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Maya on the Brigantine

Upcoming Dates
Thurs. Oct. 3
KG and Gr.1 Field Trip to Waddell's Apple Orchard 

Thurs. Oct. 3, 3pm
Winter Fair Meeting
All welcome

Thurs. Oct. 3, 6-8pm
Mulberry Community Meeting

Fri. Oct. 4
PD Day
Care available, sign up in advance in office

Wed. Oct. 9, 5:15pm
Kindergarten potluck

Thurs. Oct. 10, 9am
Tour of Early Childhood, Grades 1-3

Please RSVP to the office

Mon. Oct. 14
School Closed

Tues. Oct 29, 6:30pm
Early Childhood Evening
Rhythm and Routine

The Brigantine
By Maya Ivimey and Annika Seewald, Grade Eight Students

On the 18th of September grades seven and eight went with Leahurst College and Kings Town School for a field trip on the Brigantine.  We had a chance to climb the tall mast, steer the ship and hoist the sails.  We stayed on the ship for four hours, sailing on Lake Ontario.  It was an interesting and fun experience that was also educational.  We learned terms used on ships and how to save a man overboard.  The trip on the Brigantine was worthwhile and exciting.  We would recommend it to anyone. 

Michaelmas at Mulberry
Michaelmas is a seasonal festival celebrated in many countries and in many Waldorf Schools around the world during the time of the autumn equinox.  This festival celebrates our striving to find our own inner courage and encourages us to recognize and have interest in each other’s gifts and potential.    
Here at Mulberry, we celebrated Michaelmas in many ways over the last two weeks.  For the Early Childhood children there were images of shooting stars, brave knights, courageous deeds and harvest foods.  In the Grade School, the Michaelmas archetype is of slaying a dragon, representing the conquering of that which is least noble in ourselves.  In Grade 1, the children made shooting stars for the Michaelmas play.  In Grade 2/3 class, the children worked with the story of St. George and the Dragon.  A large green dragon appeared at the back of their room, which later was breathed to life by the Grade 2/3 children as they presented the Michaelmas play to the help of all of the Grade School children.  In Grade 4/5 the children made tissue paper dragons and knights and chopped vegetables for the Grade School soup.  They wrote as list of all of the children and the teachers of their class and next to it listed all of the shining qualities of that person.  In Grade 6/7/8, the children painted a fiery dragon and prepared the “games of courage” for the younger Grade School children, which included foxes and bunnies, four square, sack races, and a relay race with apples and spoons.  All of the children and staff enjoyed the Michaelmas celebrations.
Thanks to Fare Well Farm for the delicious vegetables for the soup for the grade school, which also provided left overs for teachers for their Friday night supper. Everyone loved the soup made with these fresh nutritious vegetables!

Feast  Fridays Are Here !!
Please send with your child a small handled mug, spoon, and your spare loonies and toonies in a large ziploc bag for FEAST FRIDAY on October 11th, 3;30-4pm!!! Various Grade 2/3 class parents will be serving delicious ladles of vegetarian chili and fresh buns outdoors in the new Green Space Yard at dismissal time. A ladle of Chili $2, Bun $1, Ladle of Chili and Bun $3. Stay and eat a quick, hearty snack in the Green  Yard or take it home. Dirty cup and spoon go in your ziploc after!  Some paper cups and spoons will be available if needed, but please, try to send your child with their own cup. 
All proceeds will go towards purchasing Gr 2/3 classroom resources and/or funding a class trip.  A BIG thank you to all parents who donate crock pots of chili and volunteer their time to set up and serve on the Feast Fridays! 

Winter Fair is coming
Fri. Nov. 29 & Sat. Nov. 30, 2013…

Winter Fair is at the heart of the Mulberry fundraising year; it is our biggest single annual event. We welcome the school community and the community at large into our spaces to entertain, delight and enjoy delicious food. This year we will once again host the Friday night event, Mulberry After Dark and our annual fair on Saturday during the day. For the youngest visitors, there are opportunities to see a puppet show, walk through a magical forest, make candles and create a simple craft to take home. For older visitors, there is a silent auction to take in, live music and a unique selection of vendors selling their wares. In short, it is a lovely opportunity for Mulberry Waldorf School to reconnect with our community. 
None of this is possible without a great many volunteers, staff, and old friends contributing their time, energy, ideas and materials to make it a memorable and successful event. The Community Development Committee has already begun meeting to plan this year's event. Our next meeting is Thursday Oct 3, 2013 at 3:00pm in the office area. I invite you to share your ideas and get involved, please contact me at 
Please join us to make Winter Fair 2013 the best and brightest yet! 
Sincerely, Patricia Weidmark, Chair, Community Development Committee

Grocery Cards
We have ordered our first batch of grocery cards for the 2013-2014 school year  and our goal is to sell $20,000 by Thanksgiving (October 14th).  If you would like to purchase grocery cards, drop by the office.  
We have $50, $100 and $250 cards that are redeemable at Loblaws, No Frills, Valumart, Fortino’s and many other stores.  These cards have no expiry date and may be used at anyone of these stores (not just in Kingston).  Your purchase donates 5% of the value of the card to the school.  
We have chosen this as our ongoing fundraiser as everyone needs groceries!  As an independent school, it is imperative that we cover our expenses through our two sources of revenue – tuition and fundraising (Annual Giving Campaign, Fairs and ongoing fundraisers - grocery cards). 

