Number: 002-06.2013
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Number: 002-06.2013

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Audit ISO 2013

As you already well know, our company is ISO 9001:2008 certified. In order to continuously maintain excellent standards of the services provided by us, on 04.06.2013 getsix® once again underwent the strict TÜV Nord audit. In this year’s audit, led by the TÜV Nord auditor Mr. Zbigniew Kosarzycki, the main focus was put on both the examination of the internal processes in each and every department and their compliance with the high quality standards set by us.

Picture 1. from left: Kamila Pawliszyn-Zielska, Aneta Kociołek, Monika Martynkiewicz-Frank, Zbigniew Kosarzycki

Picture 2. from left: Aneta Kociołek, Monika Martynkiewicz-Frank, Kamila Pawliszyn-Zielska, Marcin Zielski, Zbigniew Kosarzycki

You can view more photos from the ISO audit by clicking here.

We will inform you about our audit score in one of our next newsletters.

Client survey results

We would like to thank all of You, who so willingly and in such a great number responded to our client satisfaction survey. The feedback and comments of our clients – and many of You have been with us for some years already - is undeniably crucial to us. In order to deliver high quality service, we need to subject our operations to regular review. Who could do that better than our clients? Please find attached the evaluation summary and the results of the our “Client survey 2013”.

The score of 4,73 points from the highest point value of 5 confirms our efforts in providing the clients with a professional service. This high score encourages us to improve in particular areas of our activities.


The most important changes with respect to Value Added Tax law from 01.04.2013:

Recent redefinition for export of goods: Following the amendment, the export of goods is defined as the supply/delivery of goods dispatched or transported from Poland outside the EU territory, and now also applies to the goods which are subject to export customs procedures in another EU-country than Poland (before that change was introduced, the export procedure had to start in Poland).

New rules on the settlements of deliveries, where in fact the purchaser is the taxpayer (reverse charge). Until now, the reverse charge procedure (settlement of the tax by the purchaser) was only applicable to the purchase of goods from the foreign taxpayers, who had neither the headquarters, nor permanent business address and running operations in Poland. For the application of that mechanism until now the registration for VAT purposes of the foreign taxpayer in Poland did not have any influence. Starting 01.04.2013 the reverse charge procedure does not apply any more to the foreign supplier registered as a Polish VAT payer. In such a case the turnover tax (VAT) is settled in line with general rules.

Tax exemption for the supply of vacant land plots, the existing tax exemption has been modified. Currently, it applies to the supply of vacant land plots other than land under roof, herewith a new definition of land under roof was introduced.

Tax representative: new possibility for appointing a tax representative implemented, without the requirement to register in the scope of VAT. The purpose of this amendment is to simplify the obligations for the business owners and entrepreneurs who want to import the goods via Poland to other EU countries.

Free of charge transfers: free of charge transfer of gifts of low values and free samples do not stay subject to tax, provided that this transfer is made for the purposes relating to the business run. Currently, being a general principle, the transfer of printed advertising and info materials is not a subject of tax exemption, in other words it’s still taxable. A new definition of free sample was introduced.


Poland fights against tax fraud

Poland has become the first country in the region of the G5 to join an automatic exchange of tax information with other countries” – openly said the Polish Finance Minister Jacek Rostowski during the meeting with his European counterparts, which took place in Brussels in the second half of May 2013. The respective pilot project has been launched by 5 countries, namely, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain. (more)

Poland will introduce arrangements on tax evasion

The Polish state intends to prevent in the future, that companies with registered headquarter in Poland are going to transfer their profits towards special purpose vehicles incorporated in countries, where lower tax rates apply than those in place in Poland. The ministry of finance has for that purpose already prepared a draft law with CFC regulations, CFC standing for Controlled Foreign Companies. (more)


Paid maternity leave extended to one year

The Polish government has concluded an extension of the maternity leave to one year. Mothers and Fathers of children, who have been born starting from this year or who will be born, can make use of one year paid holidays, provided that both parents are working. In the first six months they receive 100% of their net salary, and in the months thereafter 60%. (more)

Economy and Politics

Man hour in Poland costs EUR 7,20

According to the latest statistic of the European statistic agency Eurostat Poland remains with respect to cost of labor at the lower level of the states of the European Union. At the end of 2012 one man hour costs employers in Poland EUR 7,20. Only Bulgaria and Romania plus the Baltic countries Lithuania and Latvia command an even lower cost level. In comparison to this the cost of labor in Germany (EUR 31) and France (EUR 34,90) are more than fourfold higher. (more)

Base rate on the lowest ever level in history

The monetary council of the National Bank of Poland reduced the base rate by 0,25% points to 3%. Such a low level hitherto never happened. Economists and Analysts showed their big surprise on this base rate decision, insofar as the President of the National Bank of Poland, Mr. Marek Belka, announced something totally different following the significant base rate reduction by 0,5% points in March this year. Mr. Belka thus spoke from a correction of his announcement from before two months and pointed to the fact, that there are ongoing question marks on an economic revival in the EURO-zone. (more)

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eService „Customer Extranet“

Please refer to the further PDF-File for the information about eService „Customer Extranet“.

Facts and Figures

Exchange rate (EURO/PLN) from 6 June 2013.

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