Number: 008-04.2014
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Number: 008-04.2014

New ISO certificate for getsix®

getsix® as a leading Full Service Finance & Accounting solutions provider, would like to advise you that we have started the certification process for ISO/IEC 27001:2013 the official title being ‘Information Technology - Security techniques - Information Security Management System - Requirements’ or (ISMS). The main principle behind ISMS allows getsix® to design, implement and maintain a coherent set of policies, processes and systems to manage risks to our information assets, with a significant new section on outsourcing, thus further enabling getsix® to maintain our excellent levels of information security. (more)

B2B Exhibition - 21 March 2014, Wałbrzych

getsix® would like to advise you that we attended the B2B Exhibition on 21st March, this event was an ‘Outsourcing Services’ Exhibition in Wałbrzych. This trade show gave getsix® the great opportunity to promote our first-class services and we happily established many new and interesting contacts. (more)

getsix® Workshop TAX

Presentation 'Mobile access getsix® Extranet & Reporting services' & Workshop 'e-Commerce - Focus on Tax'* - 19 March 2014, Wrocław

getsix®, recently set-up a morning to assist the e-Commerce sector within the field of tax regulations. The event was very successful, with some great discussion points and the attendees clearly appreciating our experience in this field. (more)

More about getsix®

We are excited and pleased to introduce to you our 'new' getsix® Mobile Extranet Factsheet for iPhone and iPad as per attached PDF:

Facts and Figures

Exchange rate from 4rd April, 2014.

InEnerg Exhibition - March 2014, Wrocław

getsix® would like to advise you that we attended the InEnerg Exhibition from 4th to 6th March, this event was an ‘International Trade Fair & Conference for Innovative Energy’ in Wrocław. This trade show gave getsix® the great opportunity to promote our first-class services and we happily established many new and interesting contacts. (more)

getsix® has joined the International Association of outsourcing

getsix® are pleased to announce that we has joined another association - the German Austrian Swiss Outsourcing Association OUTSOURCING VERBAND.

They are the leading industry and knowledge network for BPO, ITO & SSC organisations and professionals in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. (more)

getsix® services are in demand!

We are again pleased to inform you that our client base has grown by another 4 companies. Further evidence that the getsix® reputation and trust to provide services is continually growing:

  • an internationally established company with 25 years’ experience, which operates in over 35 countries. They specialise in IT solutions for card payments and on the validation of these transactions
  • a retail boutique with stores in some of the most popular shopping centres across Poland. Offering branded clothing for active fashionable lifestyle for both women and men
  • two other new companies belong to the group of medium sized companies with foreign participation and are active in the agricultural and recycling sectors

Interview with getsix® employee

Elżbieta Kamińska – Accountant

Elżbieta has been a valued member of the getsix® team for 14 months.

What is your role at getsix®?
I am an accountant within the getsix® Poznań office. I currently I have the responsibility to provide a first-class outsourcing accounting service for many different clients. This comprises of undertaking the complete accounting service, ranging from all material tasks within accounting, encompassing also the maintenance of the Polish VAT register, to the preparation of Polish annual financial statements. All of these clients are companies with foreign companies operating in Poland. Despite the fact that the office is located in Poznań, our customers comprise of, among others, companies from Szczecin and the Lower Silesia Province.

What do you like most about working at getsix®?
I was really surprised how wide-ranging the development opportunities are within the getsix® Group. I have never had this opportunity previously and have learnt so much, in such short time. getsix® focuses on self-reliance of its staff, without having to impose their duties, so with variation in my role there is always something interesting happening. This allows me to provide real solutions from our comprehensive suite of services. Boredom? What's that? I can't remember.

Is there any recent existing or potential customer feedback you would like to share with us?
Our customers' opinions are usually submitted to my colleagues within the ‘customer relation department’. But in talking with them I understand that our customers appreciate very much, the high level of service, our assistance with conducting business in Poland and our continuous development of getsix® technologies. This allows them to monitor their financial data using the getsix® IT solutions created. Our IT specialists are also available to create bespoke solutions to further enhance our service, which includes ‘Mobile Reporting’ and ‘Mobile Extranet’ for iPhone & iPad devices – your company is always with you!

If you could be someone else for the day, who would it be? And why?
I have always loved the sea, no matter the time of the year. When I was a young girl I wanted to leave Poznań and become a sailor. I was very disappointed when I found out that there is no female equivalent of the Polish word ‘marynarz’ (sailor) - ‘marynarka’ (ENGLISH: jacket) it just doesn't sound right. One day might not be enough, but I would like to be a captain on a huge sailing ship going out to endless seas.

If you were stranded on a desert island, which 3 people would you like to share that island with and why?
I would like a beautiful, green and sunny desert island, in this case it would be for one day; I would definitely take my closest family - there are four of us!


New income limits regarding, among others, the status of a small taxpayers

As of 01 January, 2014 new higher income limits regarding, among others, the status of a small taxpayers, which are not obliged to keeping the accounting ledgers. (more)

Penalty for not submitting information about company car

Those tax payers who use their vehicle/s for business purposes only and keep a logbook/s for the vehicle/s may be able to deduct the entire VAT. (more)

New regulations regarding the deduction of VAT for the Intra-Community acquisitions of goods

Starting on 01 January, 2014 the right to deduct VAT calculated for the Intra-Community acquisition of goods (WNT) arises on general rules. (more)

Companies need only electronic signature for the tax authorities

As of 2015, private individuals and legal entities will be able to submit their tax returns electronically. (more)


The compulsory time limits during the preparation of Financial Statements

Companies included in the entry within The National Court Register (NCR), shall provide their Financial Statements to the appropriate register. (more)

Economy and Politics

Poland’s economy grew by 2.7% in Q4

According to preliminary results from the Central Statistical Office (GUS), the Polish economy has in comparison in the last quarter of 2013 developed year-to-year by 2.7%. (more)

From 14% unemployed, 9.8% are job-seekers

In January 2014, the Central Statistical Office (GUS) has advised the unemployment rate of 14%, compared to 14.2% in January 2013. (more)

Labour productivity in Poland is increasing

On Thursday, 30th January, 2014, the Central Statistics Office (GUS) published the results of studies into labour productivity in Poland. (more)

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