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Money Wise


Volume 11; Issue 2

This quarter’s newsletter is full of exciting content for our clients!
First and foremost, we have newly redeveloped our website! I (Natalie) have been excited for this project since I started with Trinity over a year ago, and now I am happy to lead you to the brand new
The focus of our new site is on building a resource centre for clients to turn to for financial questions and information. We already have a database of articles from past newsletters and will be updating the new site frequently to keep you in-the-loop with industry changes or topics that would be of interest to you.
Social Media will be a big part of utilizing the new website. You can keep informed of new updates from us via Twitter (@WealthTrinity), or  by subscribing to our new Monthly Digest which will share with you the highlights and popular content of the past month, in addition to our quarterly newsletters which will have more company-based news.
This issue of Money Wise hits every corner: Rick will discuss the speculation about the 2014 markets and the results of our market-prediction quiz for 2013, Melissa discusses the options of employee health benefits vs a raise in salary, and I will talk about saving by “paying yourself first”, all along with some third-party resources to help get you thinking about your finances.


Market Watch

Rick Irwin, CFP, CLU

Markets have struggled so far in 2014, leading some to claim that the current recovery is about to hit a wall. The fact of the matter is that bull markets do not end because the markets had one especially good year or even a cluster of good years together. They end when the economy goes into recession; simple as that. In fact, seven of the last eight bull markets...

2013 Markets Contest

Rick Irwin, CFP, CLU

Back in September 2012 we published a contest to predict where some of the major markets and currencies would be in a year’s time. We have obviously been very remiss in posting the results of this quiz!


It will be interesting to try this experiment again, especially where we've come off a more positive recent run. (Only this time we will much quicker to post the results!) The winner of last years quiz will receive a gift certificate to the restaurant of their choosing; we'll do the same this year so get your answers in!

Employee Benefits vs. Salary Increase

Melissa Allan

Many studies have shown that an employee benefit plan is actually more valuable to employees compared to a raise.  If given the option, employees indicate extreme value in their health benefits. 



Paying Yourself First

Natalie LeBlanc

All too often we allocate our “saving” dollars to whatever happens to be leftover at the end of the month. But is that really saving?

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