Clearance sale

Pinwheel star earrings, purple silk in gold Scallops pendant, blue silk in silver Triple Spangles earrings, red silk in gold


50% off in-stock jewelry with discount code FIFTYOFF at either online store, linked at the bottom. The shipping is slightly cheaper at the McCord Works website, but if you’re outside the US or just prefer Etsy, shop there!

In general, there is only one of each item, so the early bird etc., etc. For the little Spangles and Stars, I have a lot of unassembled ones, so if you don’t see exactly what you want in stock, email me and I'll create a custom item for you. Yes, the discount still applies. 

lots of spangles in lots of colors


Several months ago, I decided I want to change how I’m doing this – making the same colors and styles again and again just isn’t fun. I’m not going to stop it entirely, but I need to figure out where I want to go next – whether it’s new colors or designs, or different metals or materials, or even just farming out the photography. And the more I can clear out current inventory, the more space I can make to figure out what’s next.

I knew the perfect time to roll this out – after my vacation in March! Somehow, I did not plan for a global pandemic. I shut it all down for a while, because I was thankfully busy with the day job, and not in immediate need of extra income like my many artist / musician / performer / small business friends. I am trying to help support them in various ways. Your purchases here will help me continue to do that.


If you want to commission something, email me! If you have other questions, email me. Stay safe and healthy. Wear your mask. Take FIFTYOFF.


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