Happy Spring!

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Today is a pretty amazing day -- New Moon/Supermoon/Solar Eclipse/Spring Equinox.  It is a time for rebirth and letting go.  Let's let go of all that baggage and create anew true to our authentic self. Perhaps you too have felt the density and the importance of the energies this month. 

Below are some insightful articles regarding the meaning of today’s events: 

Total System Reboot
Astrology Report from Mary Pat Lynch, Bloomington, IN:
Five Ways to Celebrate the Spring Equinox
Total Solar Eclipse New Moon in Pisces Mystic Mama

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How to be Ultra Spiritual (funny) - with JP Sears


        Self Care A Must!      

My life is dedicated to wholeness. The drive to heal and be healed is a daily motivator. My own life has benefited greatly from my being in the healing arts as my profession. I am surrounded by many gifted healers and they help me.

For I cannot neglect my own self-care, the results of such action is devastating to me and ultimately would destroy my practice and my livelihood.

Yes, I tire of constant pursuit of wholeness and wellness. I would like to go on a timeout. But that is like taking your eye off the ball during a play. It's March madness. Well it is in Indiana anyway. But this March, the energy has been dense, deep issues in opposition are up for reconciliation, parts of ourselves are ready to return home we must make room for all of ourselves. That my friends takes work. Being passive about self-care is a no go right now.

Perhaps it will be a no go for a long while. It is important to recognize the nurturing our body and spirit requires. So give yourself the tools you need to win.

Create yourself a care plan today. Our Provider Members are dedicated to your wholeness and wellness. Each of our Providers offers a unique style of healing. So reach out now.

Everest Energetics is connecting you to the right provider for your personal path.


Jenny Davis, CEP

The Power of Spring!

According to Chinese Medicine, the Liver is our organ on the front lines balancing emotions and taking on stress.  In the frenetic pace of modern society, everyone has imbalance within the Liver.  Signs of a Liver function disorder include migraine headaches, allergies, dry eyes, hair, nail, and tendon problems, and any irregularity in the menstrual cycle including PMS.
The Liver is our organ that loves flexibility, flow, and taking directed action.  Energetically, Spring is the season of the Liver.  This is a time of incredible transformation when the energy shifts from the deep quiet of winter to a blooming cacophony!  
How can we harness the power of the Liver, the power of Spring within our bodies and lives?  
~ Start with a Spring cleaning.  What can you let go of in your life, physically or emotionally that has held you back from flow?  
~ The Liver does not like to be stuck.  When you feel tense or stressed, try screaming at the top of your lungs or the beautiful “Shaking the Tree” exercise below for release.  
~Take healing to the highest level with acupuncture, Chinese Herbs, and The Dragon’s Way Program beginning April 8!


"Tree Shake" Exercise

Weight Loss & Stress Management Program

The healing wisdom of Chinese Medicine and powerful energy exercises give you the tools to transform your health and well being.  Your 6 week journey begins Wednesday April 8 at 6:30pm.

Indy Healing Center LLC, 99 N First Street Suite 201, Zionsville, IN    REGISTER HERE

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