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Volume 10; Issue 4

FALL 2013

Money Wise!

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Compliments of: Rick Irwin, CFP, CLU; Investment Representative

Market Watch

From Rick Irwin

Stock and bond markets faltered a bit towards the end of June as investors had a bit of “taper tantrum”…worrying when the Federal Reserve in the US would begin to “taper”; in other words when they would begin to remove the stimulus that has helped boost the economy, and what impact that might have. Also, the threat of rising interest rates caused bonds to fall in value and stocks felt the pinch also. Interest rate sensitive stocks, typically more defensive, were hit especially hard. Markets recovered nicely from this small pullback in June and so far...

Registered Disability Savings Plans (RDSPs)

From Melissa Allan

RDSPs were introduced by our federal government in 2008 and the benefits are just too great to ignore. They were designed to help people with disabilities save for their future and offer wonderful government incentives.

In order to be eligible to open an RDSP, you must...

Five Years Ago...

From Rick Irwin

This fall marks the 5-year anniversary of one of the worst stock market shocks the world has seen. This time in 2008 the global economy stood on the brink in the wake of the credit collapse that followed the failure of massive US investment bank Lehman Brothers. Governments in Europe and the US had to intervene in an unprecedented way to bail out major financial institutions and prevent a wide-spread global financial meltdown. Markets have recovered significantly from the lows of early 2009 but the memory of that period is still strong in investor’s minds. Despite all of the doom and gloom in the popular press at that time, markets did stage a remarkable recovery and while Canada hasn't fully kept pace, the US and many European stock markets have already reached new highs. It wasn't easy navigating through that period of time but cooler heads, in the end, prevailed.

United States Government Shutdown

From Rick Irwin

In the latest chapter of the seemingly endless drama unfolding in Washington, U.S. politicians failed yet again to reach a consensus over government spending and a large part of the U.S. government has been shut down as a result. While the rest of the world sits back and scratches its head at this on-going political theatre, it’s important to look back and see just how common these shutdowns are. In fact, the US government has shut down no less than 17 times since 1976 (not including this shutdown) with the average length of shutdown being 7 days. The longest shutdown lasted 21 days during...

The Benefits of CRA Online Access  

From Melissa Allan

We would highly recommend registering for an account under your individual Social Insurance Number with CRA’s online services. Registering for this account will allow you to login at anytime to track both your RRSP and TFSA contribution limits in addition to other features such as viewing your tax returns, refunds, carry forward amounts, child tax benefits, etc.

It can be particularly helpful to monitor your...

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