Holiday Garlic Greetings!

2013 Holiday Greetings to our Garlic Friends!

What a perfect snowy day to send Holiday Greetings to our favorite people, all of our customers, meaning you! :)

We finally finished planting our 2014 garlic before Thanksgiving. It was a big job this year made longer than expected by having more cloves to plant from each bulb saved for seed stock than we had estimated but also made easier by ALL the volunteer help we had this year. Both aspects are good news. :) 

We cannot thank you enough for buying our garlic and assorted garlic products, helping us in so many ways (even volunteering to help stamp our bags), and also 'marketing us' by sending your friends to purchase our garlic. We had a GREAT year and have so much for which to be thankful.

What's new? Here are a few updates: 
  • Instead of our target of planting 20,000 garlic cloves, we are closer to 25,000 for the 2014 crop, which means we hope to have plenty to sell to our individual customers and also to our increasing number of chefs and food producers. 
  • Our initial (and very limited) editions of powdered garlic (plain, w/ powdered garlic scapes, and w/ powdered spicy peppers) sold like crazy, so those items will definitely be making a repeat appearance in 2014
  • Our 5 remaining "Dick's Chicks" (now full-grown beautiful red hens) are producing 4-5 eggs each day, which means we have amazing eggs for sale NOW. They are $5.00/dozen (fed organically-raised feed and lots of yummy vegetables!). If you would like to come out to the farm to pick some up now and anytime this winter and spring before we get back to the markets, please call Dick (734-649-1654) first: 1) to make sure we have some and because 2) we do not want to store them outside right now in order to keep them from freezing. 
  • We are in the initial phase of putting up a small hoop house (regretfully that did not get finished prior to the ground freezing) to use for our own seed starting and who knows what else? 
  • Our three active bee hives still look healthy so far. Keep your fingers crossed that they make it through the winter, which would mean more delicious honey for us to sell next year. 
  • CSA sign-up info for 2014 will be sent by email in January. 
  • We are always-always-always thinking about new opportunities for our farm (products, customers, activities - fun, educational, fund-raising, etc). If you have ideas to share, we love hearing them. Even if we don't use your idea right away, it's fun to see where an initial idea tossed into the mix actually leads. So just hit 'reply' and bring 'em on! 
For instance, thinking about new ideas, here is a photo of a 'garlic wreath' that is totally different from what I have done and is totally 'cool', made from the garlic purchased in one of our garlic braid kits that we sold this past fall. And looking closely at this photo, I see that what I first thought was a pine cone is actually the elephant garlic flower that was included in the kit - woohoo!! Gosh, it's beautiful. I am so inspired that I will be collecting grape vines from the farm all winter long this year. 

Here is a pix of 4 of our hens plus our rooster. Chick #5 is actually sitting in the doorway of the coop so she can see all the action but also feel some of the warmth from their small heat source. Favorite foods? Any and all vegetables including a frozen squash that we let thaw before we give it to them, frozen scraggly kale, and the teeny garlic cloves that did not get planted (our not-too-bright Mr. Roo never gets to those because the hens grab the cloves in the air before they hit the ground!). 

How could I not include one of Phoebe, the happiest dog on the planet, ears blowing in the wind while standing in the main garlic field for 2014. This winter we promise to work on her (scary) instinct for circling your car as you drive into the farm, but in the meantime, our #1 farm rule (and the only important one, really) is still to drive very very slowly up the driveway as you approach the house or barn. 

Lastly, from our home and hearts to yours, we send our very best wishes for a happy, healthy, and locally-nourished, delicious New Year. :)

Dick and Diana Dyer

Dick's 'Pretty Good!' Garlic makes great food and conversation, too. :)

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