Your last chance for buying the largest selection of our garlic will be this week at the 4 local farmers markets we attend.  The weather forecast is garlic-perfect. Come see us!  

"It's time to buy our garlic to plant and store for the winter!" 

We will be bringing as much of our garlic as possible to all 4 markets this week, even using two tables to display all the varieties we have remaining. Yes, many popular varieties are already sold out (like Spanish Roja and Chesnok Red and Music), but there are still several delicious varieties to choose from, including the robust and spicy Killarney Red (we plant lots of this popular variety!) and the tasty Enchelium Red (we plant lots of this, too), an heirloom variety chosen by Slow Food International for inclusion in its "Ark of Taste", among small amounts of many others. The largest selection will be on the tables at the markets this week, to be sold 'first come, first served'. 

We hope to have our annual Barn Garlic Sale on Saturday September 29 and Sunday September 30 from 9-5 each day. When I say "we hope to have", I am being frank. Sales at our markets this past week were unexpectedly brisk. In fact the sales were unprecendented in volume of garlic sold. It is surprising to us, but it is entirely possible that we will sell all of our remaining garlic at the markets this coming week and need to cancel our barn sale. Keep the barn sale on your calendar, but we will let you know of any change in status as soon as we can make a reasonable decision sometime later during the week. 

IF the barn sale goes forward, the price on all garlic will be $12/pound (the same as our chef price). There is a 1# minimum purchase, but you may mix and match any of our varieties still available to come up to that first pound level. We will have a scale, some bags (feel free to also bring your own), and change for cash payments. Cash or checks accepted (no credit cards). We cannot predict what varieties or amounts will still be available that weekend, but we recommend that you come early for the best selection (please note: 9 AM start time with no early sales).

Directions: Address is 5846 Becky Lane, Ann Arbor, MI 48105 
• Take Plymouth Rd to Vorhies (east of the town of Dixboro)
• Go north on Vorhies, go over M-14, go past Warren Rd
• Vorhies becomes dirt after Warren - keep going!
• Turn left onto Becky Lane, a short private road (there is a green street sign) which is just south of Joy Rd. 
• There are 4 speed bumps on Becky Lane, watch for them, especially that first one
• Our farm and driveway are after the 4th speed bump - the address is on a post next to a small Welcome flag
• Drive all the way up the driveway and park anywhere near the house, garage, or in the circle drive (however, if you have difficulty walking, you may drive up to and park near the barn)
• Please note that we do have a sweet but very loud 'barky dog' whose name is Phoebe. She is learning that she is not to jump when greeting you but sit so you can pet her, which is all she wants. She is a border collie and Australian shepherd mix so her instincts are to get us (and you) herded into her flock. We always try to 'intercept' her full-speed race to greet and herd you, but we are often too slow. If that happens, just firmly tell her "Phoebe, no jump. Phoebe, sit." You will get the full sniff and then become 'old news'. PS - she just loves being petted. :) :)

Please Note: 
  • Prices as marked on the braids. I try to have 1 or 2 available at each market. Some will be available at the Barn Sale as I have time to make them. 
  • Braiding "kits" will be available only if we have the Barn Sale (15 of our best braiding garlic heads, pre-selected to contain a variety of types of long-storing garlic, a variety of sizes, while I also make that final quality check to cull out any 'duds', providing you with enough garlic to make 1 braid that has 13 heads plus a few extra just 'in case'). A braid "kit" will cost $20 and will be complete with printed directions for you to take home and twine to tie the top together securely with a loop for hanging. 
  • Honey is still unavailable. If we get enough of a fall harvest to have honey to sell, you'll be the first to know. If you have empty honey jars, please feel free to bring them back now for 50¢ credit per jar toward garlic. 
  • Please check out our farm's website, and Facebook page. We enjoy posting short updates on Facebook about what is happening on our farm. 

Garlic hanging in the upstairs loft of our barn earlier in the summer. This part of the barn is almost empty now, meaning nearly all of this garlic has already been sold! 

Market Schedule This Week
(all markets rain or shine but cancellations due to storms/safety concerns will be posted, if possible, on our farm's Facebook page)
• Tues September 25 - Ypsilanti Downtown on Ferris St. behind Key Bank - 2-6 pm (this is the last week for us, but the Ypsi Downtown market continues thru October. We hope you'll continue to support this market.)
• Wed September 26 - Ann Arbor Evening Market at Kerrytown - 4:30-8:30 (last week for this market)
• Thurs September 27 - Ann Arbor Westside at Zingerman's Roadhouse - 3-7 pm (last week for this market)
• Friday Sept 28 - Dixboro Market on the Dixboro Village Green - 3:30-7:30 pm (Note: If we do not completely sell out at our markets this week and/or the Barn Sale, we will continue to sell garlic, braids, etc, at the Dixboro Market through October. I will send a further update about this market.)

Garlic CSA Pick-up will also be this week for those members who have not completed their pick-ups. They will be receiving their last 3 different varieties of garlic (a total of 24 during the season) plus a large garlic braid to use through the winter months. 

