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My secret tip for healthy living and getting your glow on

Hello! I hope April has started off well for you. Now that we are 3 months into the year, how are you doing with your health, fitness and wellbeing goals? I'm often asked lots of questions about healthy living and wellbeing from blog readers and clients, one of which is how to keep making healthy choices over the long term. This is one of my best secret tips and it's actually pretty simple.

You have a choice.

No one is forcing you to skip the gym, eat the cake or sit on the sofa with a tube of Pringles. Make the things you do a choice, even the 'bad' ones, and you are empowering yourself rather than disempowering yourself. Even if that choice is not a positive one, getting used to thinking about things in terms of choices you are making, instead of something that is put upon you, can start and change your habits. If things become a choice you make, you can make a choice to go to the gym today, to plan your meals on a Sunday, to eat the veggies. If you want to have a slice of cake, make it an empowered choice! This way you don't feel guilty or like you've 'fucked up' - a feeling which can often lead to eating more and feeling crap. 

Even if you can't change everything, start and focus on the choices you can make, like trying a green smoothie for example! 

Speaking of which, I think now is a time that a lot of us are ready to eat more fresh foods and get that healthy glow, which is why I'm kicking off a little green smoothie challenge!

Read on for all the info, your FREE green smoothie guide, a recipe for carrot, date and walnut muffins, what's in season now, your healthy living prompts and much more. Have a wonderful April!

The 12 Weeks to Feeling Fabulous Course is back! 

At the beginning of May I'll be kicking off another round of the 12 Weeks to Feeling Fabulous Course that will leave you feeling like a million dollars at the end of it. See what this fabulous lady that finished the course last month had to say...
'When I started the course I was only a 2 on the fabulous scale, now I feel like an 8,
I've also lost 12lbs!

I've learnt that my issues with food go deeper than I thought but I also feel for the first time that this is something I can tackle. I've loved the smoothies, meal planing and cooking from scratch and I will definitely keep this up. I've also learnt to be kinder to myself and that a bad meal, day, whatever, doesn't mean I've failed and it's all a learning curve.

This has made a huge difference to my mind set and has contributed to the knowledge that I've got this.'
The course will be starting on Monday 5th May with the first email going out on Friday 2nd May. You can find out all the details of the course here.

If you are fed up of the fad diet bullshit and feel ready to sort out your health and wellbeing once and for all, this is the course for you!
Just £39.99! Click here to buy now

14 days, 14 Green smoothies, are you up for the challenge?

It's spring, the sun is shining, er hopefully, and while I'm not thinking about a summer spent in bikinis and little shorts (hello baby bump!)  you might be. Whether you have a summer holiday coming up, or another special occasion you'd like to feel your best for, treating your body to fresher foods is the way to feel great, look good and get that glow.

Over the past few years I've discovered one of the best ways to do that is with green smoothies! They are healthy, but can taste almost sinfully delicious. 

To help us all get into a green smoothie habit, I'm kicking off a 14 day green smoothie challenge starting on Monday 7th April running until Easter Sunday. You don't have to have one every single day, but it would be great if you could even just try a green smoothie during this time. You'll find all the details, plus 10 great green smoothie recipes in your FREE Green smoothie guide, just click the link below to download.

Don't forget to share pictures of your green smoothies on social media using the hashtag #KHGSgreensmoothiechal and tag me @lauraagarwilson too!
Click here to download your FREE Green Smoothie Guide!

Recipe: Carrot, Date and Walnut Muffins

These filling little muffins are packed with healthy goodness, making them an excellent breakfast or snack.


•    75g of walnuts
•    6 chopped dates
•    175g wholemeal flour
•    50g coconut sugar (or use light brown sugar)
•    2 medium grated carrots
•    5 tbsp of coconut oil, melted (or use olive oil or sunflower oil)
•    3 medium free range eggs
•    1 tsp baking powder
Pre heat the oven to 180c and line a muffin tin with cases. Mix all of the ingredients together in a big bowl, reserving a few nuts for the top of each muffin. Pour into the muffin cups until they are ¾ full and bake in the oven for 20 minutes until firm and golden brown.

Makes 9 muffins. Enjoy!

1-2-1 Coaching - Nutrition and Lifestyle Consultations - 40% off now only *£66 

If you've been considering 1-2-1 coaching with me, now is the time to get in touch.
I am no longer taking long term clients, but have some availability for one off consultations

I've worked with clients on a range of issues including weight loss, bingeing, restrictive behaviours, hormonal imbalance, energy levels and skin concerns. 

A nutrition and lifestyle consultation can help you to:
  • Develop your own set of achievable goals
  • Move past 'fad' diets
  • Understand your own body better
  • Identify if you have any problems or issues with food / any specific foods
  • Know which foods are best for you as an individual, and which are not so good for you
  • Figure out your metabolic type, and how to make it work for you
  • Greater confidence in your direction and choices
  • All of these can result in weight loss, improved confidence, better sleep, greater energy levels and generally a much better feeling of overall well being!
The full consultation will include:
  • Two, 1 hour phone or Skype consultations with me
  • A full health history analysis
  • Access to the exclusive Uniquely Healthy meal map tool
  • A free copy of the Super Conscious Living Guide
  • Development of your own achievable health goals to guide you
  • A full pdf report with a set of nutrition and lifestyle recommendations just for you
  • Follow up email support as needed
  • Sessions can take place on the phone, via Skype or if you live in North East England in person. Each consultation includes two 1 hour sessions with me, a full health history appraisal, goal setting 
Just email me to arrange your sessions. If your New Year Resolutions haven't been going so well, a consultation with me could be just what you need to get back on track. Just talking through everything with someone who understands can help - and goodness knows I understand! Pop me an email using the button below...

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April Healthy Living Prompts

  • Join in the Keeping Healthy Getting Stylish Green Smoothie Challenge to pretox before the Easter Chocolate!
  • Review your beauty products, now that the weather is warming up (well slightly) you may need a lighter moisturiser and make up options
  • Buy some flowers for yourself, you deserve it!
  • Do a kitchen review. Have a look through cupboards, the fridge and the freezer. Chuck out anything past it's best or unhealthy foods you don't want to be eating and replace with fresh healthy foods.
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