Winterfare - Healthy, Seasonal Food for the Whole Family
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The Winterfare cookbook will be available for sale at the Mulberry After Dark, Friday November 29th, and the Mulberry Winter Fair on Saturday, November 30th. 

Introduction to Winterfare - Healthy, Seasonal Food for the Whole Family
by Holly Nguyen, Morning Garden Teacher, Mom to Rowan

In our early childhood programs, snack time is an event and a highly anticipated part of our daily rhythm. Each morning the teachers prepare the table with care: cloth napkins, bowls, cups, and silverware. A simple and seasonal centrepiece adorns the table. Our big pots bubble with warm, simple, wholesome food: brown rice, oatmeal with cinnamon, and............... ......................................................the entire school!

The children in our early childhood program come to know the days of the week not as “Monday” or “Tuesday,” but “Rice Day,” “Oatmeal Day,” “Soup Day,” or “Bread Day.” The children have big appetites and we polish off pots of rice, oatmeal and soup on a weekly basis.

Snack time is more than just about the food (however delicious); it is about the children’s laughter, stories, songs, and the coming together to share and be in community with one another. It is also about fostering gratitude and reverence for having food to eat, and for the work done to grow and prepare it.

It is at the snack table where the teachers can really connect with the children...something we cannot always do during our busy morning. We are a big family at the table.

This collection of recipes contributed by Mulberry families is a celebration of food and family. It is more important now than ever in our fast-­paced world to slow down, sit together and share a simple, but wholesome meal. Try a new recipe in this book, set the table, light a candle, sing a blessing and break bread together with your family.

A huge thank you for all of the love and hard work that went into the design and production of this work of art!  Parents and community members contributed their favourite recipes which we know will be enjoyed.  Particular thanks to Jillian Murphy who held and directed this project from start to finish, and to Agnes Koller who donated the technical expertise in making this cookbook a work of art.



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