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"The Giving Tree" 

It's really nice being able to choose where our money is going and then being able to see the results. We've also enjoyed the wonderful option being able to provide goods that the school is able to put to use.  
Mulberry Parent 

During the 2012-2013 AGC, the Meadow Garden class received a donation towards painting in the classroom. A parent in the school recommended partnering with Living Rooms to have an American Clay workshop in the class. As a result, a group of volunteers, parents and community members spend a weekend at the school transforming one wall in the MGK classroom from a pale pink wall to a beautifully textured, rich, rose coloured wall. I love walking into the class each day and am grateful to all who made it possible.

Donations for mentoring supported new teachers during the school during the 2012-13 school year. We were able to provide more pedagogical support than ever before thanks to these donations.

Tammy Caldwell,
Faculty Chair and Meadow Garden Lead Teacher

If you can't drop by the school
If you are unable to drop by the school to see our Giving Tree, the following is a complete list of areas that Mulberry needs. 
  • Staff mentoring and training
  • Tuition assistance
  • French programming
  • Classroom expenses (including field trips and art supplies)
  • Violin program
  • Classroom maintenance & upgrade
We have set up a page that we will update regularly as we receive donations. You can also find a link to the donation slip. 

Tax Receipts for your Donations
Because we are a charitable organization, Mulberry will happily provide you with a tax receipt for your donation. Please complete the donation slip and we will send you a receipt in February. 

Earlier this week, you will have received a letter from Nancy MacMillan in your child's pouch at school.  The letter served as the launch for the 2013/14 Annual Giving Campaign (AGC)


Each year, Mulberry's Finance Committee is tasked with creating a working budget that will sustain the school financially in its current year.  This year’s budget included a goal of $20,000 for the AGC.  On behalf of the Board of Directors of our school, I invite you to participate in this year's AGC in whatever way you can.  Every donation - small or large - enables Mulberry to continue the work of providing Waldorf education for our children.  


Tuition fees serve to pay for approximately 90% of the basic costs of operating our school.  Fundraising and grants raise revenues to cover the remaining 10% of the school’s costs.  As you can see below, the monies donated through the AGC are critical for the operation of our school.  This year, we encourage you to give thought to how you would direct a financial contribution:  Staff mentoring and training, tuition assistance, French programming, classroom expenses (including field trips and art supplies), the violin program, and classroom maintenance.  These are just a few ways you can help sustain and strengthen Mulberry.  


Our son is in Clover Garden this year, and in our short time at the school (this is our fourth year), I am continuously amazed at the generosity of the school community.  My partner Mike and I send our son to Mulberry because we believe the school offers him something wonderful and unique.  Please join us in a financial gesture to show your continued support of Mulberry.  No donation is too small or too great - in the end, they all add up to helping our school thrive.    


Thank you to Serena Manson for putting up the Annual Giving Tree in the hallway outside the Clover Garden classroom.  The tree is heavy with leaves that will start falling to the ground as donations are received.  Our goal this year is $20,000 and we've already received our first contributions! 


Crista Thor

Board Chair 

Oct. 14th, 2013 

A lot of dreaming went into starting Mulberry 20 years ago.  Our little fledgling Waldorf Initiative playgroup took root back then, inspired by the great tradition of Waldorf education. 

I wanted a Waldorf education for our two children.  My daughter was lucky to be at Mulberry until grade 8.  She is now in her second year at the University of Toronto, and today is her 20th birthday. My dream came true, and it keeps coming true. 

Mulberry Waldorf School has become a treasure amongst the educational options in Kingston.  Not glossy and in your face, but deep and kind and beautiful.  Rich in learning challenges and imbued with culture and imagination, it is a happy place to grow up. Graduates from Mulberry tend to have a strong and healthy sense of themselves; they can brush up against the world and not be blown over.  They find their own way. 

I love going to Mulberry and feeling the breeze of something fresh, colourful, and meaningful going on.  Community arises here spontaneously, and the children feel this in their bones: the village once more, in a new form, helping to raise the child, and support one another. 

Mulberry is no longer an initiative: it is a Waldorf Developing School – no small achievement. A big collective we has gone into creating the school we have now.  But all good things must be nurtured and nourished to ensure sustainability and renewal. Contributing to Mulberry is building for what is real and tangible right here before us, as well as for the future. 

Contributions come in many ways (don’t we well know), like the countless hours that continue to be poured into creating the school in all its dimensions.  This Annual Giving Letter asks for a specific kind of contribution, and that is financial.  

Please help us reach this year’s goal of $20,000! 
Because we can bring our dreams to reality.  

Nancy MacMillan
Co-founder 1993




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