In Focus!       November 2022
Hello CCoH!

I hope this finds you all healthy and eager to get outside and shoot! 
I wanted to upfront thank everyone for your patience with our General Meeting – some of our presenters had to back out (COVID is still being persistent).  I also want to thank our own Ken Weaver for filling in – thank you!
By the time you read this, we will be finalizing the 2023 CCOH board of director slate – as well as some of our coordinator positions.  Accordingly, I want to thank David Avigdor, who is stepping down as Director at Large.  This is a Board of Directors position. I would also like to thank Alison Knaperek, who is stepping down from her role as Workshops Coordinator.  This is one of our key coordinator positions.  I cannot thank David and Alison enough for their contributions to the club.  You will both be very sorely missed. While you will both still be standing club members, your roles in these positions helped make this club what it is today.  So, Thank you.
With that being said, we are soliciting for these two positions (Director at Large as well as Workshops coordinator). These are two great opportunities to be a part of the team that helps keep the club moving forward.  Additionally, we are soliciting an AV Assistant. This person will help Rich DeSimone with the technical aspects of our zoom meetings, general meetings, and Workshops.  Again, if you are interested, please let us know. 
I also want to thank Dennis Stefani, who will step in as our new Field Trip coordinator.  This is a badly needed position, as we would like to get back to a more active field trip program in 2023!  If you want to be a field trip leader and help lead a photo outing, please contact Dennis!
Finally, we are in the planning stages for our annual Christmas party. Sherri Cappabianca and Gary Lightner have volunteered to coordinate the planning of the party. Should you have any comments or suggestions, please contact them directly – and Stay tuned; more information to come!
I hope you have a great month and keep shooting!


New member Carrie joined CCoH in August of this year. She is a Wisconsin native who now lives in Inman, South Carolina with her husband Tim.  They have a daughter that lives in Austin, Texas, and a son who is getting married in June that lives in Buffalo, Wyoming. 

Getting to South Carolina has included living in Wisconsin, Missouri, Texas, and California along with many quick stops in between.  Carrie has had an interest in photography for as long as she can remember and entered her first contest in high school.  "I remember the exact picture. I was trying to win a microwave for my college dorm!" 

Her true passion began when working in Glacier National Park the summer after high school. She was stunned by the beauty there and it quickly snowballed into trying to take pictures of everything.  Although it was never a career for her, Carrie always had a camera in her hand.  "I just always wanted to capture everything that amazed me and it fulfilled me in a way nothing else did." 

Now years after working as an x-ray technician, special education instructor, and vineyard manager she has taken the leap into photography as a career.  She takes her passion as an adventurer, traveler, and National Park enthusiast along with her wherever she travels.  She is lucky enough to get to travel throughout the United States with her husband and photograph many places for both fine art and stock photography.

She has found a niche in stock photography since she has such diverse interests and can supply a wide variety of images for use. Carrie's website is for her fine art photography and she is working on breaking into more sales in that area.  Carrie shoots with a Fuji XT-4 camera and a Sony A6000. She processes using Lightroom and ON1 software.


Social Media:

Below are two of her favorite images.


Soon, the leaves will all be gone – as will the beautiful colors.  Photographing waterfalls isn’t quite the same without lush green foliage – and it will be months before the wildflowers reemerge.  The days are getting shorter….the cold breeze is ever more present.  Doesn’t seem like there is much to shoot now.  Well, maybe you can use this time to enhance other parts of the photography repertoire.
Education – It’s really easy to say – if I had THAT lens, Id be a better photographer.  Well, some of that might be true, how about using the less-than-ideal shooting conditions to (instead of paying for a new piece of gear) take a Lightroom course online or a Kelby One course?  There are literally thousands of decent (and free) YouTube videos to help you better understand this art we are all passionate about.  Some of my favorites include:

  • Kelby One
  • Anthony Morganti and Julieanne Kost (Lightroom and Photoshop)
  • Mike Moats (Macro and up-close photography)
  • Steve Perry (wildlife and landscape)

New Genre - How about using this off-season to learn a different genre of photography?

  • Astro – the colder weather can create some really crisp skies for Astrophotography.  Shooting Orion from the blue ridge parkway on a new moon can really give you a different aspect of settings.
  • Night – Shoot the Christmas lights at night in downtown; car trails; buildings/architecture at night all require different aspects of your camera settings and gear.
  • Macro/Abstract – Challenge yourself to ‘see’ things instead of ‘looking’ at things.  The beauty of macro and abstract is that it can all be done right at home or in your own backyard. 

Photo project – Use the winter months to do a theme project (barns, trains, ice and ice patterns, snow, Hendersonville architecture, etc).  It is also a great time to reprocess some of those older images (especially after you learn some new tips from lightroom). 
Finally, the winter months can be a great time to do some ‘house cleaning.'  Cull through all your images and delete your bad ones; reorganize your catalogs and folders; reprocess older images; go through and file images on old SD cards; overhaul your tripod; clean out the camera bag and finally give your lenses and camera some overdue camera love and clean them up. 
Winter months don’t mean you have to put your camera on the shelf and wait until the spring thaw.  There is plenty to do and learn.  So – what are you waiting for?

