HomeGrown Festival garlic tasting was so popular that we are doing it again at the Ann Arbor Westside Market this week on Thursday, September 13th.   

"HomeGrown Festival (and our garlic tasting) was a huge success!" 

So much so, that again this year, we had to send friends to buy us some food and libations because we just could not leave our table. And again, people were still hoping to taste garlic as we were packing up when the festival was ending at 10 pm! Here is the 'best' quote of the night (but how could I really choose? See more below.):

"I didn't taste last year because I thought it was weird. This year I am first in line to taste!" 

I know that many who tasted our garlic Saturday evening have signed up for our farm newsletter. I will have to spend most of the evening typing names and email addresses into our database. We now have nearly 900 people who have eagerly given us their email address over the past 3 seasons, wanting to know what is happening on the farm, which varieties of garlic are coming to the markets, next year's CSA information, and invitations to special events at our farm. 

Dick's entry of a Breakfast Stout into the HomeBrew contest resulted in 2nd place overall (a black IPA won 1st place) but Dick received special recognition for including the most Michigan ingredients in a beer, including hops grown on our farm. His prize was a beautiful hand-carved wooden hop flower made by a local carver named Carl (sorry that is all I know). It was hanging over our booth Saturday night. Unfortunately, in addition to being too busy to buy for our own food, I was too busy to remember to take any photos. Maybe Dick will bring his prize (not the beer) to the markets - at least feel free to ask him about his entry and prize! 

Please note the following info:
  • Calendar Alert! Our end of the year Garlic Barn Sale will be on Saturday September 29 and Sunday September 30. More info will follow next week, but it's time to put these dates on your calendar! 
  • We bring 9-11 garlic varieties each week. Many varieties are now sold out or very close to it. 
  • Varieties that are in limited supply will be in baskets on the front of the table. All garlic is now 'first-come, first-served'. 
  • Pricing: $1/small, $1.50/medium, $2.00/large, $2.50/extra-large - these are larger than last year's garlic heads. Note: most of the very large $2.50 size heads have been sold already, but some are still left.
  • Prices as marked on the braids. (I try to have 1 or 2 available at each market.)
  • Honey is currently completely sold out. If we get a fall harvest, you'll be the first to know. 
  • Special Note to all our Garlic Friends - if you wish to purchase some bulbs of a specific variety, please feel free to send us an email message. Tell us how many of which variety you would like, sizes, and which market you will use for pick up, your phone # for any last minute changes we might need to make, etc. We'll let you know by return email/phone if we still have what you are looking for, cost, etc. 
  • Special Note to Chefs/Food Producers - we enjoy having you to come to the farm to have a 'garlic tasting'. Weekends work best for us since we are usually ultra-busy on Monday and all mornings during the week to get ready for our afternoon markets. Please call Dick to arrange a time to come out to the farm at 734-649-1654. If you know which varieties you want, send us an email with your request and the best way to contact you (phone, email). We'll let you know if we have enough of the variety you desire, sizes, price, etc, and arrange a pick-up or delivery (within the A2 or Ypsi area only). 
  • Please check out our farm's website, and Facebook page. We enjoy posting short updates on Facebook about what is happening on our farm. Recent photos on Facebook include several of "The Fam" of The Dyer Family Organic Farm. Phoebe stuck around for the first 2. :)

Dick and Diana holding some of the jumbo heads of Inchelium Red, one of Slow Food's Ark of Taste heirloom variety of garlic, which is coming back to the markets this week, even some of the jumbo heads!!

Market Schedule This Week (all markets rain or shine but cancellations due to storms/safety concerns will be posted, as possible, on our farm's Facebook page)

• Tues September 11 - Ypsilanti Downtown on Ferris St. behind Key Bank - 2-6 pm
• Wed September 12 - Ann Arbor Evening Market at Kerrytown - 4:30-8:30
• Thurs September 13 - Ann Arbor Westside at Zingerman's Roadhouse - 3-7 pm - Special Note - Garlic tasting this week at the market of the same varieties we had at the HomeGrown Festival (Applegate, County Farms Legacy, Stull, and Killarney Red) with small bags ready to purchase of these varieties, $3/bag or $5/2 bags - mix and match varieties
• Fri September 14 - Dixboro on The Village Green - 3:30-7:30 - come have a Friday evening picnic on the tables set up in the shade on the Village Green - bring your own food and non-alcoholic beverages or purchase food/drinks from Hickman's Chuckwagon Hotel (pulled pork, etc) or Darcy's Carts (delicious vegetarian options, using as many locally-grown foods as possible). 

Garlic CSA Members Pick-up will also be on these same dates. They will be receiving 3 different varieties each of the upcoming weeks through September plus a garlic braid on the last week of September to use through the winter months. If CSA members need to change their market location for pick-up, please send us an email at (asap - thanks). 

