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Here is a sneak peak at what you'll get if you participate in my program =)

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Congratulations and welcome to Day 1 to having Better Posture in 30 Days!

You have started something today that your future self will thank you for!

3 things to know off the bat:

1. You will get a total of 30 emails delivered at 6AM Pacific Standard Time

2. You have all day to do the exercises which last 5 minutes or less including rest time (no equipment needed ever)

3. Just do them 3x a day (or more if you like) totaling about 15 minutes of your day

That's it.

By committing 15 minutes a day for  the next 30 days you WILL improve your posture. Guaranteed.

I'm here if you have any questions!

Good luck.

I wish you the best health and your tallest, strongest, and most confident self possible =)

Talk tomorrow,
Quick knowledge:

Building neuromuscular efficiency (your brains ability to tell your muscles what to do) is like first using Google maps to find a friends house. You use the map a few times and after you have gone to your friends house a certain number of times- you no longer  then need a map.

The exercises below  function the same way. Through emphasizing these small moves, you teach your brain to send signals to these particular muscles. Muscles that help support good posture.

You send enough signals, soon your muscles will know what to do when they're called to action!

The stretching exercises in the program help to promote proper length-tension in the muscles to promote better posture.

As the days and program progress, the exercises will become more challenging, but you will never need any equipment. The pictures are animated so make sure to look closely to see how I do the exercises =)

Rock Star Tips:

I have included tips to increase your success. If you were the type of student who loved doing extra credit- these will get you tons of brownie points from me and your future self ;-)

All exercises ideally should be done barefoot or in athletic shoes. Please do not do them in high-heels as your posture and balance will be compromised. Safety first!

Please take a posture selfie so you know where you are at
DAY 1.

Take one whole-body front view and one whole-body side view.

Please stand the way you normally do for the most accurate picture

I would love if you would share this with me personally or on my blog in the comments section. Email me at

Tracking your progress will show how much you have improved and since improving your posture is a visual change--
we need visual proof.
Draw in the Belly Button
  1. stand tall
  2. hands on hips
  3. draw in belly button towards the spine 10x
  4. repeat 3x
  5. exercise total time:  < 1 min
Rock star tip: Do this every time you look at the time
Screw the Light Bulb
  1. stand tall
  2. arms to the sides
  3. open hands as if to hold a light bulb
  4. moving from the shoulders, rotate your arms outward, towards the back turning the light bulb (do NOT rotate from elbows)
  5. as you end the rotation, press your shoulders down holding this for 2 secs
  6. do for 10x reps and do 3x sets
  7. exercise total time: < 1 minute
Rock star tip: Do this every time you finish washing your hands
Tilt Your Head
  1. stand tall
  2. hands to hips
  3. tilt head 2 secs one side, then the other
  4. repeat 10x for 3x sets
  5. exercise total time: < 1 minute
Rock star tip: Do this through out the day when your neck feels stiff

As with all exercise programs, you should consult a doctor before commencing to follow any or all of the exercises, poses, and stretches presented in this website. My general advice to is to always listen to your body, approach the movements with caution and awareness, do only what you can, and do what feels good. Do not exercise when you are feeling unwell. The stronger, more stable, and flexible you become, the more you will be able to do. Remember, achieving good health is a practice; stay consistent and you will see and feel results sooner than you can imagine! Additionally, nothing beats having a professional watch over you especially when beginning an exercise program.

BE SAFE. Rest when you need to and challenge yourself when you can. You are in charge of yourself.


The information and contents of this email and program, including all text, videos, and exercise images are the property of Jeanne Floresca. When noted, some images are Public Domain or Wikipedia CC attributed. Please do not misuse, copy, or distribute. Thank you.
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