Thanks to all who came out last Tuesday to our first in the Early Childhood Series: Your Child's Development (Waldorf 101). Join our Early Childhood Faculty for our October 29th discussion: Rhythm & Routine: A Parents' Safety Net.
Handwork at Mulberry

 Grade 6/7/8 Bookbinding - the children have made their first note-books and are currently working on larger format journals.

Grade 4/5 Bookbinding - the children have completed their marbled-cover journals. They are currently learning to cross-stitch.

Grade 3 children have been working hard to embroider circles within circles. Not so easy! The felt was first dyed with black walnuts. Crocheting is next.

Grade 2 children are finishing up embroidered pencil cases, first dyed in onion skins and goldenrod. Crocheting is next.

Grade 1 children are well on their way to knitting!

Handwork for Adults at Mulberry
Join Mulberry’s handwork teachers, Carlina Heins and Sara Gabova, for a series of handwork classes this Fall at Mulberry. Adults only! 
  • Make a Waldorf Doll  - Basic hand sewing skills required. Supplies included. Cost  - $120 Sun Oct 20 and 27, 9:30-4:30 pm
  • Knit and/or Purl  - Make a simple doll or animal, supplies included. Cost - $45. Sat Nov 2 and 9, 9:30-11:30 am
  • Bread Making - Learn the basics and simple variations, take home a loaf (organic). Supplies included. Cost – $65, Sat Dec 7, 9:30-2:30 pm 

Mulberry Bake Sale
Weekly Wednesday Bake Sales are a tasty way to help in purchasing much needed items for our school. 
For the month of September we raised $165 and were able to purchase a hot plate and a clothing drying rack for the Clover Garden class; a clothing drying rack for the Grade 2/3 class; and, a ball bag for recess. A very big thank you to the following bakers: Tim, Tina, Sadiqa, Patricia, Kris, Anne, Rachel, Holly, Kyra and Duncan S.
Thank you to Ms. Schurer’s Grade 6/7/8 class who are friendly and eager cashiers.

If you would like to donate savory or sweet items to help out, please contact Patricia in the Office. Thanks and see you on Wednesday after school!

Kindergarten Moments

First Park Day

The little leaves flutter the little leaves sway,
So high in the treetops their life is so gay.
The sun comes to warm them, the rain comes to play.
The wind comes to rock them and blow them away.....

An image of the teacher's making silks with natural dyes in the week before school started.....
Bullying Prevention
by Laura Gerrity, Grade One Lead Teacher
Wendy Craig, psychology professor and author of Bullying Prevention: What Parents Need to Know, spoke with Mulberry faculty and administration during the first faculty meeting of the year.  Professor Craig defined bullying as the use of power and aggression to intentionally harm someone.  She emphasized that bullying is a “relationship problem that requires relationship solutions” and explained that children on both sides of the relationship need support.  Professor Craig also spoke about aggression, teasing, and other behaviors that do not fall under the label of bullying but still need to be addressed.  She outlined strategies for managing bullying and aggression in a school including: check-ins, group problem solving, role modeling healthy relationships, and ways to change social peer dynamics so that everyone feels included.  Professor Craig called on us to be positive “social architects” of children’s environments.  Finally, she advised us to enlist the help of parents to be unified in our striving to create an inclusive environment (social architects), to practice healthy social dynamics ourselves (role modeling), and to start with small steps to build strategies (scaffolding).  The faculty and administration are grateful to Professor Craig for sharing her expertise and are hoping to incorporate many of her suggestions in the writing of Mulberry’s bullying and aggression policy.

Mulberry parent, Andy Convery, working on the beautiful new Markland Street gates for the new Green Space! 

Kingston MOSAIC Group
An initiative has formed in Kingston that is inspired by the Camphill Movement and Waldorf education. "Kingston MOSAIC Group" (Meaningful, Opportunity, Social Awareness, Inclusive, Culture) .. inspired by the Camphill Movement around the world. Kingston Mosaic Group aims to serve children and youth who have intellectual disabilities through a therapeutic community based on anthroposophy. 
The International Camphill Movement is an innovative leader in the fields of disabilities and intentional communities for seventy years, and fifty years in North America. The Camphill movement has grown to more that 100 diverse communities in 22 countries around the world. It is one of the 20th Century's great experiments in spiritual life, community and culture building and it continues to thrive. 
Camphill is dedicated to creating communities where the values of service, sharing, spiritual nourishment, and recognition of each individual’s gifts and contributions offer a model of renewal for the wider society. The result is that Camphill offers all community members a life of accomplishment, celebration, and meaning.
Camphill is an impulse for social renewal and an evolving social organism. 
Please join us for our first public meeting on Saturday, November 9 at 11am at  Mulberry Waldorf School. 
Our mentors, Camphill Ontario, will do a presentation at the meeting.
"Let us not do it in words, but in deeds. To serve and not to rule; to help and not to force; to love and not to harm will be our task." Karl Konig -Founder of Camphill -

More images from the teacher's day of silk dying

Beginning this weekend, Carlina Heins will be offering Part One of the AWSNA certified course “Foundations in Anthroposophy” offered through the Rudolf Steiner Centre in Toronto . The course will be an On-Site Program held at Mulberry Waldorf School. It will be a combination of group work, independent study and conversations with Carlina, the course mentor. The format will be customized to the needs of the participants who register while still maintaining all requirements for certification.The Distance Program, Part One, includes approximately three hours a week of reading assignments, from books by Rudolf Steiner and others, on-going journal writing and artistic development, facilitated by 12 hour-long mentored phone calls.   For more information see our website

Star Cookies from Michaelmas in Kindergarten

In the playground - Cafe

Welcoming Fall in Clover Garden
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