June 4 2013 Newsletter 
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Permaculture Talk
Thurs. June 6, 7 pm 

P.A Day
Fri. June 7 
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Gary Rasberry CD release party
Sun. June 9, 2pm

Grade 3 & 4 Play
Tues. June 11, 2:30pm

Kindergarten Year End Potluck
Wed. June 12, 5:30pm
All Clover and Meadow Garden Families Welcome

Summer Assembly
Thurs. June 13, 3:30pm
All Welcome

Clover Garden New Family Welcome
Fri. June 14, 2 pm
New Families only

Morning Garden Year End Potluck
Fri. June 14, 11:30am
All Morning Garden Families Welcome

Last Day of School
Wed. June 19

End of Year Camp
June 20th, June 21st,
June 24th-28th
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Greek Olympics at Mulberry
On May 24th, Mrs. Schurer’s Grade 5/6/7 class welcomed three other Waldorf Schools to Kingston for a beloved Waldorf tradition – re-enacting the Ancient Greek Olympic Games.  On Friday, despite the cold and rainy weather, approximately sixty-five Grades 5 through 7 children recreated the original Greek Olympic pentathalon (running, long jump, wrestling, javelin and discus). Below are a few photos from the day and two thank you letters from the other schools. 

Hi Charlotte,
The Merci should come from us!

Everybody, children, parents, teacher, were so happy and proud and grateful for this Olympian trip!
We send you our best regards
to all the generous people of your beautiful school!

Chantal Pepin, Class Teacher, 
l’école de la Roselière, Chambly, Quebec

Thank you Charlotte! and everyone else at Mulberry that had a hand in the organization.  I am aware of how much preparation and organization it takes, and it was obvious that you had thought of the details beforehand and it was thoroughly thought my hats off to you!  Well done.  It is such a great reminder of the wonder of the curriculum and the pedagogical influence of a Waldorf education.  I left in great spirits for the Waldorf movement.  It is just so wonderful to see a larger group of Waldorf children enjoying themselves.  And it is always a pleasure to visit the Mulberry Waldorf School.
Wishing you all the best on the final stretch!

Alan Kruegar, Head Judge
Ottawa Waldorf School

Le Petit Chaperon Rouge
In the Grade One-Two class, we have been busy helping Le Petit Chaperon Rouge (Little Red Riding Hood). We first baked delicious cookies to put in her basket so she could bring some to help her grandmother to get better.   We also made flowers so she could pick a wonderful bouquet for her loved one as Mister Wolf suggested to her.  
Johanne Talbot

Mulberry French Teacher

On Sunday, June 9th at 2pm, join Mulberry alumni parent, Gary Rasberry as he launches his new family cd, What’s the Big Idea?!? at Mulberry. What’s the Big Idea?!? is a funky folk album for families featuring fabulous Old Time duo Sheesham & Lotus ( also a Mulberry parent). The music is alive with fiddle, banjo and upright bass. What’s the Big Idea?!? is children-powered but it’s also for non-children. It’s a record for people who want to sing out loud, connect, laugh and make music together. The songs hold distant echoes of Pete Seeger, a splash of Fred Penner and the beautiful vibe of songs sung around the campfire. The Big Idea is a record for several hundred people gathered together in song. It’s a record for a family of four. It’s a record for you.
What’s the Big Idea also features The Funky Mamas and Tannis Slimmon (from Guelph, Ontario) along with Fireweed & members of The Gertrudes (Kingston, Ontario). Join us for a Matinee Performance on Sunday June 9th at 2 p.m. at Mulberry Waldorf School. Tickets: $8/individual & $20/family. (25 Markland St. 613 542 0669). Pop by the office to pick up a cd in advance of the show. For more information and more cd launch locations see Gary's facebook page.


At last it was really springtime Mother Earth opened the door. Then out into the lovely sunshine came [the] root children with their blades of grass and flowers
The Root Children,
Sibylle Von Golfers, 1990.

Spring was welcomed enthusiastically by the Grade 1-2 class as they began their Thursday morning gardening in April. The class focused their attention on cleaning, raking, adding compost and soil and then planting many beautiful flowers in the beds on John Street. This hard work received many wonderful compliments as we welcomed families and neighbours to our May Fair festival.
Now, the children are mulch movers as we begin to move the huge pile of donated mulch to create paths and define the yard. 
The grade 1-2 students are a strong, capable team, working together and having a lot of fun. Whether they are hauling wheelbarrows around, lugging pails of water or getting dirty, it is obvious they are in their element: outside doing work and exploring nature right in their school yard.

By Patricia Weidmark, parent of Ryan in Grade 2 

Winter Fare cookbook recipes required 
Do you recall that wonderful little cookbook, Cake? Jillian Murphy is doing it again, this time we are compiling an amazing Winter Fare cookbook to be sold as a fundraiser at Winter Fair this year. Many parents and staff have already contributed a variety of recipes - thanks very much to all of you!

We are still in need of some specific areas to fill out the book please see the list below and forward to Jillian by June 15 at:

Warm Mornings: 6 more recipes
Seasonal snacks: 6 more plus dip recipes
Seasonal sides: 7 more recipes
Winter salads: 4 more recipes
Festive fare (thanksgiving, winter holidays, new year): 7 more recipes
Quick & easy meals: 5 more recipes 
Slow cooker meals: 5 more recipes.

Thanks very much, Jillian & Patricia

We would like to thank Jamin George (Ryann and Kohen's father) for cutting out all of these spoons for us.  The Morning Garden children spent many days sanding the spoons until they were as "smooth as butter."  After the sanding work, they oiled the spoons to make them shine.  The children worked very hard on their spoons!

Bonnie and Holly
Morning Garden Teachers

Anthroposophy Study Group on Tuesdays at 6:30pm
An anthroposophical study group will meet at the school on Tuesday evenings at 6:30 pm. All are welcome. For more information please contact Mary Jane Crich at
So many things can change in the blink of an eye. 
I find myself asking and wondering why.
So much grief and pain out there, it seems that life is just not fair.
Then I look around and see a smile, get a hug or receive a meal. 
There is sadness but also much love and I know that somehow it'll all work out. 
A simple thank you from me to you for asking, listening and offering, it really does make a difference.

P. Weidmark

One Friday morning a few weeks ago, Andrew Tietzen showed up in the school yard with his truck filled with wood logs! This would be a strange delivery for any other school but at Mulberry the kids cheered and quickly proceeded to make forts, horse jumps, play structures and hiding spots. Andrew realized soon after his load had been claimed by all the children, they didn't have quite enough. He left and returned at lunch recess with another load, much to everyone's delight. 

Thanks very much Andrew, for your impromptu and much enjoyed gifts!

Thanks to the Grade 1 & 2 class for all the gardening work they have done on the John Street gardens 

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