You've seen every garlic variety we are selling this year, so 10 at a time, we're bringing back those not sold out, all planted, grown, and cleaned by hand and with love by Dick's "Pretty Good!" Garlic at The Dyer Family Organic Farm.  

"HomeGrown, HomeBrewed!" 

Come one, come all, bring your friends, and bring your family to the best annual food event in Ann Arbor. :) 

Back by popular request, we will again do a free garlic tasting at Ann Arbor's HomeGrown Festival at Kerrytown on Saturday September 8th. Time for the festival is 6-10 pm, rain or shine. We will be doing a tasting of 4 of our most popular garlic varieties: Applegate, County Farms Legacy, Stull, and Killarney Red. Bags of each of these varieties will also be for sale, which are great for eating (of course!) and also planting. We also hope to have Sampler bags made up, one of each variety being tasted, similar to those we have been selling on the market table this year. 

We still need just a few volunteers at our table Saturday night or Saturday during the day to help us get ready at our farm. If interested, please let us know by replying to and put "HG Volunteer" in the subject line. 

We hope to see many of you there. Many of our happiest customers are those who first found us at last year's HomeGrown Festival. :)

BTW, Dick entered his home-made beer (made with all-Michigan ingredients) into the HomeBrewed contest last year and won first place. :) He is entering again this year with a Breakfast Stout. The room that is our home-brewery (and honey extraction room and food canning room) was the first room made functional in our house at the farm, more than a full year before we actually had the entire house ready for us to move into! We have harvested three varieties of our hops already this year, with more varieties to come. They are drying upstairs in the loft of the barn with our garlic, soon ready to be moved to the freezer until needed for brewing future beer. 

Please note the following info:
  • We bring 9-11 garlic varieties each week.
  • Varieties that are in limited supply will be in small baskets on the table. All garlic is now 'first-come, first-served'. 
  • Pricing: $1/small, $1.50/medium, $2.00/large, $2.50/extra-large - these are larger than last year's garlic heads. Note: most of the very large $2.50 size heads have been sold already, but some are still left.
  • Prices as marked on the braids. (Sorry - I am slow to get the braids made and ready for the public since our CSA members will get theirs first, but I usually have 1 or 2 smaller ones, in the $15-20 price range, at each market.)
  • Honey is currently completely sold out. If we get a fall harvest, you'll be the first to know. 
  • Special Note to all our Garlic Friends - if you wish to purchase some bulbs of a specific variety, please feel free to send us an email message. Tell us how many of which variety you would like, sizes, and which market you will use for pick up, your phone # for any last minute changes we might need to make, etc. We'll let you know by return email/phone if we still have what you are looking for, cost, etc. 
  • Special Note to Chefs/Food Producers - we enjoy having you to come to the farm to have a 'garlic tasting'. Weekends work best for us since we are usually ultra-busy on Monday and all mornings during the week to get ready for our afternoon markets. Please call Dick to arrange a time to come out to the farm at 734-649-1654. If you know which varieties you want, send us an email with your request and the best way to contact you (phone, email). We'll let you know if we have enough of the variety you desire, sizes, price, etc, and arrange a pick-up or delivery (within the A2 or Ypsi area only). 
  • Please check out our farm's website, and Facebook page. We enjoy posting short updates on Facebook about what is happening on our farm. Recent photos on Facebook include several of "The Fam" of The Dyer Family Organic Farm. Phoebe stuck around for the first 2. :)

Dick and Diana holding some of the jumbo heads of Inchelium Red, one of Slow Food's Ark of Taste heirloom variety of garlic. What we are holding are the largest heads we have ever grown of this variety (and almost none of this variety has been 'funky'). One of our customers told us this garlic makes a salad dressing that is 'drinkable'. I believe that, but really, this is the garlic to choose to make whole roasted garlic heads as a beautiful, easy, delicious appetizer for a crowd.   

Market Schedule This Week (all markets rain or shine)

Tues September 4 - Ypsilanti Downtown on Ferris St. behind Key Bank - 2-6 pm
Wed September 5 - Ann Arbor Evening Market at Kerrytown - 4:30-8:30
Thurs September 6 - Ann Arbor Westside at Zingerman's Roadhouse - 3-7 pm
Fri September 7 - Dixboro on The Village Green - 3:30-7:30 - come have a Friday evening picnic on the tables set up in the shade on the Village Green - bring your own food and non-alcoholic beverages or purchase food/drinks from Hickman's Chuckwagon Hotel (pulled pork, etc) or Darcy's Carts (delicious vegetarian options, using as many locally-grown foods as possible). 

Garlic CSA Members Pick-up will also be on these same dates. They will be receiving 3 different varieties each of the upcoming weeks through September plus a garlic braid on the last week of September to use through the winter months. If CSA members need to change their market location for pick-up, please send us an email at (asap - thanks). 

