Please note, we will NOT be at the Dixboro Market on Friday Sept 21, so come see us at the other markets this week. We are driving to a wedding in Maryland and will be back at Dixboro on Friday Sept 28. Thanks for understanding.   

"Garlic tasting at HomeGrown leads to article in" 

We had such a good time doing the garlic tasting at Ann Arbor's recent HomeGrown Festival that included an article about our farm in Saturday's on-line edition. Here is the link. Thankfully Laura G, one of our garlic fans and friend, had showed up the day we were interviewed (the Monday after the tasting) to help us do anything we needed at the farm. Thus Laura cleaned lots of garlic for the markets during the interview and then helped Dick harvest our remaining hops after the interview. What a day! We would not have been ready for the Ypsi Market the next day without her hours of help - thanks, Laura!! 

Speaking of volunteers, Dick & I would also have not been able to do all the preparations necessary both prior to and during the garlic tasting without several wonderful volunteers. Thanks to Bonnie, Keri, Gail, Colette, Becky and Chris. We love you! Thanks also to Nate and Jill (from Green Things Farm) who showed up at the end and helped us pack and load the car (after we had foolishly told Becky & Chris, 'thanks but no thanks, we're fine, we don't need help, no worries, no, no, you can go home, thanks anyway, etc etc! No, actually we were far more tired than we had appreciated!) Thanks also to Tom and Nancy (CSA members) who came to the Ann Arbor Evening Market later than usual last week just to help me pack up and load the car since I was alone that night.  

Thanks, thanks, many thanks to everyone who has helped us with anything and everything on our farm during the past three years (planting, weeding, harvesting, cleaning, and much much more, even feeding us!). Our definition of 'family' at The Dyer Family Organic Farm is intentionally very wide and inclusive. I confess that I am guessing that we are often too tired to remember our manners and always thank you properly at the time, but hopefully (after a good night's sleep) we say thanks later. Thanks, and thanks again!! We are grateful. :)

Please note the following info:
  • Calendar Alert! Our end of the year Garlic Barn Sale will be on Saturday September 29 and Sunday September 30 from 9-5 each day. Please feel free to bring friends with you. Directions in next week's newsletter. 
  • We will be bringing lots of different garlic varieties to the markets over next two weeks.  We will be using two tables where there is space at a market! 
  • All garlic is now 'first-come, first-served'. Many varieties are now sold out or very close to it. 
  • Pricing: $1/small, $1.50/medium, $2.00/large, $2.50/extra-large - these are larger than last year's garlic heads. Note: most of the very large $2.50 size heads have been sold already, but some are still left.
  • Prices as marked on the braids. (I try to have 1 or 2 available at each market.)
  • Honey is still unavailable. If we get a fall harvest, you'll be the first to know. If you have empty honey jars, please feel free to bring them back now for 50¢ credit per jar toward garlic. 
  • Last chance (really!) to all our Garlic Friends and Chefs/Food Producers - if you wish to purchase some bulbs of a specific variety, please feel free to send us an email message now. Tell us how many of which variety you would like, sizes, and which market you will use for pick up, your phone # for any last minute changes we might need to make. We'll let you know by return email/phone if we still have what you are looking for, cost, etc. 
  • Please check out our farm's website, and Facebook page. We enjoy posting short updates on Facebook about what is happening on our farm. 

Phoebe (finally) staying out of the way plus guarding the braiding garlic during the evening in July that the Ypsilanti Garden Club toured our farm. 

Market Schedule This Week
(all markets rain or shine but cancellations due to storms/safety concerns will be posted, if possible, on our farm's Facebook page)
• Tues September 18 - Ypsilanti Downtown on Ferris St. behind Key Bank - 2-6 pm
• Wed September 19 - Ann Arbor Evening Market at Kerrytown - 4:30-8:30
• Thurs September 20 - Ann Arbor Westside at Zingerman's Roadhouse - 3-7 pm
• NOTE - We will NOT be attending the Dixboro Market on Fri September 21 - We'll be back on Friday Sept 28. 