CSA sign-up for 2013. I have been surprised to have many people inquiring about next year's CSA already. We will be asking our current CSA members for feedback, and then we will get our act together sometime early in 2013. If you are receiving this newsletter, you will get a notice of openings, cost, what it includes, etc, etc when we figure everything out. 

What We Are Bringing to Market:
Garlic Varieties (short descriptions of each variety can be found at our farm website,

For this last week at our markets, we will be bringing some of every variety we still have available to sell. Where there is space at a market, we will bring two tables to set up our garlic for display. Sorry - I have not had time to update our website to list which varieties are 'sold out' for 2012. 

Here is what we still have in full baskets:
Kettle River Giant
Inchelium Red (a few very large heads still remaining that are $2.50 each)
Killarney Red (some very large heads available that are $2.50 each)
German Extra Hardy
S&H Silver

While I am writing this, we have 16 varieties still remaining, some with only a few heads still in a basket. Everything else is sold out. All varieties still in the barn will be on the tables at the markets and when gone, it is gone! No amount of scouring the barn or wishing will make any more Spanish Roja or Creole Red or Persian Star magically appear! Put those varieties on your 2013 Buy Early List! 

Also available - the "Etc!" in our Garlic, Garlic, Garlic, Etc! banner
• Garlic Braids - various sizes - prices $15 to $30 each. 
• Sampler Bag - the surpise HIT at our table each and every market day! People tell me they are now buying these as gifts for friends! A bag containing 10 small-medium garlic varieties, our pick of varieties at this point, all individually labeled for your tasting enjoyment at home - still just $10.00. The selection of garlic varieties will be a nice representation of all remaining garlic.  (Special Note: Sampler Bags may not be available this coming week, due to limited availability of small/medium garlic heads and also our lack of time to get them made up this week.)
• Bag O'Cloves - a sampler of 40 perfect cloves taken from imperfect heads - use with our 40-Clove Chicken and 40-Clove Broth recipes available at the table - these also sell out quickly but cannot be made up at the table, sorry. We will try to have the time to make up several of these for the markets next week! I mean it, they sell out quickly!!

Recipes of the week:  
None this week to keep the newsletter as short as possible, even though I have many people tell me they love reading every single word! Thanks. :)

Local Businesses using our Garlic:  
1) Nightshade Army Industries Salsas and Hot Sauces - these amazing locally grown and produced products exclusively include our garlic. The owner, Stefanie Stauffer, comes to our farm during the early part of the harvesting time to taste various garlic varieties and carefully select the garlic based on the blend of flavors she wants to achieve for each of her products. Her favorites? You guessed right if you thought Spanish Roja, but she also is crazy about Creole Red, Shandong, and Music!  
2) Village Corner (great wine, etc) has purchased a special edition "Sampler Bag" for their customers who purchase specialty foods in addition to all the varied and fine wines carried at one of Ann Arbor's favorite locations to buy wine from owners who know and love wine like we do with garlic. 
3) Delicious Diversity - jams and jellies using as many locally-grown produce from other vendors as possible. Try Andrea's Roasted Garlic Jelly sold at both the Ypsi Downtown Market and now also Ann Arbor's Westside Market. This week Andrea is coming back for more garlic and wants a more robust variety to stand up shoulder to shoulder to the balsamic vinegar used in this deliciously different jelly! Killarney Red will be our recommendation. Use in your favorite recipe for a grilled meat glaze or just use a spoon! 

Comments from some our customers this past week: (we love hearing all your comments, but I am serious when I say I can no longer get them all written down!) 

Wife - "Where is the garlic we bought?" 
Husband - "I ate it already." 
Wife - "What?! You ate the entire Sampler Bag?" 
Husband - "Umm, yes, I have been snacking on it - I could not stop myself."
-  Only slightly paraphrased from a 'confession' we heard at the Ypsi Market from a husband and wife who were back this past week to purchase more garlic! :) :) 

"I wear garlic! Garlic is part of my identity. :) In fact, I'm sending my husband to buy me one of your garlic braids instead of buying me flowers!"
- Ann Arbor Wednesday Evening shopper 

"Your garlic is amazing - a different animal than I've been used to!" - Ann Arbor Westside Market shopper who then told us he came back to buy more garlic, not just compliment our garlic (many thanks!)

"I came back to this market just to buy more of your garlic! Stull is just the best!" - Ann Arbor Westside Market shopper (Wow - we really love our customers!)

Photo below from new customers who read about our garlic in last week's article, complete with a phone call this morning saying "Your garlic is the best we have ever tasted!" (which is music to our ears - thanks!)

Thanks again to all of our customers (those who have been with us for the past three years and those who just found us last week) for your support of our small, local, family-owned and run farm. We love growing and selling our garlic to each of you and hope to see you at our markets and/or our annual Barn Sale! We also love seeing your smiling faces and hearing how you enjoy our garlic. :)

Dick's 'Pretty Good!' Garlic makes great food and conversation, too. :)

Diana & Dick Dyer - Your Local Garlic Growers
The Dyer Family Organic Farm, Ann Arbor, Michigan
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