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This year's Annual Giving Campaign has wrapped up, and I would like to once again express deep gratitude to those who made contributions to our 2014/15 fundraising drive.  We raised $28,185, meeting and surpassing our goal.  With these funds, I am happy to report that Mulberry Waldorf School is in good budget standing for this year and will be able to allocate additional funds to tuition assistance and teacher training, two areas that are cornerstones of our school and Waldorf Education in general.  Charitable tax receipts for those donations made in 2014 are now available - look for these in your child's pouch or with your child's teacher.

Crista Thor, Board Chair
Mulberry's Grade School at Market Square

Mulberry’s Grade School students enjoyed a perfect winter day of skating at Market Square.  Many thanks to the parents and office staff, who sent warm apple cider and sweet treats for the children.  A huge thank you to Farewell Farms for a generous donation which funded both the November swim at Artillery Park AND this recent trip to Market Square.

Clover Garden

"In a milkweed cradle all close and warm,
Little seeds are hiding safe from harm.
Open wide the cradle now, hold it high.
Come along wind, help them fly."

After letting the seeds fly in the fall outside, and a bit in our classroom this winter, the Clover Garden children made milk weed babies using the empty pods as a cradle.
Michelle Doyle

February at Mulberry

Feb. 9 at 3:30pm      Board Meeting

Feb. 12 at 7:00pm    Storytelling Workshop with Dawn McFarlane.  RSVP to office

Feb. 13                     PD Day.  Sign up in advance for PD Camp

Feb. 16                     Family Day Holiday.  School closed

Feb. 19 at 6:00pm    Grade 7/8 Open House.  All Welcome to join the Grade School                                            Faculty for a presentation on Mulberry's Middle School curriculum

February 20              Coffee and Cheese orders due in office

Feb. 23 at 3:30pm    Parent Representatives meeting

Feb. 23 at 6:45 pm   Early Childhood Evening - Discipline - Love's Other Name

Feb. 24 at 1:15 pm   Grade School Skate at Market Square

Feb. 24 at 3:45 pm   Math Through Grades One to Six.  Join the Grade School Faculty                                         for a hands-on presentation  

Feb. 25 at 9:00 am   School Tour.  All welcome.  RSVP to office

Feb. 26                      Coffee and Cheese pick up
Parent and Child Winter Favourites

"Snowflakes so light
Snowflakes so bright
Cover the earth 
And make it bright"
"Little Jackie Frost nipped my nose
Little Jackie Frost nipped my toes
So I ran into the house
And I shut the door
So Little Jackie Frost
Couldn't nip me anymore"
"Thumbs in the thumbholes
Fingers all together
This is the song we sing
In mitten weather"
Math Through Grades One to Six
Wednesday February 24th at 3:45-5:00 pm

All are welcome to join the Grade School Faculty for an exploration of math through movement, main lesson books, rhythm and song.  

Please sign up in advance for After Care through the Office.
Morning Garden Children on the Move
Free, unstructured movement is an important part of our early childhood curriculum. Movement helps to strengthen children in their vestibular and proprioceptive systems. Vestibular sense helps children to interpret sensations of balance, movement through space, and gravitational pull, which are received through their inner ear.  A strong vestibular system will help children develop muscle tone, balance, coordination, gross motor skills, auditory processing, and visual-spatial perception. The proprioceptive sense helps children know, without use of vision, where they are in space and what their bodies are doing.  It affects their posture, motor control, sense of personal boundaries, and sense of self.  Both the vestibular and proprioceptive systems are important in the development of reading and writing skills.
Holly Nguyen
Grade School children enjoying a moment during afternoon recess!
Photo by David Chang, Early Childhood Parent
Ancient Greece in the Grade 5/6 Class

The Grade five and six class were immersed in Ancient Greece for the month of January after hearing many myths of the Greek gods and goddesses last November.  Here is a sampling of their own compositions and art from their main lesson books.
St. Michael Visit
I've polished my sword, so fine, so bright.
And I will use it for the right,
Not for some silly quarrel or fight,
But to drive away evil, and I will try
To protect those who are weaker than I.
At Michaelmas, St. Michael brought wooden rough-cut wooden swords to the children in Meadow Garden turning six years old during this school year. The children worked very hard to sand and polish their swords, and to finger-knit scabbards. When all the swords were finished, St. Michael visited the classroom. Each child presented his or her sword to St. Michael who asked, " Are you noble?(Oh yes.) Are you good? (Oh yes.) Do you hear the singing of the stars? (Oh yes.). St. Michael then proclaimed the children to be knights of Michael--and with that inspiration, we continue to strive for strength, goodness and bravery in all that we do.

Jenny Taylor

Grade 3/4 Class - Norse Mythology

Since the winter holidays the Grade three and four class has been immersed in stories from Norse Mythology. We have learned verses from the Poetic Edda, songs inspired by the lives of the Vikings, and drawn beautiful images of the Nine Norse Worlds. The children of Odin like Thor, Tyr, Balder, and Heimdall have inspired many dramatic portrayals. Watch for a future presentation inspired by this main lesson block.    


Recipe of the Month: "Liquid Gold" Sauce

This sauce may be used to accompany salad rolls or as a dip for vegetables or as an alternative vegan sauce for Pad Thai (or for those who are squeamish about fish sauce!).

1/2 cup smooth peanut butter
1/4 cup rice vinegar (unseasoned)
1/4 cup sweet chili sauce
1/4 cup Bragg's sauce (or less if you prefer it less salty)
2 tsp pure sesame oil
1/4 cup light tasting oil (not olive oil)
1 tbsp brown sugar or maple syrup
4 cloves of garlic, minced
1 big hunk of ginger, grated
1 lime, zest and juice

Put everything in a blender and blend until smooth.  Store in clean air-tight container in the refrigerator for up to five days or one month in the freezer.  

Holly Nguyen

The Kingston MOSAIC (meaningful opportunities, social awareness, inclusive culture) Group intends to promote the creation and development of a holistic programme of care, education and vocational training, for children and youth with developmental disabilities, within the context of an urban and rural social therapeutic community setting, that will include, Mosaic School.

Mosaic's monthly public meeting takes place 7:30 pm-9:30 pm the first Tuesday of each month at Mulberry Waldorf School.

A concert to help benefit MOSAIC will take place 7:30 pm Saturday, April 11, 2015 at Chalmers United Church, in celebration of Kyra and Tully's EP release, 'Journey Home' that features Mike Bayne's (Mulberry parent) painting on the cover.


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