Garlic CSA Members Pick-up will also be on these same dates (for those members who were not able to come to the farm this past weekend). They will be receiving 3 different varieties each of the upcoming weeks through September plus a large garlic braid on the last week of September to use through the winter months. If CSA members need to change their market location for pick-up, please send us an email at (asap - thanks). Please note: Dixboro pick up members, we will NOT be at Dixboro on Friday Sept 21. If you wish to pick up another market this week, please send us an email. 

CSA sign-up for 2013. I have been surprised to have many people inquiring about next year's CSA already. !! We will be asking our current CSA members for feedback (how can we improve?) then we will get our act together sometime early in 2013. If you are receiving this newsletter, you will get a notice of openings, cost, what it includes, etc, etc when we figure everything out. 

What We Are Bringing to Market:
Garlic Varieties (short descriptions of each variety can be found at our farm website,

For the next two weeks, we will be bringing at least 10 varieties to each market. Where there is space at a market, we will bring two tables to set up our garlic.

Here is what we have in full baskets:
Kettle River Giant
Inchelium Red (some jumbo sizes still remaining - these are $3.00 each)
Killarney Red
German Extra Hardy
S&H Silver

Everything else is limited or sold out. What is still in the barn will be on the tables and when gone, it is gone! 

Also available - the "Etc!" in our Garlic, Garlic, Garlic, Etc! banner
• Garlic Braids - various sizes - prices $15 to $30 each. 
• Sampler Bag - the surpise HIT at our table each and every market day! People tell me they are now buying these as gifts for friends! A bag containing 10 small-medium garlic varieties, our pick of varieties for the next two weeks, all individually labeled for your tasting enjoyment at home - for just $10.00. The selection of garlic varieties will be a nice representation of all remaining garlic.  
• Bag O'Cloves - a sampler of 40 perfect cloves taken from imperfect heads - perfect for our 40-Clove Chicken and 40-Clove Broth recipes available at the table - these also sell out quickly but cannot be made up at the table, sorry. We will have a few of these on the table next week! 

Recipes of the week:  
(1) Easy and Delicious Gazpacho (from Nan, garlic lover and 
a frequent shopper at the Ann Arbor Wednesday Evening Market)

So Easy! A new way to make Gazpacho that can be made quickly, even when very tired like we usually are after our afternoon/evening markets. Mince some garlic, mash with some salt (you decide how much of each - no real recipe here) in a large glass bowl. Cut up some ripe and flavorful tomatoes in ~1/2 inch size (again, you decide how much to cut up), including the skins and seeds. Pour some balsamic vinegar over the tomatoes, stir to mix with garlic and salt. Glug, glug - you decide how much vinegar to use. Let the vinegar draw juices out of the tomatoes while you add other cut up vegetables or get the rest of supper ready. That's it - seriously - in its purest form! I have already made this three times in the past week, once 'pure' and the other times adding something different like a finely chopped cucumber, or some fresh basil, parsley, sweet and/or spicy peppers, some black pepper. This is SO good, I expect to make it frequently as long as we have fresh tomatoes. I have even eaten left-overs for breakfast. Thanks for sharing, Nan. I love this! 

