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Number: 003-07.2013

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2. getsix® Golf Trophy

We are very pleased to present you pictures from our 2nd getsix® Golf Trophy which took place on the 22nd of June 2013 on the golf course of Rycerski Club Golfowy near Palace Krobielowice. Hereby we would like to thank all our dear guests and participants for the great time we have spent together, hoping to meet next year by equally fine weather.

Let us take this opportunity once again to congratulate the winners on achieved scores.

From left: Christopher Vaile, Ortwin-Uwe Jenstch, Wacław Bieniasz, Monika Martynkiewicz-Frank, Jan Piętka, Paweł Dziewit (III place netto), Jerzy Sacewicz (I place netto), Henryk Muzyka (II place netto), Claus Frank

More photos from our 2. getsix® Golf Trophy you can find here.

For all newsletter recipients, Rycerski Club Golfowy Krobielowice offers a 30% holiday discount for both individual lessons and package of classes purchased until the end of August 2013. If You are interested, please find the contact details below:

Rycerski Klub Golfowy Krobielowice
Pałac Krobielowice
55-080 Kąty Wrocławskie

Tel. +48 (71) 390 58 15
Tel. +48 (71) 728 28 10
Mobile phone: +48 669 466 562



Tax fraud investigations in private homes

The Ministry of Finance is going to permit its tax enforcement units an unlimited access to private apartments and houses in the future. According to the draft of changes to the general tax code outlined by the Ministry of Finance, everyone who does not let the tax fraud investigator in his home shall face high monetary penalties. The requirement to go and carry out the house search based only on the court order, which in fact in Western European countries stays a common practice, is evidently not taken into consideration, which faces strong critics from experts in law. (more)


More flexible working hours provisions concluded

The Senate as the second chamber of the Polish Parliament has agreed to the amendments on the Labor Code adopted in early July by the Polish Parliament (Sejm). This opens the door for the introduction of more flexible working hour arrangements within the companies which stipulate an extension of the maximum possible settlement period of working hours from the current 4 to 12 months. Accordingly, in a bad order situation the employers can engage the employees only for a few hours. Once, after a few weeks or months, the contracts start coming in by masses, the employees as a proper compensation work longer hours. (more)

Economy and Politics

Exports have increased by 6% in June

According to the Polish GUS – Central Statistical Office - year by year Polish exports increased by 6.2% percent to 61.6 billion EUR in the first five months of 2013. During this period, the imports went up by 1.9% to 62.2 billion EUR. That way, the trade deficit has decreased within one year by 4.9% to 0.6 billion EUR. Poland supplied to Germany, its main trading partner, goods in the value of 15.5 billion EUR (4% growth).

Production in the industrial sector has increased by 3% in June

Poland’s industrial production has reached a peak value with 3% growth year-on-year. In comparison to the previous month the increase was 2.8%, because May had two long extended weekends. Excluding seasonal factors, the industrial output in June jumped on a yearly comparison even by 4.5%. Out of 34 economic indicators considered 25 showed up with an accretion.

Government resolves grant regulations for the companies with sustained revenue declines

The Polish government has recently (end of May) passed a resolution prosaically named: “An act on separate measures in order to mitigate the impact of the economic crisis for both employees and business owners aimed at the workplace protection”. The draft law is in fact a remake of the anti-crisis law, which expired in 2011. (more)

Poland to extend SEZs' lifetime

Deputy PM and Economy Minister Janusz Piechocioski said that the government has decided to extend the lifespan of special economic zones (SEZs) until 2025. Polish SEZs were originally scheduled to function until 2020. Mr Piechocioski said that ministries are now working on adopting changes to regulations on the activities of investors in the zones.

Unemployment at 13.2% in June

The registered unemployment rate in Poland dropped 13.2 percent in June, according to an estimate from the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy. In May, the jobless rate was 13.5 percent, according to statistics office GUS. Unemployment has been falling for seasonal reasons since it hit a recent peak in February of 14.4 percent. However, due to the long winter in Poland, it remained high through April. The May figure represented a drop of 0.5 percentage points. There is a slight rebound on the labor market, Labor Minister Władysław Kosiniak-Kamysz said upon announcing the June estimate. (more)

National Bank of Poland (NBP): definitively the last interest rate in the current cycle

The Interest Rate Setting Council of the National Bank of Poland (NBP) has cut the prime rate by a further 25 basis points at the beginning of July. The reference prime rate herewith stays on the historical all-time low of 2,5%. While in the past the vague declarations of the Interest Rate Setting Council left a huge wiggle room, nowadays it was surprisingly clear without even any ambiguity mentioned, that this is definitely the last interest rate cut. As to the opinion of the president of the National Bank of Poland, Mr. Marek Belka, the Polish national economy has the worst already behind. (more)

EU-report: EURO-introduction in Poland on the verge of being delayed

Following a newspaper report, the introduction of the EURO in Poland could be delayed by years. As per today there is no 2/3 majority in the Polish parliament for a required change of the Polish constitution (which defines the Polish currency Zloty as the only admissible Polish floating currency). This uttered the social-conservative Prime Minister Mr. Donald Tusk in a report for the flag-ship Polish newspaper "Gazeta Wyborcza". (more)

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