What We Are Bringing to Market:
Garlic Varieties (short descriptions of each variety can be found at our farm website,

Purple Italian
China Stripe
Silver Rose
Chesnok Red
German Extra Hardy
Kettle River Giant
Romanian Red
Spanish Roja (I'll bet many of you are waiting for this!)

Also available - the "Etc!" in our Garlic, Garlic, Garlic, Etc! banner
• Garlic Braids - various sizes (IF I get these made up)
• Sampler Bag - a bag containing 10 small-medium garlic varieties, one of each variety on the table that week, all individually labeled for your tasting enjoyment at home - for $10.00 (small price increase because some bags will contain medium size heads now). Even though I am now making up 25 of these each week, they sell very quickly at each market. If sold out, we will be happy to make up another Sampler Bag for you at the table but may need to increase the cost a bit to cover the size of the garlic heads used if no small-medium heads are available. 
• Bag O'Cloves - a sampler of 40 perfect cloves taken from imperfect heads - perfect for our 40-Clove Chicken and 40-Clove Broth recipes available at the table
• Garlic Gift Boxes - a sampler box of 4 beautiful large garlic bulbs, all labeled, perfect as a gift to a someone who loves garlic or just loves cooking

Recipe of the week:  Greek Yogurt-Garlic Dip (from Kris, one of our CSA members):
This recipe is flexible. Don't worry too much about amounts of ingredients, but instead base it on what you have available and/or to taste.
2 cups Greek yogurt
1 cup chopped Thai basil
2-5 cloves garlic (your choice of variety and amount!)
1-2 Tbsp. chopped fennel leaves

Simple and delicious and versatile. Kris used this first as a dip for Zucchini Fritters but admitted to also using as a dip with pretzels and carrot sticks. 

Vendors/Chefs who use our garlic include:
Granny's Garlic Salt Rita Hermann and Merrill Crocket of Old Friends Farm make their Granny's Garlic Salt using our garlic. This year they are using our top of the line variety for 'garlickiness', the ultra-popular Killarney Red garlic. You may purchase their garlic salt and other fun items like Fairy Houses made by many local artists at their 22nd Annual Fall Craft Show at their farm at 11131 Scio Church Rd., 2 miles west of Parker, between Ann Arbor and Chelsea. Date is Sat Sept 15 from 10-5. 

Magic Bean Café in Saginaw - owner Steven Magstadt stopped by our table at the Ann Arbor Wednesday Evening Market last week and just 'loaded up' with 4 different varieties of our garlic, buying out what we had that night of Tzan and Slovenian. His comments? "I can't get enough great garlic. I'm SO happy to find you!".  His cafe sounds like someplace we want to visit. Once we are done selling and planting our garlic, we may just plan a 'field trip' up to Saginaw to eat at The Magic Bean Café! 

Comments from our customers (I'm sorry if you do not see your quote! I try to write down all your great comments, but I know that did not happen this week, as we were just too busy, with both of us helping customers at the table at the same time most of the time.):

"You are the only people I buy garlic from, because I love your garlic!" - Moire, age 11 (almost 12) - Ypsi and A2 Westside Markets

"Holy Cow!" - said two Dixboro market shoppers in unison as they suddenly understood what they were looking at on our market table

"I put garlic in everything except ice cream and birthday cake!" - Ann Arbor Westide Market shopper 

"What's wrong with putting garlic in ice cream?" - a Dixboro Market shopper after I shared the above comment with him :)

"When I squeeze your garlic in my garlic press, there is almost nothing left because it is so moist!" - a regular Dixboro shopper

""If you need new friends, there are lots of people who love garlic!" - A2 Westside shopper

"My guests (uninitiated to your garlic) just loved the bruschetta I made using three different types of your garlic. They were talking about the taste differences of the different garlic varieties and oiliness of this fresh garlic for at least 30 minutes!" - A2 Westside shopper

"I HAVE to stop for garlic! - Steve from Midland (in town for his favorite sandwich at Zingerman's) after seeing the multiple baskets of garlic at our table during the A2 Wednesday Evening Market

"I planted your garlic last year, and it all grew great!" - A2 Wednesday Evening shopper

"We're food fans, and garlic goes with that!" - A2 Wednesday Evening shopper

"We don't even consider it food unless it has garlic in it!" - Ypsi Downtown Market shopper

"I'm coming back next week for more - this is for me!" - Ypsil Downtown Market shopper

"People are starving for this (the markets and the community they bring together)." - Ypsi Downtown Market shopper

"Your honey is amazing!" - Ypsi Downtown Market shopper (we think so too - thank our honeybees - DD)

Our customers continue to say new, clever, and sincere comments about our garlic. We are grateful that you all appreciate what we grow to feed our community. Who's next? May I quote you on that? :)

Thanks again for your support of our small, local, family-owned and run farm. We love growing and selling our garlic to each of you! 

Dick's 'Pretty Good!' Garlic makes great food and conversation, too. :)

Diana & Dick Dyer - Your Local Garlic Growers
The Dyer Family Organic Farm, Ann Arbor, Michigan
"Shaping our future from the ground up"
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