More airports chose Multihog for stand clearance in 2012


More airports chose Multihog for stand clearance in 2012....

Joining airports such as Gatwick, Dublin, Birmingham, Liège, Bristol and the TNT Global Hub in Belgium, even more airports have made Multihog their multifunctional vehicle of choice. 
Vancouver International Airport took delivery of 3 Multihog machines (pictured above) ahead of their 2012 winter season. Attachments delivered with the units include front-mounted combi brush ploughs and de-icing sprayers for winter services. The airport also took delivery of rotary grass mower attachments to maximize the Multihog’s all-season use once the winter season is over. 

The 14 Multihog units at Gatwick airport have just completed a second winter season and the fleet’s operation remains impressive for David Charman, who says “The Multihogs have all performed very well, they have been operating 24hrs a day for four consecutive days now and we still have all machines available and working. The de-icing capability especially has been very useful de-icing the head of stand areas where larger machines cannot gain access.” 
Bristol Airport’s two Multihog units have also just finished their second winter season and have been equally essential in clearing stands during spates of severe weather. Steve Webb, Head of Motor Transport confirms “We have been incredibly busy with the recent snow event but the Multihogs have worked really well and everyone is impressed with their operational abilities.”
Milan Malpensa Airport
Milan Malpensa airport took delivery of 3 Multihog machines with combi brush plough attachments and de-icing sprayers on the rear. Stefano Dolci, Operations Manager, says “We have had sufficient snow to test the Multihogs since they were delivered to us on-site. I drove one of them personally and it was exceptional! Easy to drive, fast and it turns in a very small space. The brush on the combi unit worked brilliantly removing the snow and left the pavement really clean. I am 100% sure that incorporating Multihog units into our fleet was the right choice, and we definitely plan to purchase more in the future.”

London Heathrow Airport
Heathrow Airport has a fleet of 6 Multihog machines, equipped with combi snow plough and brush units on the front and salt spreaders on the rear. The units have been used extensively during the recent winter season, particularly during last month’s snow event. 

East Midlands Airport
East Midlands Airport took delivery of their Multihog machine ahead of the 2012 winter season. Glen Wilson, Operations Dept. says, “We decided to purchase the Multihog, snow blower and snow brush in preparation for the winter season of 2012 and it has been an excellent new addition to our fleet.
Our region in particular experienced significant snow fall and throughout this difficult period we cannot sing the praises of the Multihog enough. It has offered great flexibility and reliability for us during such severe weather.
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