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A Grandma Texted the Wrong Teen About Thanksgiving— Then Invited Him Anyway!

This week a teen got a random text from someone inviting him to Thanksgiving dinner. Very confused, he asked who texted him. The response from the stranger: "Your grandma!" Still confused, he asked her to send a selfie. She sent him a photo and he realized that this kind grandma had the wrong number. Get this: She invited her new teen friend to come out for Thanksgiving anyway and he's actually going to come by! (Read More)

A Community Came Together With Kindness in Response to Evil

After being pushed to the ground by a stranger during a race, Chase Coleman, a 15-year-old with autism, quit running altogether.

Chase's parents didn't want Chase to give up his favorite activity or to believe that the world was filled with bad people. So they, along with her city, organized a "Run with Chase" fun run to support Chase and remind him that the world is filled with incredible people. And get this: More than a thousand people showed up! (Read More)

Windshield Poet Is Inspiring Others One Line at a Time

My new friend Alex Lewis has this amazing project called Car Window Poetry. The idea is simple: write a short encouraging poem and leave it on a stranger's windshield. Instead of finding an advertisement or a parking ticket under their windshield wipers, they'll find something that'll make them smile.

This week Car Window Poetry was featured nationally on Nightly News with Lester Holt! (Read More)

The U.S. Divorce Rate is the Lowest It's Been in 40 Years

Did y'all know that that whole "50% of marriages end in divorce" statistic isn't true? In fact, more people are getting married and staying married than they have in a long time. A new study released this week said that divorce rates dropped for the third year in a row and have his their lowest point since the mid-1970's! (Read More)

The New American Weather Satellite Is Good for the World

This week I read some super sciency articles about a new satellite the U.S. is putting into space to better interpret weather data. It was cool, but I was most struck by this idea that this weather satellite is good for the entire world because of an agreement I'd never heard of. Apparently more than 200 countries signed an agreement years ago to share their satellites' weather data.

This allows for people to prepare in advance for weather events— whether it's a local thunderstorm or a massive hurricane. Having access to the weather is something I take for granted and it's amazing to think about so many different countries working together to provide this to people around the world. This agreement is based on an unspoken agreement that every country's well-being is important and that we can’t do this without one another. (Read More)
Blythe Hill is the founder of Dressember— a movement of people using a dress to fight human trafficking and change the world. I talked with Blythe about inspiring activism, facing criticism, and making an idea come to life.
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