What We Are Bringing to Market:
Garlic Varieties (short descriptions of each variety can be found at our farm website,

Applegate - available to taste at Ann Arbor Westside Market this week only
Stull - available to taste at Ann Arbor Westside Market this week only
Killarney Red - available to taste at Ann Arbor Westside Market this week only
County Farms Legacy - available to taste at Ann Arbor Westside Market this week only
Chesnok Red
Inchelium Red (the largest heads, i.e. the 'jumbo' size, will be priced at $3.00 each and in a separate basket)
Silver Rose
German Extra Hardy
Spanish Roja (repeat from last week - come get it!)
Red Toch

Also available - the "Etc!" in our Garlic, Garlic, Garlic, Etc! banner
• Garlic Braids - various sizes 
• Sampler Bag - the surpise HIT at our table each market day! People tell me they are now buying these as gifts for friends! A bag containing 10 small-medium garlic varieties, one of each variety on the table that week, all individually labeled for your tasting enjoyment at home - for $10.00 (a bargain because some bags will contain medium size heads now). We sold 40 of these last week - they sell very quickly at each market. If sold out, just ask, we will be happy to make up another Sampler Bag for you at the table using small-medium heads as available. 
• Bag O'Cloves - a sampler of 40 perfect cloves taken from imperfect heads - perfect for our 40-Clove Chicken and 40-Clove Broth recipes available at the table - these also sell out quickly but cannot be made up at the table, sorry. Put in an order for next week! 

Recipe of the week:  Curried Red Lentil Soup with Dried Cherries and Cilantro (from Nancy, one of our CSA members):
A wonderful recipe that I made yesterday that included your incomparable garlic.  If you liked the roasted tomatoes and garlic, I encourage you to try this one. It's a soup and as the weather cools off a bit, you might be interested in it.  (I have not had time to make this recipe yet, but I love red lentil soup of any kind, so I expect I will love this delicious sounding soup! Thanks for sharing it, Nancy!)

Vendors/Chefs who use our garlic include:
Kim Demick - local chef (works for EAT!) and garlic fan, bought a wide selection of our different garlic varieties to make in signature dishes for a wedding reception. Kim especially loves all the porcelain varieties like Stull and Music for their hint of sweetness to both augment and round out complex flavors in a dish. Thanks, Kim - we love helping you serve up happiness! 

Comments from some our customers this week (I'm serious - the great comments are coming too fast and furious for me to get them all written down now. Is there anyone who wants to volunteer at each market to be our 'scribe'? Just kidding!):

"We are a garlic crazy family. Everyone in our family eats garlic - we're 'all in'!" - a family shopping together at the Dixboro Market (I asked the kids for verification of this comment - they both smiled and agreed!)

"I'm a garlic freak" - HomeGrown Festival garlic taster and buyer (his wife laughed happily at this comment!) 

"Your garlic is amazing, and I thought I knew garlic! Thank you for all your work!" - Olivia, the woman who took the photo of Dick and me above holding the Inchelium Red garlic at the A2Westside Market a few weeks ago, meeting us again at the HomeGrown Festival (thanks, Olivia, we love the photo and appreciate your comments)

"I have never met a kale I didn't like - kale with garlic is just the best!" - Dixboro shopper (music to my ears as the blogger at

"I think we are going to have a long relationship!" - an Ann Arbor Wednesday Evening shopper

"You grow great garlic - I think of you all the time!" - an Ann Arbor Wednesday Evening shopper (we love thinking about our happy customers, too)

"I eat garlic 2-3 times per day. Your garlic is amazing!" - an Ann Arbor Wednesday Evening shopper (Wow - I think you eat it more than we do!)

"Thank you for the information. I love learning about my food." - Ypsilanti Downtown Market shopper (and we love sharing the information)

"I love the garlic scapes - I am going to buy a TON next year!" - 
Ypsilanti Downtown Market shopper (we love scapes, too, and I think we eat nearly a ton ourselves - just kidding.....only a little!)

"One can never, never, never, never (yes 4 times!) have too much garlic!" - Ypsilanti Downtown Market shopper (too cute - and we agree!)

"This is awesome - I'll be back every week!" - Ypsi Downtown Market shopper (again, music to our ears, we love our happy customers!)

"Garlic saves the day!" - Ypsi Downtown Market shopper (ok - I like that, even if I don't know from what! I don't think it matters.)

"The freshness of your garlic really makes my dishes!" - Ypsi Downtown Market shopper 

"I love the variety - grocery store garlic gets boring!" - Ypsi Downtown Market shopper (and many people use multiple variations of the word 'tasteless')

"There are very few things in life that garlic does not make better!" - Ypsi Downtown Market shopper (how can one not smile at these comments?)

Our customers continue to say new, clever, and sincere comments about our garlic. We are grateful that you all appreciate what we grow to feed our community. Who's next? May I quote you on that? :)

Thanks again for your support of our small, local, family-owned and run farm. We love growing and selling our garlic to each of you! 

Dick's 'Pretty Good!' Garlic makes great food and conversation, too. :)

Diana & Dick Dyer - Your Local Garlic Growers
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