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Case Foundation's Breaking News in Social Good

This week in Breaking Good, Jean Case shares how citizens are at the center of some of the positive signs we are seeing in the wake of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. Breaking Good explores how leaders in tech can make the system work better for female founders, how local communities are creating innovative solutions and a first look at a new book Innovation Blind Spot.


In Inclusive Entrepreneurship, Melinda Gates is taking a bold stand, reminding us that gender and race disparities in venture capital need our immediate attention. We’re also hearing about the importance of immigrant entrepreneurs and seeing the stories of founders putting their mission at the center of their business.


In Impact Investing, a local Tennessee group is helping women and entrepreneurs of color gain B Corporation certification for their businesses. An investment leader shares an opportunity investors are missing. And Fortune's Change The World list highlights the inclusion of major players in Impact Investing and financial inclusion.


And on Faces of Founders, we spotlight founder Helen Adeosun of CareAcademy and learning about how she fundraised for her elder care training company.


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Melinda Gates
Melinda Gates:
Why We Need to Close the VC Gap
Gates shares her own take, and input from four leaders in tech in business on how to make the system work better for female founders.
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America Needs Immigrant Entrepreneurs
america needs immigrant entrepreneurs
An executive from Ernst and Young talks about why immigrant founders are so important to the startup ecosystem.
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The Mother-Daughter Duo Making School Lunches Healthier
mother-daughter duo making school lunches healthier
Bri James and her mother are part of a growing group of entrepreneurs using business solutions to promote healthy kids.
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IMPACT INVESTING                        

GreenSpaces is Aiding the B Corporation Certification Process

The Chattanooga-based company is helping women and minority-owned businesses achieve B Corporation certification.
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Impact Investors Shouldn't Overlook Local Innovation
impact investors shouldn't overlook local innovation
Local communities across the globe are creating innovative solutions. Impact Investors can help make even more of a difference.
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Change the World: Social Good Leads the Way
Fortune’s Change the World list includes champions of Impact Investing, financial inclusion, community building and all things social good.
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a different kind of volunteer work
A Different Kind of Volunteer Work
The 2015 Millennial Impact Report found that 77 percent of Millennials like to use their personal skills when volunteering, so it’s great to see more companies helping employees do just that.
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CASE FOUNDATION                     
five signs of hope after harvey and irma
Five Signs for Hope After Harvey and Irma
While there will be a long road to recovery, CEO Jean Case highlights five signs of hope in response to the two disasters.
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To Get Past Our Blind Spots, We Need to Be Fearless
Jean Case takes a first look at Ross Baird’s book, The Innovation Blind Spot, which talks about how we need to revamp the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the US.
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Raising the Bar and Unseating Bias: Caregiving Disrupted

Helen Adeosun founded CareAcademy after seeing a gap in the elder care industry. As she continues to scale her company, she’s challenging bias about her abilities as a businesswoman.
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