of them.  There were about a dozen people at the show, but they played as though the whole town had shown up to see them.  They were goofy in presence but clearly very serious about their hyper-thoughtful music.  They had a reputation as being somewhat pretentious, but I did not detect that in this performance; they were perfectly charming and engaging--an especially neat trick for an instrumental band.

Q:  Will you still be playing shows at 85?
Once I saw a large jazz combo playing outside at the mall.  All the performers were at least 75.  I wondered how difficult it was for the drummer to cart his stuff around.  Anyway...they were inspiring to me.  I hope to still be playing out as late as I can physically do it.  I might have to bring smaller equipment, but I'll be there, trying to talk the bartender out of a free beer.

A real drug yacht
Courtesy Google image search for "drug yacht."
J Kutchma from the Indy

J Kutchma + the 5/5ths

Questions by Eleni Binge.  Responses by Jay Kutchma.  Photo from the Indy.

Q: What makes a live show still relevant? 
I don't know if it's relevant for the audience.  It's really nice to get together and see folks I haven't seen in a long time.  Maybe 'rock shows' are my 'covered dish'.  Live shows are particularly relevant to me and I'm assuming the people I play with because it's a chance to get together with people I like to be around and hopefully have a couple of kicks with.  I guess we do that in the practice space but, regardless of there being anyone in attendance, there's always a little bit more electricity running through the air at a show so it makes it much more or much less fun than at a practice space.  
Q: What show/concert was the most influential on how you view performance? 
I think I'm more influenced by seeing my family at their jobs than a particular show.  They always seemed to make the best of whatever situation they're in and take a great deal of pride in what and how they earn their daily bread.
Q: Will you still be playing shows at 85? 
Yes but only if I can get my niece's or nephew's kids to carry my shit. 
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