“There is no social-change fairy. There is only change made by the hands of individuals.” - Winona LaDuke, environmentalist, economist, activist 

“History, despite its wrenching pain, cannot be unlived. But if faced with courage, we need not live it again. We are never finished with the work of facing our history with courage. Continue to educate yourself, engage in conversations, and catalyze action toward a racially just world.” - Maya Angelou, writer 


Congratulations on completing the United Way of Greater New Haven Food Systems Equity Challenge! We are incredibly thankful that you have come on this journey with us and made time to learn and reflect on topics of equity and racism and their impact on food insecurity. We know these conversations and the feelings they evoke are not always easy, but making more space for brave dialogue is one of many steps we can take towards achieving equity in our communities.

Our hope is that this experience motivates you to continue to learn and take action. Think about sharing a reflection on your experience with a family member, friend, or co-worker. If you want to refer back to any of the daily prompts, the content from this challenge will remain on our website.

Another way to continue the momentum is by attending the Equity Challenge Forum on Thursday, May 27, from 12:00-1:00pm, where Challenge participants will come together for a facilitated debrief about what you learned, what resonated, and what you want to do next. Participants will be invited to share their a-ha’s and insights. The Forum will offer group level sharing and discussion. Click the button below to register.


Research shows that a critical component to learning is being intentional about processing the lessons taught by your experiences. Take time to reflect on your experience over the 5 days of the Challenge, using the prompts below to guide you.


- What did I learn about the food system from this Equity Challenge?

- What were some of my assumptions about food insecurity, and how might those assumptions have been challenged?

- What topics or resources am I motivated to continue learning about?

- How will I connect with others about what I learned or have more questions about?

- What investment of time and/or resources am I willing to make towards the issue of food insecurity in my community?


Sign up to take part in one of the United Way Days of Action in June. Experience some of these challenges first-hand by working as a volunteer to support local partners addressing food insecurity - register here to receive information on in-person and virtual opportunities that will support a more just, equitable food system in our region.

- Write down one goal you have for your own continued learning around the food system and one action you can take towards that goal. Research shows that when you write down your goals you are more likely to commit to, and achieve, them.

- Fill out our Equity Challenge Feedback survey - we really want to hear from you about your experience and how we can design and improve future Equity Challenges. Click here to access the survey!

Sign up to attend the Equity Challenge Forum - click here to register

- Continue to explore resources to further your learning journey about food justice and racial equity:

  • Food Solutions New England - has hosted a 21-Day Equity Challenge for many years, and has been a supporter in the development of our Challenge. They offer a multitude of workshops, trainings, conferences and opportunities to get involved in the food justice movement.
  • Civil Eats - sign up for their newsletter for the latest articles and videos about food policy, farming, health, and environment issues.
  • Table Underground - listen to episodes of this local New Haven podcast sharing stories of food, radical love, and creative social justice.

Post reflections from today’s challenge on social media or share with a loved one that you are participating in this 5-Day Equity Challenge as part of your learning and commitment to racial justice. Use the hashtag #UnitedForEquity and tag @UnitedWayOfGreaterNewHaven.

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