(2) Roasted Garlic
So Easy!  A new tip I had not heard before from a customer is the following method: Slice a thin layer off the top of a full head of garlic. Varieties like Applegate, Kettle River Giant, and Inchelium Red (all of the artichoke substyles) are perfect roasters because they are soft neck garlics (no thick, rigid stem or 'hard-neck' to cut through) and have two layers of evenly-sized cloves. Turn the garlic head upside down onto a vegetable steamer and steam over boiling water (covered) for 20 minutes (this is the new tip for me). Then turn the garlic head over, right side up, so the top (open side) of the garlic is facing upward and place on a large piece of foil. Add a couple of teaspoons of olive oil, any seasonings you wish to use, a sprinkle or two of water to keep the garlic from drying out, wrap the garlic head (include the top layer) in foil so there is no leakage, and then bake at 350 degrees for ~20-30 minutes. The longer time may be needed if roasting a very large head of garlic like our jumbo Enchelium Red in order to fully bake the center of the garlic, but steaming first should help cook it all the way through. You want the garlic cloves to be as soft as room temperature butter. Squeeze them out of their wrappers with a small knife (or your fingers when cooled a bit) and spread on a baguette or on steamed fresh sweet corn (yum, yum, yum - we call this combination 'Upper Midwest Decadence!'), add the roasted garlic to home-made hummus or a salad dressing, top a baked potato, I could go on and on! 

Comments from some our customers this past week (there is no way I can get them all written down or choose a favorite - they are all enjoyable to hear!):

"Life is not complete without garlic from you!" - a Ypsi Market shopper (awww, we like hearing that, thanks!)

"Hi, I'm your garlic freak." - HomeGrown Festival garlic taster and buyer now showing up to 'buy big' at the Dixboro Market, complete with a print out of all garlic varieties from our farm's website (gotta love him!) 

"Whoa! You've got some garlic going on!" - Ypsi Market shopper (yep!)

"Your garlic is amazing. Garlic with eggs is just the best!" - Ypsi Market shoppers (Does that mean you eat garlic for breakfast? We do sometimes, too!)

"Your garlic is stellar!" - Ypsi Market shopper (a word we heard for the first time last week - thanks!)

"I'm looking forward to having great garlic in the house again!" - Ypsi Market shopper (many thanks!)

"A day without garlic is a day wasted!" - Ypsi Market shopper (Wow - I could not have said it better myself!)

"My great pesto recipe is going to be even better this year using your garlic!" - Judith, Ann Arbor Wednesday Evening (Thanks - yum, yum!)

"Your garlic is pristine!" - A2 Wed Evening shopper (our fingers buff up each head before sending it on to a new home)

"Your Chimichurri recipe with a hefty garlic like Romanian Red is a knock-out! - A2 Wed Evening shopper (The first taste of chimichurri at a dive of a bar in southern Arizona changed our lives! Glad our garlic made yours a winner, too.)

"Garlic is my favorite food group!" A2 Wed Evening shopper (Hey, yes, garlic is its own food group - and so is kale - and so is chocolate!")

"I love the size of the garlic heads in the Sampler Bag, which are just perfect when cooking for one." - A2 Wed Evening shopper 

"The garlic varieties with a hint of sweetness are awesome!" - A2 Wed Evening shopper (yes, we agree and so do lots of chefs and 'normal folks'!)

"I won at cards last night, and what better way to spend my winnings than on garlic?!" - A2 Westside shopper (a first for us!)

"Please make twice as much of your garlic scape vinegar next year - I am using it on everything!" - A2 Westside shopper (OK!)

"I planted your garlic last year with 100% success!" A2 Westside shopper (so glad to hear that!)

"I'm a huge garlic person - I love that you are here!" - A2 Westside shopper (thanks, and thanks for shopping with us!)

"They are good, actually!" - Ben (age, middle school) who was tasting our garlic, even the spicy Killarney Red, at the Ann Arbor Westside Market last week (Thanks, Ben!)

"The only spice you need is garlic!" - Dixboro Market shopper (you're in good company with us!)

I'm sorry this is so long. Yet, I am sure these quotes are only half of what I heard and appreciated last week but did not get written down. Who's next? May I quote you on that? Thanks for making us smile and chuckle! :)

Thanks again for your support of our small, local, family-owned and run farm. We love growing and selling our garlic to each of you! 

Dick's 'Pretty Good!' Garlic makes great food and conversation, too. :)

Diana & Dick Dyer - Your Local Garlic Growers
The Dyer Family Organic Farm, Ann Arbor, Michigan
"Shaping our future from the ground up"
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