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IRS Scandal: Facts Suggest Other Gov Agencies Involved - "Within two years, multiple federal agencies, along with an EPA-affiliated Texas state agency, began auditing True the Vote and its founders, visiting their group, their businesses, and asking questions of people who knew them. The IRS was not the only governmental agency involved." - Brandon Darby

Eliminating Deductions for the Oil and Gas Industry is Not a Solution to the Nation’s Debt Crisis - "TSCPA continues its analysis by stating that if these small businesses were to lose these cost savings deduction, they would have to lay off workers and certain jobs would necessarily be moved overseas. TSCPA notes that the President fails to recognize that the oil and gas industry directly employs 2.6 million people. It also employs another 7 million indirectly." - Nelson Spear

The Legislature Shouldn’t Hit-And-Run on Immigration  - Learn more about a proposal to force undocumented immigrants to be background checked, fingerprinted, photographed and entered into a database.
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Kelly Horsley
"I am an advocate for liberty and remaining free as a country. Our freedom of speech and freedom of the press is under attack daily. When folks say things that we may not like, it is often our gut reaction to silence them, but, their right to that speech is also protected under the same First Amendment that ours is. It's been said that liberty is messy, and it IS, but isn't it worth fighting for?"
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