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Green 13 News and Events

The Whale and the Raven

Tuesday, January 21
Doors open at 6:15 pm, screening time 6:30 pm
Annette Street Library, 145 Annette St.

This NFB documentary illuminates the many issues that have drawn whale researchers, the Gitga’at First Nation, and the Government of British Columbia into a complex conflict. As the people in the Great Bear Rainforest struggle to protect their territory against the pressure and promise of the gas industry, caught in between are the countless beings that call this place home. View the trailer here. Free screening. In advance, learn more about cetaceans here (6 min.)

Road Map to Environmental Action

On November 13th our MP, MPP, and Councillor convened to focus on the climate crisis and begin to discuss a community action plan to address the climate crisis. The first speaker that evening was Amanda Montgomery, who clarified the distribution of responsibility across the 3 jurisdictions. She explained that our constitution did not include language about ‘the environment’ or ‘climate change’, and laid out the 3 jurisdictions. She has shared the following 2013 primer on jurisdictions, Federal and Provincial Jurisdiction to Regulate Environmental Issues.

Our next newsletter will include a fuller report on the evening.

In addition, on November 26th MPP Bhutila Karpoche hosted a Climate Emergency Community Meeting. A report of this meeting will be posted to her site and newsletter shortly.

Other Events in the Community

Holiday Green Gifting - - The Sustainable 6ix Present: A Celebration of Sustainability

Friday, December 6, 6-8pm
Runnymede Library

This free community workshop shares tips on being low waste during this holiday season.  Learn more here. The Sustainable 6ix is “a group of passionate youth working to improve awareness towards more environmentally conscious habits, starting at the local level and building our way up”. They are hosting this “first event to encourage everyone to keep sustainability and the climate in mind this holiday season. Join [in] for a fun evening of workshops, DIYs and great conversation about how to make our community greener. We encourage you to bring your family and friends, and an old/extra re-usable bag to donate.
There will be snacks. All Ages Welcome!” RSVP here.

Inorganic Market

Saturday, January 25, 2020
Annette Library, 145 Annette St. 

Events Farther Afield

The Condor and the Eagle

Toronto premiere and fundraiser

Tuesday, December 3, 7-9:30 pm
Innis Town Hall, 2 Sussex Ave. 

Four Indigenous leaders embark on a trans-continental adventure - from the Canadian plains to deep into the heart of the Amazonian jungle to unite the peoples of North and South America and deepen the meaning of “Climate Justice.” The movie features stories of the resilience and resistance of modern Indigenous people in the face of extractive industry. View the trailer here. Post screening panel and discussion. Purchase tickets ($10) here or at the door.

Solutions for a Planet in Crisis

Wednesday, December 4, 12:10 - 2 pm
Room UC 140, University College Bldg, 15 King's College Circle, U of T

Join this conversation with environmental journalist and author Adria Vasil, as she discusses the challenge of covering environmental issues in Canada, and the role of solutions journalism in informing environmental decision-making. Read more here.

Forum on COP 25

Saturday, December 7, 3-5:30 pm
Friends House, 60 Lowther Ave.

Speakers will be skyped in from Madrid. Mitchell Beer, Energy Mix, will present on how to reach a wider audience. We’ll discuss how to reduce fossil fuel use 7% per year through to 2030.

When the Storm Fades

Monday, January 20, 2020 7 pm Across Canada
Cineplex Yonge-Dundas

“A genre defying docudramedy starring a real Filipino family of typhoon survivors re-enacting their daily struggle to recover from the strongest storm in recorded history - 2013's Super Typhoon Haiyan. Three years after the storm, the Pablos have rebuilt their seaside home in Tacloban, one of the Philippines' poorest neighbourhoods. Their slow recovery is shaken up by two awkward Canadian volunteers planting trees in the community, played by Canadian Comedy Award Winners Kayla Lorette and Aaron Read. This foreign couple is learning the difference between helping and actually being helpful. Part comedic fiction, part dramatic re-enactment - the result is a satirical examination of the white saviour complex and a quiet meditation on grief in the era of climate change. When The Storm Fades was a prefigurative production that has improved the economic quality of life for the storm survivors that star in the film.”

The film is going to be screened ONE NIGHT ONLY in Cineplex theatres in select locations across Canada on January 20, 2020. Cineplex requires a minimum of 50 tickets to be pre-sold at each venue to guarantee a screening and the deadline to pre-purchase to hit that minimum threshold number of ticket sales is January 9. (Assuming each location pre-sells at least 50 tickets by January 9, you’ll still be able to pre-purchase after January 9, too.)

The film’s distributors are planning to also launch a simultaneous fundraising campaign to help the Pablos purchase a new home, valued at $6000. 

Tickets may be purchased here. Learn more here.

City of Toronto News


BetterHomesTO was officially launched last month with the creation of a new user-friendly home efficiency website. BetterHomesTO is a new online resource with information, rebates and incentives to help Toronto homeowners make their homes more energy efficient and comfortable as we move toward net zero. BetterHomesTO provides information on key energy efficiency upgrades as well as guidance on planning a renovation.

For more information, or to receive some BetterHomesTO promotional materials and toolkits, please contact Stewart Dutfield

Ontario News

Seven young Ontarians are suing Doug Ford over climate inaction

Read more here and here. View their press conference here. Support Ecojustice in the fight of our generation, the fight for a safe climate future; you can donate here.

