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Texas Legislature 2013 - Senate Passes Heavy Truck Bill (SB 1671) House Looks at Options - "Time is running short for this legislative session. How much more damage will be done to our roadways if we do not get a bill passed to address this budgetary and safety problem? Let's hope the House and Senate can get together and resolve this issue before the clock runs out." - Bob Price

A Tale of Two Speeches: Obama and Tebow Give Americans a Stark Choice - "Tim Tebow understands the gift of life he’s been given; he knows that his life could have been terminated. And he uses his platform to draw attention to the plight of the unborn…those just like he once was. Obama comes from a position of entitlement, where life and success are reserved for the select few, within the boundaries of convenience." - Kevin Jackson

Can YOU be sued simply for owning stock in a company? Apparently so, if the company goes bankrupt - Innocent shareholders of companies that went into bankruptcy are finding themselves facing baseless lawsuits from unsecured creditors and their law firms. Shareholders of Texas-based LyondellBasell are among the victims. Bob Price explains how New York based bankruptcy judges allow this to happen in "Can you be sued simply for owning stock in a company? Apparently so, if the company went bankrupt!"

The Laredo Sector On The Texas-Mexico Border With Chief John Esquivel - Sonja Harris visits the Laredo border and talks with Chief Patrol Agent John Esquivel. Click to learn more...

Wayne LaPierre
Executive Vice President of the NRA
"When law enforcement isn't available, Americans turn to the one right that protects all the others, the right to keep and bear arms."
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White House Correspondent’s Dinner: Parade of the Assclowns Laughing Over Issues that are Destroying America 

State Rep. Jason Villalba’s Teacher Appraisal Bill is Another Vital Step Toward Upgrading Texas Public Schools 

Senator Rubio Steps Forward to Stop De Facto Amnesty - Discussion Tonight at King Street Patriots

(VIDEO) Immigration: The Bill, The Border, The Bottom Line

Why I Support "Safe Driver Bill" HB 3206 as Revised

Don't Let Misclassification Crackdown Die Behind Closed Doors

Boston Bomber's Shootout - Would You Take the Shot?

My Army Unit Has No Bullets for Soldiers to Train, While DHS Stockpiles Ammo

Texas Legislature 2013 - House State Affairs Committee Passes Bill to Issue Driver's Permit to Undocumented Immigrants

Congressman Turner Promotes American Energy Production, Exports 

Congressman Poe Introduces The Mclelland-Hasse Line Of Duty Act

The Real Reason Obama Stepped Down from Planned Parenthood Gala

Pete Sessions Introduces Bipartisan, Cost-Effective Solution to Help Make College More Affordable

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