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Weekly Update | July 11, 2014

Dear <<First Name>>,

I saw a sign today that said "Trust Yahweh."

Yahweh (in Spanish, "Jehová) is a name.  It's God's name (in Hebrew) that He told Moses at the burning bush.  In English, we translate this as "The LORD;" in Spanish, as "El Señor."

But in English and Spanish we use the words "lord" and "Señor" for other people, not just God.  Technically, they're not just names.  But "Yahweh," that's a personal name.  That's what God told Moses to call Him.

Why do I emphasize this?  Because the One we called to trust is a Person!  A Person with a name.  He is not an impersonal entity, an unknowable supreme being.  He is a personal Person with a name, just like we have names.

And with names, we associate histories.  Histories of things done by the person bearing that name.  So, when I see a sign telling me to "Trust Yahweh," my mind recalls what Yahweh has done in history to prove Himself worth being trusted.  He rescued His people from slavery.  He led them through the wilderness.  He defeated their enemies.  He gave them a land to call home.  He brought them back from exile.  He came from heaven to earth and took on a human name - Jesus.  He died and came back to life.  He ascended into heaven and was given the name that is above all names - Yahweh.  And he said that all who call on His name shall be saved.

Yahweh.  Jehová.  The Lord.  El Señor.  This is the name of the One whom we can trust.  He has proven it time and again.

Let us call upon His name.

Let us trust Yahweh!


Soccer Camp
July 21-25
CEC is putting on a soccer camp for the kids of our community! What a great way to build relationships with our neighbors while having fun! If you have kids ages 6-14 who'd like to participate, or if you'd like to help coach, provide refreshments, snacks, donate soccer balls, etc, please contact Héctor Guzmán.

Power of a Praying Church
Kingdom Prayer Training 
Saturday, September 20th

Plan ahead for a day of vital, earth-moving training in prayer. If there is one thing that we need to do well, it is pray. Cost is $50 by August 1. Ask Jesus if you should invest 7.5 hours in this training.  For more information, contact Jim Moon.


You make a difference through your generous support of Jesus' work through Crosspoint Encuentro!  Our tithes and offerings further His kingdom expansion in our community, region and the world!

General Fund (monthly operating budget)
Monthly Goal: $8,750

June 2014 Giving:

5 of 5 Sundays: $ 9,680

Jan     $7,211
Feb      7,110
Mar      9,699
Apr       6,686
May      7,797
Jun       9,680

Our Mission
Our mission is to be a family of missionaries making disciples who make disciples of God's gospel of grace, multiplying congregations and making a BIG deal about Jesus in our worship! When you give, you are making that happen for God's glory and for the sake of other people!
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