Canadian Environmental Law Association raises concern about Ontario's Bill 132

The following is courtesy of CELA:

“The Ontario government recently introduced omnibus Bill 132, which proposes to amend 14 environmental laws, including the Aggregate Resources Act, Crown Forest Sustainability Act, Environmental Protection Act, Ontario Water Resources Act, Pesticides Act, Safe Drinking Water Act and several other statutes. In late November, CELA lawyer Richard Lindgren appeared as a witness before the Standing Committee on General Government to raise various objections to Bill 132, which appears to be the latest chapter in the provincial government's de-regulation agenda.

The full version of CELA's extensive comments on the omnibus bill are available on our website.

CELA's voice was echoed by many other concerned citizens, ENGO's and citizen groups from around Ontario.  Approximately a dozen individuals and groups made in-person deputations to the Standing Committee on General Government, including some for whom this was their first appearance at committee - a daunting undertaking for even a seasoned policy professional.

The public outcry over the rushed consultation process and the complexity of the enormous omnibus bill was a clear indication of public concern for the environment.  CELA is committed to continuing to provide expertise and resources to support submissions from concerned citizens.

The deadline for members of the public to submit written briefs to the Standing Committee on Bill 132 [was] Friday, November 29th.”

The first ever Canadian Provincial Energy Efficiency Scorecard

This report was just released by Efficiency Canada. Our national low-carbon transition requires a tripling of energy efficiency from current levels. “Energy savings will be largely driven by the provinces and territories, because they have jurisdiction over the most relevant policy areas, such as public utility regulation and building energy codes.” The report demonstrates how well each province performs in key areas: energy efficiency programs, enabling policies, buildings, transportation, and industry. It clearly recommends the path for improvements in each province.First place went to B.C., 2nd to Quebec, 3rd to Ontario, 4th to Nova Scotia.

3 amigos say they'll fight climate change by investing in small nuclear reactors

Read more here and here.  And then read Amory Lovins on why he does not see nuclear power plants as an essential tool in the fight against climate change.

Ontario appoints Advisory Panel on Climate Change

Read the Nov. 28 news release issued by Jeff Yurek, Minister of the Environment, Conservation and Parks on November 28th.  “He introduced the new advisory panel on climate change and outlined how they will provide expert advice on the implementation of the province's climate change actions - especially how Ontarians can prepare for the costs and impacts of climate change.”

The intention appears focused on resilience, adaptation, with no mention of mitigation. It’s important to also consider Motion 70, proposed by Peter Tabuns last May, to strike up a select committee on climate change. “That, in the opinion of this House, a Select Committee on Climate Change should be established immediately to develop comprehensive provincial strategies and an action plan to address climate-change related threats to our society, environment and economy.” A Select Committee is defined as: “These committees, usually composed of nine MPPs from the political parties represented in the House, are set up specifically to study certain bills or issues. Usually Select Committees examine material by a specific date and report back to the Legislature, after which the committee is dissolved.”

National News on Climate

Fossil Futures

This new report by the Corporate Mapping Project exposes how the CPP, Canada Pension Plan,  fails to respect the 1.5º C. limit. Read more here and here.

Bridging the Gap: Real Options for Meeting Canada's 2030 GHG Target

This new and final report by the Ecofiscal Commission concludes that to achieve our target, carbon prices should continue to rise, and that other policy approaches are more costly for Canadians. Watch their latest webinar (Nov. 28, hosted by Jason Dion), and read their final note. Here is the logic of pollution pricing (4 min.). Carbon pricing works (3 min.) It’s up to us to embrace it. 

Canada will need to quadruple its carbon tax to $210/tonne by 2030, enough to raise gasoline prices by about 40¢/litre, if the government relies solely on pricing to meet its 2013 emissions reduction target.  Read more here.

Bank of Canada commits to study the economic impact of climate change

Read more here.

Infrastructure projects to be viewed through a climate lens

Read more here.

Tips for Everyday Living

Gift-giving, Black Friday, and the Climate Emergency

Given the climate emergency, consider donating to organizations that are doing the necessary work required at this time. CAN-Rac, Climate Action Network Canada, is dedicated to doing all they can to bring together over 100 member groups in Canada on climate issues. They fund research, do surveys, collaborate with member groups, develop webinars and conferences for ongoing education, send representatives to the COPs each year, keep us all informed and connected, develop subcommittees, meet with the various ministries to always push for greater ambition on climate action…. You can donate here.  Your donation helps build a strong climate movement in Canada, and works towards a safer climate for our young people and companion species.


This new website provides information, rebates and incentives for tenants and homeowners to make their home more energy efficient and comfortable as we move to net zero.

15 ways to shrink your plastic footprint

Courtesy of The Guardian, read here.

Essential Reading / Viewing / Listening 

World War Zero

John Kerry has just launched a new bipartisan coalition of world leaders, military brass and Hollywood celebrities to press for public action to combat climate change. Read more here

Scientists warn a cascade of tipping points is possible

We may have crossed certain tipping points already. Read more here, here, and here.

Two recent reports point to record GHG concentrations,

prompt call for drastic action to reduce emissions 

Read more here.

Mark Carney named as special envoy on climate (Dec. 1 '19)

“This provides a platform to bring the risks from climate change and the opportunities from the transition to a net-zero economy into the heart of financial decision-making.” Read more here and  here .

Take Action

Reject TECK

Teck Resources wants to build the largest open pit tar sands mine on Indigenous lands, resulting in egregious impacts on 29,000 hectares of Boreal Forest and all species dwelling there. Click here to add your voice. Sign the open letter to reject Teck Frontier Mine.

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