phishing defines
Attachments are one tool phishers use to attack us. The text in the email may refer to an attached picture or document when they have actually attached a file that can cause harm.

Before you open an attachment, look with an eagle eye at the very last part of the file name after the dot. This is called the file extension and it tells us what kind of file it is. If you don't recognize the extension, look it up on the web. (search: file extensions)

How many of the below file extensions can you identify?
Scroll to the bottom of this email for the answer.
Bonus Question:
You receive a file attachment trustme.pdf.js via email. What kind of file is it?
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.ai - Adobe Illustrator Artwork
.cdr  - vector graphics format (Corel Draw and others)
.doc - word processing document (Microsoft Word and other)
.docx - word processing document (Microsoft Word and other)
.exe - directly executable program
.jpg - image (Joint Photographic Group)
.js - JavaScript file (a computer program)
.pdf - Adobe Portable Document Format
.png - image (Portable Network Graphics)
.ppt - Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation
.pptx - presentation (Microsoft PowerPoint and others)
.xls - Microsoft Excel spreadsheet
.xlsx - spreadsheet (Microsoft Excel and other)
Bonus Answer: a JavaScript file