February 2017
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Monthly news and updates from the tech folks at St. Vrain Valley Schools.

Things You Should
Know About the
Updated YouTube Filter

  1. All St. Vrain networks apply YouTube’s moderate filter so that you can be as assured as possible that the content you view on YouTube is appropriate for students. (Though it’s still a good idea to preview before you project!) The not-so-good news is that the filter is only as good as the gnomes at Google when it comes to deciding what to allow.
  2. Students can still search for and view a wide variety of videos without logging in to YouTube.
  3. If a restricted video has been manually unblocked by SVVSD, students and teachers will have to use their @svvsd login credentials to view that particular video.
  4. Instructional staff can complete a simple application process to be able to see all videos and to have the power to approve YouTube videos. Click the button to the right for the application.  Please allow yourself 10 minutes to review the information and complete the application.
  5. If you are having trouble finding what you want, and you are not interested in applying for YouTube Approver status, please contact your school BTC/LTC/ITC or librarian for more help.

New Password Manager

Short Version:

The current Password Manager for self-service password changes is being replaced with a more full-featured system. You will need to log into the new Password Manager and set up new security questions and answers by the end of the school year.
New Password Manager address: http://password.svvsd.org

Long Version: 

Over the last year, the old password management tool was not living up to the high standards our educators and students deserve. We worked with the vendor for several months but were unable to get a satisfactory resolution..

At that point, we began researching new solutions. We found one that fits the district’s needs and started working with the new vendor to customize it for St. Vrain. 

The new Password Manager is now up and running.  For your own benefit, please log into it and select new security questions and answers by the end of the school year. Doing so will let you reset your own forgotten password without our assistance, though we are always willing to provide it.  

The old system will be retired at the end of the school year. The Help Desk (x57730) will continue to have access to the old security questions and answers throughout the summer.
New Password Manager address: http://password.svvsd.org

Summer Tech PD for Teachers and Leaders

This summer, join us for several incredible learning opportunities! Use the links below to learn more and register.

New Apps in LANrev Apps

Google Photos

Google Photos provides unlimited storage of photos and videos, allows you to access these photos from multiple devices, and has advanced cataloging features that make it easier to sort and find your photos.

available in the LANrev App store for secondary students and staff



SeeSaw is a student-driven digital portfolio that allows young students to easily create, document, and share their learning with teachers and parents.

available in the LANrev App store for elementary classroom iPads and staff 


Dash and Dot Apps

Go, Wonder, Path, Blockly, and Xylo apps are used control and program the Dash and Dot robots.

available in LANrev to push out


Cubelets Apps

Cubelets and Cubelets Blockly apps are used to control and program Cubelets robots.

available in LANrev to push out

ITAC February Meetings

Elementary and Secondary Instructional Technology Advisory Committees met during the first two weeks of February. Here’s a summary of our work.

Student Data Privacy

The value of technology tools and services in education has become undeniable. At the same time, the need to protect the privacy of students and their data is equally undeniable.

If you would like a member of DTS to come and speak to your school about student data privacy and the Colorado State law, please contact Shannon Stimack.  stimack_shannon@svvsd.org

In an effort to create transparency regarding student data privacy and the Colorado State law, it is important that all teachers and staff members know their role.

New Default Password for New Employees

The default password and initial login process for new employees is changing. Starting in April, Human Resources will be contacting all new employees and walking them thought resetting they initial district password.

Non-LTP iPad Support

As of March 16th, all Non-LTP funded iPads purchased through the SVVSD tech store will be added to and managed with the SVVSD Mobile Device Manager (MDM).


District Technology Service

St. Vrain Valley Schools
2929 Clover Basin Drive
Longmont CO 80503

Help Desk


Instructional Technology


Password Changes Coming for Secondary Students

All St. Vrain students should be good digital citizens. In support of that goal, all secondary students will change their password from the default. (read more)


The district will be discontinuing SVVSD Classes (Moodle) at the end of the 2016-2017 school year.

In today's world of phishing and identity theft, we all need to be aware of our virtual surroundings.

A Look Back

Check out how far we've come! This video was produced by Kyle Addington, one of our Instructional Technology Coordinators, four years ago talking about the then current technology in our schools.


Meet Gary Saunders

Gary Saunders
Telecommunications Support Specialist
Years with SVVSD: 38
Graduated from: Skyline High School

What does your average day look like?

My day is filled with checking and answering e-mails and phone calls, completing work orders, and coordinating work with various personnel throughout the district.  

What are your favorite things about working for St. Vrain?

I’ve been working for the school district since 1979. I've held various positions and enjoyed the diversity of work and the opportunity to see the changes over the years.

What I enjoy most about my job current job is being in the field, working with and helping staff throughout the district.  I also enjoy the technical aspects of programming and customizing, the district's phone, and intercom systems. The new VoIP phone system is the fifth district phone system I have work with here at SVVSD. 


I am constantly busy with not much free time. I have a small acreage that I love working on. I enjoy doing remodels, farm auctions, road trips and spending time with family and friends.

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