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Number: 010-06.2014

getsix® Services achieves Microsoft Silver Hosting Competency

getsix® earns distinction through demonstrated technology success and customer commitment

Our IT Solutions Company getsix Services Sp. z o.o. within the getsix® Group has achieved the Silver Hosting Competency in the Microsoft Partner Network, demonstrating its ability to meet Microsoft customers' evolving needs in today’s dynamic business environment. To earn a Microsoft Silver Competency, partners must complete a set of tests to prove their level of technology expertise, submit customer references and employ or contract required number of Microsoft Certified Professionals who are skilled on current technology relevant for the competency. (more)

getsix® services are in demand!

getsix® have the pleasure to inform you we have again added 9 new companies to our client base.

  • A consulting firm that specialises in the implementation of solutions within the areas of risk and performance assessment, along with its effectiveness. They have been working successfully within this financial sector for 10 years.
  • An expert in providing innovative devices for lifting and supporting assembly work, amongst others - mini cranes and vacuum lifters.
  • A foreign company engaged in the transportation and processing of waste glass.
  • Global leader in the development and production of high-quality scientific digital equipment for the use in research, industrial and government projects.
  • Polish company specialising in styling and interior decorating.
  • Well-known German company manufacturing high-quality fabrics with modern design and multi-functional commercial finishing
  • Polish company working in the fuel distribution sector.
  • Construction company which provide services globally.
  • International company offering products that protect against electrostatic discharges.

getsix® career announcement

We wish to inform you that our getsix® team has grown again within the months of April and May. We have welcomed 'four' new employees, to add to our already great team.

It is our pleasure to introduce three new employees added to our team of experts at getsix® Poznań:

Roksana Trafna - Senior Accountant
Magdalena Lorenc - Junior Accountant
Anita Suwała - Account Manager

To getsix® Wrocław we have added Karolina Becker as a Senior Accountant.

These additions will enable getsix® to continue to provide excellent services for all our clients.

More about getsix®

We are excited and pleased to introduce to you our 'new' getsix® Mobile Extranet Factsheet for iPhone and iPad as per attached PDF:

Facts and Figures

Exchange rate from 4th June, 2014.

Interview with getsix® employee

Katarzyna Ryniewicz-Zaraś – Office Manager / Customer Relations Manager

Katarzyna is a highly respected professional in the getsix® team for over 17 months.

What is your role at getsix®?
Since January 2013 I have been employed as an 'Office Manager & Customer Relations Manager' at getsix® Warsaw. The contrast of the positions challenges me because it combines the co-ordination of the office activities, with the direct support to our new and existing clients. This role is not simple, and I feel it utilises my good organisation and planning skills - each day I try to improve these skills for the better of our clients.

What do you like most about working at getsix®?
The variety within my working day and with getsix® focusing on self-reliance of their staff, my duties are not imposed on to me. This allows free operation of my personal responsibilities and has a positive effect on my efficiency of my work.

The investment by getsix® in business development, training, installation along with the use and the growth of cutting-edge technologies really make me feel supported to meet the needs of our clients fully.

Is there any recent existing or potential customer feedback you would like to share with us?
Our clients very much appreciate the extensive services we provide, the ability to rely on our experience and expertise, they indeed see us as their trusted business partner. They especially like our responsiveness to their needs, including answering queries that have recently come to light, with so many recent changes to Polish laws. They appreciate the direct contact to the specific experts to whatever situation they have, providing them with the tools to concentrate on the added value, while we do what we do best!

Having professional services at hand, gives them the guarantee of an optimum course for their business. This allows them to grow their business, increase efficiency and productivity, gain a competitive edge and manage risk. This allows getsix® to manage functions that are difficult to manage or out of control.

If you could be someone else for the day, who would it be? And why?
Horses have always been a passion of mine. Their strength, beauty, nobility and harmony, along with their seemingly supernatural ability to understand our moods, fears and to feel their willingness to almost adapt to our every heartbeat. I remember after reading 'The Horse Whisperer', then watching the movie, I just wanted to be a horse whisperer.

If you were stranded on a desert island, which 3 people would you like to share that island with and why?
My immediate family, and one horse for each of the four of us, so that we can explore the whole island from top to bottom!


A company car - changes in accounting for VAT from 01 April, 2014

From 01 April, 2014 new rules for calculating and accounting for VAT on expenses regarding automotive vehicles, with an allowable total weight not exceeding 3.5 tones shall apply. (more)


Date of issuing an invoice in the case of delivery of goods

An invoice should include the following: the date of issuing, the date of executing or finalising the delivery of goods, when you performed the service and the date of receiving money, as mentioned in Article 108b, Section 1, Subsection 4 of the VAT Tax (Dz. U. of 2011, No. 177, Item 1054, as amended), if the date is specified and is different than the date of issuing the invoice. (more)

Economy and Politics

Development of Retail Trade By Sectors

In the period from January to February 2014 Polish retail trade registered the following sales development: mechanical vehicles - 11.8%, fuels - 6.9%, foodstuffs, drinks, and tobacco - 0.3%, medicine and cosmetics - 1%, clothes and shoes - 5.4%, furniture, household goods and home electronic appliances - 6%, and press and books - 0.3%. (more)

Poland to Invest PLN 23 Billion in Energetics

By 2025 Poland will have invested PLN 23 billion in energy. The news was announced by Janusz Piechociński, the Minister of Economy, who also expects to save 500 megawatt. (more)

Poland most attractive for foreign investors in CEE

Poland again outclassed all countries in Central and Eastern Europe in terms of investment attractiveness. Scoring 4.76 out of 6 points, Poland overtook the Czech Republic and Slovakia. (more)

Funding opportunities for foreign investment within Poland: 2014-2020

Currently, in Poland implementation of the new multi-annual financial framework for 2014-2020 begins. Considerable resources are being provided to support many economic sectors. (more)

Figures from Polish trade

In the two first months of 2014, Poland's exports have increased, according to the Central Statistical Office GUS in Warsaw, by 3.5% to 25.3 billion EUR. (more)

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