Number: 007-01.2014
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Number: 007-01.2014

getsix® broadens their competences

Microsoft Certified Professional for Mr. Sebastian Możejko

We are pleased to announce to you that our employee, Sebastian Możejko (Manager of the IT Department), has successfully passed the exam: Configuring & Deploying a Private Cloud with System Centre 2012. (more)

Microsoft Specialist for Mr. Paweł Wnuk-Lipiński

We are pleased to announce to you that our employee, Paweł Wnuk-Lipiński (Developer IT Dept.), has successfully passed exams for the following: Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 C/Side Development Specialist & Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 Core Setup and Finance Specialist. (more)

getsix® Warszawa has a new home!

We are pleased to announce, as of 30th December, 2014 getsix® Warszawa Sp. z o.o. has successfully re-located to the new Sky Office Centre, on ul. Rzymowskiego 31, within the Mokotov district, 02-697 Warsaw. (more)

getsix® at The University of Poznań

On 21st November, 2013 Mr. Roy Heynlein, a partner in the company getsix®, held a lecture on ‘The bill as evidence of accounting’ to students of the Law Faculty of the University of Poznan. The lecture and the subsequent discussions were held in the language of German. The aim of the event was to show potential lawyers practical case examples from the daily business world of a shared service company, and to make different perspectives of legal topics more familiar. (more)

More about getsix®

We are excited and pleased to introduce to you our new Company profile as per attached PDF:

Facts and Figures

Exchange rate from 30 January, 2014.

getsix® nomination for CEE Outsourcing and Shared Services Awards

We would like to inform you that your outsourcing specialist has been recognised within the categories of global outsourcing firms, SSCs, business services projects and sector professionals. It is good to know getsix® is delivering upon its framework, within people, technology and processes, to deliver a first class outsourcing service.

Congratulations to our getsix® Team!

German-Polish Economic Conference IHK Frankfurt/Oder

In early December there was a German-Polish economic conference on the initiative of the Chamber of Commerce Brandenburg, with the support of the Enterprise Europe Network and the Future Agency Brandenburg (ZAB): Co-operation partners and business creation in Poland. (more)

Economic University of Wrocław – German Language Business Exam

On the last weekend of November 2013, the annual German Business Examination created oral exams in the areas of personal introduction, presentation of a fictitious company, along with evaluation and analysis of a bid with an active discussion of the advantages and disadvantages. (more)

getsix® services are in demand!

We are again pleased to inform you that our client base has grown by another 6 companies.

  • A leading manufacturer and distributor of jewellery with a balanced range of price and quality
  • Wholesale distributor of consumer electronics and computer brands, operating in an international marketplace
  • Professional recruitment company for full time and temporary employees
  • A service provider in managing IT equipment and data processing
  • A world class manufacturer and supplier of high-performance software for stimulation of electromagnetic fields in all frequency bands
  • An electricity provider

Interview with getsix® employee

Anna Moeglich – Accounting Senior Manager:

What is your role at getsix®?
I am the chief accountant within the getsix® Poznan office. My main responsibilities are to offer a comprehensive suite of finance and accounting services for foreign companies operating in Poland, along with managing two teams of accountants.

What do you like most about working at getsix®?
What I like about my job is there is always something interesting happening. I deal with many different clients, mainly foreign, who require the vast experience of getsix® when operating in Poland - within the fields of tax preparation, financial accounting, HR administration, payroll services, Dynamics NAV Customization, financial analysis and BI services, and even forensic accounting. I hear from owners and executives of small and mid-sized businesses the real challenges of consolidating their requirements and addressing them, for which I provide solutions from our comprehensive suite of services. This in turn builds trusting relationships with our clients.

Is there any recent existing or potential customer feedback you would like to share with us?
I hear a lot of comments and opinions, mainly relating to conducting business in Poland. The most common is frustration that our beautiful country can exist with such very different tax laws - of course connected to the exclusion of certain costs or VAT. I gain an in-depth understanding of each customer's needs and getsix® designs unique tools to manage their finance and accounting services, with a reduced level of risk and increased efficiency being the focal points.

If you could be someone else for the day, who would it be? And why?
I would like for one day to be a man. Maybe it would help me to understand this alien species.

If you were stranded on a desert island, which 3 people would you like to share that island with and why?
Cook, waiter and a masseur.


Cash pooling may be subject to thin capitalisation restrictions

Until recently, the prevailing approach of the Polish tax authorities, expressed in numerous individual tax rulings, was that interest paid within a cash pooling structure should not be subject to thin capitalisation restrictions. (more)

Tax efficient employee discount programs

Based on numerous positive individual tax rulings, it is possible to claim that, under certain conditions, granting employee discounts on the company’s products does not constitute taxable income. (more)

Selecting a tax method for carrying foreign exchange differences

Corporate Income Tax (CIT) payers and Personal Income Tax (PIT) payers presenting accounts can choose a method of carrying foreign exchange differences referred to in Articles. 9b Paragraph. 1 Point 2 of the Law on CIT and Art. 14b. 2 of the PIT. (more)

Car in the company - Tax aspects

It is necessary for rented cars to have a logbook. Based on the logbook data the monthly deduction allowance for corporate income tax purposes will be calculated (number of business mileage rate multiplied per kilometre). (more)

Pro-Family relief

For 2014, in the tax return for 2013, the pro-family relief will be different as per previously billed. Its use will depend primarily on the following: the number of children you have, the amount of income of the taxpayer and whether you are married. (more)

New rules for additional taxation of foreign controlled companies

The Polish government recently announced a revised draft with new provisions for the additional taxation of foreign controlled companies in the Corporation Tax Act and the Income Tax Act, in respect of taxes on corporations and individuals respectively. (more)


Partially funded non-cash benefits are exempt from social security

The Polish Social Security authorities have published a number of positive decisions regarding the exemption from social security and health insurance contributions for benefits in kind, which partially covers the cost of an employee. (more)

Overseas assignments - Tax Equalisation in Poland

Polish companies often turn to tax equalisation rules from abroad, who do not comply with the tax and legal requirements of Polish law. (more)

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