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Kevin O'Brien on The Journey Home

Kevin O'Brien, founder of the Theater of the Word Incorporated, will be featured on EWTN's The Journey Home  on Monday, August 6 at 8:00 pm Eastern time (7:00 Central).  Kevin recounts his journey from atheism to the Catholic Church, which began with his experiences on stage; and he and host Marcus Grodi discuss many things, including the relation between Acting and Faith.  He will also be featured on Grodi's radio program Deep in Scripture on EWTN Radio Wednesday, August 8th at 2:00 pm Eastern (1:00 pm Central), discussing a number of Scripture verses, especially as they relate to the spirituality of the arts.

"But," says Kevin, "I don't really remember what we talked about.  For the fact is ... " 

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Dramatic and Captivating Audio Books

Speaking of Marcus Grodi, host of The Journey Home, Kevin O'Brien has had the privilege of performing Marcus' two novels, How Firm a Foundation and Pillar and Bulwark as audio books.

These novels are two connected stories of conversion - filled with humor and insight, drama and theology, they are well worth a read or a listen. In fact, you can preview Kevin's audio performance here and here, by clicking on the "Play Sample" button on the left below the book's cover graphic. 

Kevin spoke with Marcus about these two books, and you can read more by clicking here.

Featured Video

Our plan, here at the Theater of the Word Incorporated, is to begin (soon) posting regular individual videos and video series on our internet television network, TWINC-TV

With titles as diverse as
Sharing with Stanford,
Beer and Books,
Acts of Faith,
Atheist Grandma Kicks Some Butt
, and more -

this will be kind of like EWTN meets SCTV - and then some.  We will feature both funny and serious videos - some short, some long - aimed at both a secular and a Christian audience, in the hope of doing a bit of good on this wild and wooly internet. 

Evangelizing with humor, or keeping sane by the grace of God - however you look at it, our plan will be to feature a different video in every newsletter.

Michael Voris we ain't - but that's a good thing.

We begin in this first newsletter with our most popular internet video yet, liberal ex-seminarian Stanford Nutting explaining all about Religion and the Modern World ...

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Chesterton, Shakespeare, and How Not to Read Like a Fool

     On August 4 I will be speaking on this topic in Reno, Nevada at the annual American Chesteton Society Conference

     For a preview, click here!

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