Number: 005-12.2013
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Number: 005-12.2013

Outsourcing Exhibition, Warsaw 2013

We are pleased to advise you that on the 17th and 18th October, we had the pleasure to participate in the fair ‘Outsourcing EXPO’, Warsaw. These trade shows give getsix® the opportunity to establish many new, interesting contacts.

To all our current and future customers we would like to thank you for visiting us on these days. Photographs of the event can be found here.

Product-Forum, Poznań 2013

On Wednesday, 16th October at 6pm The Polish Products German Economic Circle held its annual forum. This year’s meeting was held under the theme “Economy meets with tourism” and it was a briefing of regional tourist organisations from Germany. There were representatives of economic and from cities of Greater Poland and Brandenburg.

This year the main partners were from the German National Tourist Board DZT and from the regions of Saxony and Brandenburg.

This year’s Product Forum 2013 was held in the Press Centre at the International Fair. After the press conference and a series of lectures on natural heritage tourism in Saxony, exhibitors and visitors had the opportunity to discuss, exchange experiences and business cards.

As every year, getsix® was represented and we were given the opportunity to present ourselves to various companies. getsix® representatives at the meeting were: Roy Heynlein, Marta Rogacka and Paulina Lisiewicz. Photographs from the event can be found here.

EU draft completed

It is our pleasure to inform you that at the end of September we completed (for the years 2007-2013) the implementation of a project supported by The European regional Development Fund, under The Innovation Economy Operational Programme. These EU grants were for implementing a B2B data exchange system, in order to improve communications, to make data processing faster and more efficient, while improving our competitiveness in the marketplace. getsix® acquired funds from the European Union, which has been used to implement Kofax Capture and Kofax TotalAgility. We are currently in the testing phase of the project. Once the tests have been completed, we will inform you about the functionality in detail.

More about getsix®

We are excited and pleased to introduce to you our new Company profile as per attached PDF:

Facts and Figures

Exchange rate from 12 December, 2013.

Services of getsix® are requested!

It is our pleasure to inform you that our client base has grown by another 5 companies this month. All of these companies are in Poland with foreign investment. To give you a brief overview of their industries - Transport & Logistics, Construction, IT and Manufacturing & Services Tailor.

Interview with getsix® employee

Sebastian Możejko – IT Manager:

What is your role at getsix®?
I’m the IT Manager at getsix Services Sp. z o.o. responsible for the IT department and responsible for the preparation and delivery of our IT services, the work I do not only benefits our employees, but it primarily intended for our clients. My main tasks include the implementation of new projects (some of which are co-financed by EU funds) - and the development of our IT infrastructure (e.g. introduction of SharePoint 2013). As a certified specialist for Microsoft SQL Server, I create a variety of reports based on the requirements of our corporate clients (e.g. reports for bank operations and cash; reports and management reports) and I take care of the proper functionality of our virtual environment.

What do you like most about working at getsix®?
A lot of the latest IT technologies are used, we are never bored – when one project is finished, and another one starts. Projects are always planned with best practices scenarios. Every new project is a brand new challenge, so new learning’s and continuous improvement helps to personal development.

Is there any recent existing or potential customer feedback you would like to share with us?
We do not get too much feedback from customers. It happens more often with our other employees. I wish I could get more feedback from customers regarding services we prepare for them.

If you could be someone else for the day, who would it be? And why?
I would like to be a basketball star in NBA. Can’t help it! I just love this game.

If you were stranded on a desert island, which 3 people would you like to share that island with and why?
Is there any desert islands left on this planet?


Invoicing guidelines for 2014

From 01 January, 2014, the following changes will come into effect. The requirement of invoices will be transferred to the VAT Act, and will result in the newly added objectives to the VAT Act. The changes will include the basic invoicing period and in relation to some of the activities covered by specific rules, shall issue invoices. (more)

New rules exist for VAT from 01 October

With effect from 01 October, 2013 new rules exist for VAT on goods and services that are designed to prevent tax evasion in the possibility of the so-called sensitive goods. (more)

Tax changes from 01 January 2014

From 01 January, 2014 will have long heralded a revolution in the Polish regulations regarding VAT. (more)

  • Changes relating to tax liability (more)
  • Changing the definition of the tax base (more)
  • Change relating to collective invoices (more)

Changes in the taxation of limited partnerships from 2014 apply only to limited by shares

At the meeting of the Technical Committee of the Polish parliament control systems on 09 October, 2013, the draft law amending the law on income tax has been verified (PIT) and corporate income tax (CIT). The original bill proposed that Polish limited partnership and limited partnerships are to be affected by shares from 01 January, 2014, with corporate income tax. (more)

The amendment to the regulation on transfer pricing

On 18 July, 2013, entered into force amendments to the Regulation of the Minister of Finance on transfer pricing, introducing important changes that affect the manner of conducting tax audits on transfer pricing. The amendment included with the 2010 OECD Guidelines on transfer pricing for multi-national enterprises and tax administrations. (more)

Compensation for early termination of the lease agreement may be subject to VAT

According to the ruling of the Regional Administrative Court in Warsaw of 15 February, 2013 (file III SA / Wa 1882/12) compensation for the early termination of the lease agreement is not subject to VAT, under the condition that is associated with injury resulting from termination of the contract. (more)

Expenditure on small snacks are a tax expense

Expenses of businesspeople for small snacks and drinks (such as cookies, crackers, sandwiches, coffee, tea, water and juice) are deductible, regardless of whether they are served during discussions with partners in the office, or elsewhere - Article 16, Paragraph 1, Point 28 of the Law on Corporation Tax and Article 23, Paragraph 1, Point 23 of the Law on Income Tax of Individuals. The interpretation of the Ministry of Finance was established on 25th November, 2013 (DD6/033/127/SOH/2013/RD-120521).


Salaries grow faster than expected

The average monthly salary in the enterprise sector in Poland grew by 3.6 percent year-on-year and amounted to zł.3,770.91 in September, statistics office GUS revealed. Month-on-month salaries grew by 0.3 percent. (more)

Economy and Politics

Poland to benefit from EU transport networks

EU’s revised TEN-T plan puts two corridors through Poland. Two transport corridors forming part of the Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T) are to pass through Poland, the European Commission announced in October. (more)

Ministry of Regional Development (MRD)

Which EU-15 countries benefit from the Cohesion Policy implemented in the Visegrad Group (V4) countries? (more)

Ministry of Regional Development (MRD)

How did Great Britain (GB) use the Cohesion Policy implemented in the Visegard Group (VG) countries? (more)

Ministry of Regional Development (MRD) – European Funds Beyond 2013

The structure of Operational Programmes for 2014 to 2020, an analysis of Poland’s development needs, objectives and priorities in thematic and territorial breakdowns, along with basic indicators, are just some of the issues being presented in a draft Partnership Agreement to the MRD in a key document. (more)

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