Contribuled by Steve Matadobra


Here are the instructions for submitting images to the November Photo Review. 

You can submit up to three image pairs by 11:59 pm November 5th, Saturday.  There is no assigned image theme for these monthly reviews, so you are free to submit any image.

Submit image pairs.  The image pairs are the original images as recorded by the camera and the processed/edited images.   Both the camera-recorded images and the processed images should be processed as follows.

Size your images to a maximum of 1400 x 1050 pixels resolution.  Note that 1400 pixels applies only to width.  The image width should not be greater than 1400 pixels and the height should not be greater than 1050 pixels.

Format the image as a jpeg.

Name your photo as:

Rank_ Your Name_Title of photo_O_Rank.jpg    (e.g. 1a_John Smith_Hooker Falls_O.jpg)

The rank refers to the order you wish the images to be shown in the album for review.  Use “a” and “b” for the original and edited versions, respectively.

The O refers to “open,” meaning there is no assigned theme.

For each image, provide the requested information on the template that can be accessed via this link.  Just click on the link, and the template will be downloaded. This will aid the reviewers in their review.   Submit the template as a Microsoft Word document with your images.

Address your e-mail to:

Send your images and the completed templates as attachments to your e-mail

The e-mail” Subject should show November Photo Reviews.

If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.  

The October photo album with comments is now available. Here are instructions for accessing and viewing the images and review comments.

1.  Select this link to view the images in the October album:

This will allow you to do a quick scan of the photos.

2. Double-click on an image to bring it up for viewing.

3.  Click on the "i" inside the circle in the upper right to view information about the image.

4.  Click on the small rectangle in the lower right to view the comments.  

Note: you may be required to enter your email address and e-mail account password.

5. To move to the next image, click on the forward arrow in the middle of the black area to the right of the photo.  You can also select the back arrow in the left black area, which takes you to all the smaller images.


Updates from the Board:
As the year is winding down and life is returning to normal, let me highlight some of the events we’ve managed to reintroduce back into our club in the past couple of months.
Print Competition:  After a 2-year lull, we were successful in running our competition again.  The Board discussed a few changes that will be made for next year, such as communicating with members what our judges like to see in prints and having our judges introduce themselves prior to the judging.  This will help club members know how to compose their photos for the competition.
Library exhibit:  This was a very successful exhibition, and a special thanks to JD Hannis, Rich DeSimone, and Warner Bonita for coordinating it.  I advertised the exhibit to my HOA, and several residents went to view it and had high praise for the amazing work.
The end of the year brings Club board and Committee changes.  We are seeking the following volunteers to fill these slots:
  • Member at Large (David Avigdor is stepping down)
  • Mini Workshop Coordinator (Allison Knaperek is stepping down)
  • Hospitality Chair (this has been open for 2 years due to Covid)
  • AV backup (much needed now that we do hybrid meetings)
Please consider filling these slots!
Our Club membership is growing.  In the past couple of months, we’ve added:  John Anderson, David Bender, Cynthia Conley, Carrie Hanrahan (featured in this month’s Member Spotlight), and Michelle Spevak (a member who viewed our exhibit and decided to join and learn more about photography).  We are now at 88 members.
The Board is scheduling a work session in November to plan 2023.

Lois Van Reese, Club Secretary

Due to Thanksgiving, our 2022 November
Monthly Meeting will be on the 3rd Tuesday,
November 15. See you there!

November Monthly Meeting
“Abstracts” by Guest Speaker Don Rosenberger

Our guest speaker at the November 15 meeting will be Don Rosenberger giving a presentation on “Abstracts.” Don describes himself as just a guy who loves to make images. His love of photography began when he was a teenager. Along with his passion for cars, Don would often be seen at the starting line photographing drag races on the weekends. After a while, the cost of photography grew to be too much and Don stopped taking pictures. Fortunately, the arrival of digital photography re-ignited his love for photography and it has been his driving passion ever since. It is the constant desire to improve his craft and elevate the quality of his work that keeps Don growing as an artist. He believes that if this ever stops, he’ll stop growing as an artist.

Don has teamed up with Kelly Schneider Fine Art Portraiture as a tour manager on his international portrait workshops. He also runs the Fairfax (& DC Metro Area) Photography Meetup group, where he organizes different photography opportunities where photographers of all skill levels can get together and explore new places, develop skills and meet other photographers. To see some of Don’s work, and his current workshop offerings, or to learn more about his passion for automotive fine art photography, visit:

CCoH 2023 General Meeting Schedule Under Construction

The CCoH General Meeting Schedule for 2023 has been under construction since mid-October, 2022. If we have commitments from all our guest speakers, guest photo critiquers, CCoH members, etc., by November 15, a ‘sneak peak’ will be shared at our November 2022 Monthly Meeting. Regarding the 2023 Print Competition, we plan to have THREE categories of photographers, Enthusiasts, Intermediate, and Advanced to encourage more members to participate.

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