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2016-2018 Instructional Technology Advisory Committee Application

The Instructional Technology Advisory Committee (ITAC) is looking for additional members to join and help us refine our district-wide plan for instructional technology.

ITAC consists of district leaders, school administrators, teachers, school staff, and parents who serve on one of two Instructional Technology Advisory Committees. These committees will provide input and guidance to the technology department and help to refine implementation plans for our technology investments.

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MacBook Summer Care and Learning

Before you head off to some grand adventure, we hope you'll pause and consider how to best care for your Macbook over the summer. Also included in this post are resources to learn more about using your MacBook.  
Considerations to best care for your MacBook:
  • If you're not going to be using the laptop for awhile we suggest you shut it down with at least 50-90% of battery power. 
  • Just like our bodies, MacBooks don't like to be in extreme temperatures. If you need to leave the laptop in your car shut it down first. 
  • When traveling, ensure that you are keeping the laptop in it's case. 
  • If your laptop is lost or stolen over the break you'll need to contact your administrator, they might need a reminder that they'll need to submit a ticket for it. Note: laptops are not able to be tracked down like an iPad, so this process is simply to keep up with inventory.
  • To best care for the content on your MacBook, back up your data
Here are some resources for you to learn more about navigating your MacBook:

Are you using a personal Apple ID on your school iPad?

As you know, an Apple ID (iTunes account) is required to use Apple mobile devices such as iPads and iPhones. LTP-issued iPads are district owned property and intended for education purposes. With that said, many employees prefer to use their existing personal Apple IDs so they can access their photos, music collection, previously purchased apps, etc.

In truth, there is no such thing as a “Professional” Apple ID per se. People can create one or more Apple IDs. An Apple ID being personal or professional refers to how a person uses and secures an account.
  • If you use an Apple ID for your school iPad that you also use on your personal devices, please be aware that there are many layers of syncing and sharing between all devices using that Apple ID. For example, the Messages app may synchronize texts, including photos, to all of your devices.
  • Email, Schoology and other apps contain confidential student information, therefore, please do not share your SVVS iPad with students. 
  • If you share a personal iTunes account with your spouse or children, do not use it on your school iPad. You will need to use a professional account with your school devices.

As you prepare for next year, make sure you have the iTunes account(s) needed to protect your personal and our students’ information.

Schoology Roundup

It has been a pretty remarkable first year for Schoology in St. Vrain. In this post I’ll go over some of the highlights and what to get ready for next year.

Moving to a New School?

Attention Teachers,

Are you moving from a teaching position at a St. Vrain school to a teaching position at another St. Vrain school?
Do you have an LTP MacBook Air?
If you answered “yes” to the above questions, we need to make a few small changes to ensure your laptop works in your new school.
Question: What happens if you don’t let us know?
Answer: You won’t have printers at your new building.
Submit this form when you are done working at your current school and ready to work in your new school.

Tech Tips for Exiting Seniors

On May 6th, we sent an email to all seniors. It contained information about the steps they will want to take as they end their time with St. Vrain Valley Schools.

Since we are unsure how frequently students check their email, please consider sharing this information with the seniors in your classes. This information is always available on Ceran; look for the EXIT button.


You can now install Skype without an administrator password.

  • Click on the Apple > System Preferences...
  • LANrev > Software Updates > Show On-Demand Software
  • Check Mac_Skype_7.27
  • Click OK
  • Click on the Windows button > Control Panel
  • LANrev > Software Updates > Show On-Demand Software
  • Check Win_Skype_7.23
  • Click OK

Ending Atomic Learning Subscription

The district has subscribed to Atomic Learning’s video tutorials for about a decade. After looking at the current number of video tutorial being watched and the overall cost, we will be ending our subscription over the summer.

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