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Hallowed or Hollow?
Louie Giglio (Passion City Church, Atlanta) recently taught through the Lord’s Prayer (Matthew 6) in a series called “Shift”.  The Lord’s Prayer starts out with these words: Our Father in heaven, Hallowed be Your name.  Louie made the observation that there are two attitudes in which you can approach God in prayer; either hallowed or hollow.   As he continued with his talk, I lingered on that statement because it forced me to think about my prayer life.  Here are some of my thoughts…
As I considered his words I had to ask myself, what attitude do I approach God with; hallowed or hollow?  Do I come to Him in reverential fear and trembling as the creator of the universe, the one who gives me each breath, the one who controls each of my heart beats, or as the one I bring my wish list too?  Honestly, even though I believe in God’s supremacy, His sovereignty, and His absolute lordship of my life, I often approach Him with a hollow attitude as the big genie in the sky.  I go through my thank-you list, my wish list, and even my “help-me-to-do-better” list; but those things should never be my focus.  Why is that?  Because those are all self-centered prayers and that is a hollow attitude not a hallowed one.
If I was going to God with a hallowed attitude, my thoughts would be aligned with His thoughts, my concerns would be His concerns, and my wish list would be His wish list.  And while God does want me to be thankful, to take my petitions to Him, and to want to do better, He ultimately wants me to understand and accept the unconditional love that He has for me. 
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Oh friend, regardless of your history with God, I encourage you to take time to think about this: what if there really is a God that just wants you to accept His love for you? And, what if the only thing standing between you and that love is your hollow attitude towards the hallowed source of that love? 
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