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HeenanDoherty News June 2012

HD Happenings

The rain has started to fall (again) in central Victoria and restarted the relatively early start to the year and we can't wait to plant 'Dehesa Felix' in the coming months after years of Keyline soil prep.  May and June have been busy with our 4 day Joel RAP @ Taranaki Farm exceeding our expectations and booking out in 10 days; we've announced another 3 day Joel Salatin RAP @ Taranaki Farm with bookings now open; our intrepid London-based filmaker daughter Isaebella is back in Virginia for the 3rd round of filming for our 'Polyfaces' doco project; we've developed the 'IntegriPasture' concept and its now going through the beta testing; the application of the 'Regen10' process as a professional development tool has continued; 'RegenAG UK, Germany & Iberica' have launched with a workshop series underway and RegenAG Hellas, Chile & Aotearoa/NZ are launching in the coming months; and the 3rd offering of Electric Net Fencing & Energiser promotion is now open to order; and our new e-commerce store is now alive, so you can go to our shed and shop for great tools for regenerating your property. Much more as well which you can keep up to date with via our FaceBook sites. 

Electric Net Fencing & Energiser Offer #3 (AU only)

We've now sold over 400 of these fantastic products giving producers the chance to save up to 50% off normal retail prices here in Australia. This time we are using a new e-commerce framework (, logistics company & Australia Post integrated into the whole process making the whole experience more fluid for all. Orders & Info here

·  GrazeNet - for Sheep, Goats and Cattle - 8/89/15 x 50m- $154/roll + $33 delivery/roll 
(GST inc.) 
·  ChookNet - for Poultry - 12/106/7 x 50m - $242/roll + $33 delivery/roll (GST inc.) 
·  Speedrite 1000 ACDC Energizer - 1 joule - $195/unit  + $33 delivery/unit (GST inc.) 
·  Mumma SolarShockBox - 1 joule - $530/unit + $33 delivery/unit (GST inc.) 

Regenerative AG International Project

Following HeenanDoherty’s departure from RegenAG Ltd. in December of 2011 we were approached by a number of providers wanting to adopt the brand (the RegenAG® trademark is registered in AU only by RegenAG Ltd.) we originated and spread around the globe in 2011 through our 29 workshop series in South America & Europe. This push fits squarely with HeenanDoherty's Charter. HeenanDoherty does not operate under the RegenAG® trademarked brand in Australia though continues to collaborate with RegenAG Ltd. 

As a result there are now independent RegenAG organisations in the UK, Germany, Iberica (inc. Euskal Herria, Catalunya & Andalucia), Hellas (Greece), Chile and Aotearoa/NZ. RegenAG UK, Germany and Iberica have already started a successful Regenerative AG Workshop Series featuring HeenanDoherty Trainers Kirk & Tamara Gadzia, Eugenio Gras, Darren J. Doherty & Joel Salatin.

Future plans are in train for an expansion of the model originated by HeenanDoherty to meet the needs of communities around the globe. HeenanDoherty's comprehensive Provider's & Trainer's Handbook contains the blueprint for the operation of successful events and is what these international Regenerative AG organisations are basing their operations on.  Following this Handbook's strategy we use a standardised logo, website, marketing materials & courses all of which are adaptable to local situations.  

Want more information or are interested in being a HeenanDoherty Provider then contact HeenanDoherty and we can talk the options through. 

Polyfaces Doco Update

Our multi-award winning filmaker daughter Isaebella is backing up the work she did in January and last September (with European cinematographers Alex Amengual & Hans Hansen) in keeping this documentary project ticking over. This important piece is squarely pitched at the female consumer.

Lisa Heenan says 'we believe that the female consumer is central to changing our food and agricultural systems for the better'.

This production has 5 themes which encapsulates the strategic importance of the path before us: Family, Farm, Community, Health & Future. Isaebella will be returning to Polyface Farm in September this year to finalise the capture of 4 seasons at this amazing operation. 


We’ve been developing many spreadsheet models over the years and this whole concept ofIntegriPasture has emerged from this process.

IntegriPasture is a modular approach to integrating multi-species planned grazing systems, that includes cropping) and integrity-based localised processing, marketing & logistics. It’s a work in progress and we have a few of our best-suited clients giving us the real feedback this program needs before its public release. 

Regen10 Developments

The last few months have seen us further refine our Regen10 process to include Professional Development.  The Regen10 forms the basis for all of HeenanDoherty's consulting & designs and Regenerative AG Workshops (inc. the RAW, RAD & RAP)

Very Edible Garden's (VEG) Director Dan Palmer (AU/NZ), Surfer's without Border's co-founder Loren Luyendyk (USA) and Permaculture Business World's Director Nick Huggins (AU) have all engaged HeenanDoherty in this novel and logical process to project consulting, design & reporting.  

The Regen10
1. Climate
2. Geography
3. Water
4. Access
5. Forests
6. Buildings
7. Fencing
8. Soil
9. PolyMarketing
10. Energy

Upcoming Events

June 2012
'Fertility Farming with MasHumus'
Euskal Herria (RegenAG Iberica)
La Donaira (RegenAG Andalucia)

August 2012
'Regen10 & Pastoral Intelligence'
FACETS 2012, Bathurst NSW AU (Skillset)

October 2012
'Polyface Farming Systems'
Taranaki Farm (HeenanDoherty)

November 2013
'Polyface Farming Systems'
La Donaira (RegenAG Andalucia)
Cowdray Estate (RegenAG UK)

Close By Perhaps?

(available for consults in these areas)

June 2012
* 'Dalpura', Moriac VIC AU - development
* 'Shelburn', Shelburn, VIC AU - consulting/pro developement
* 'Muskerry Farm', Muskerry, VIC, AU - consulting
* Gloucester Region, NSW AU - consulting
* Canberra, ACT AU - consulting

July 2012
* Wairarapa Region NZ - consulting
* 'Dehesa Felix', Eppalock VIC AU - development
* 'Dalpura', Moriac VIC AU - development

August 2012
* 'Dehesa Felix', Eppalock VIC AU - development
* Bathurst NSW AU - training
* 'Dalpura', Moriac VIC AU - development

September 2012
* 'Dehesa Felix', Eppalock VIC AU - development
* 'Dalpura', Moriac VIC AU - development

October 2012
* 'Dehesa Felix', Eppalock VIC AU - development
* 'Dalpura', Moriac VIC AU - development
* 'Taranaki Farm', Woodend VIC AU - training
* Serpentine, WA AU - training

November 2012
* Bendigo Region, training
* 'Dehesa Felix', Eppalock VIC AU - development
* 'Dalpura', Moriac VIC AU - training

December 2012
* Aberquerque, NM, USA - training
* 'Dehesa Felix', Eppalock VIC AU - development

January 2013
* 'Dehesa Felix', Eppalock VIC AU - development

February 2013
* 'Dehesa Felix', Eppalock VIC AU - development & training
* 'Taranaki Farm' Woodend VIC AU - training

March-May 2013
* Europe - consulting & training

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