March 2016

Supporting the care and conservation of elephants in Asian range countries.
A billboard advertising the Sonepur Mela
A Gathering of Elephants
The Sonepur Mela, Bihar, India

The Sonepur Mela, also known as the Harihar Kshetra Mela, is held every year during November-December and is Asia’s largest cattle fair.  The major attraction is the trading of livestock such as horses, bulls, buffaloes, camels, dogs, and birds.  Elephants are also a special attraction of the Mela.  

Wildlife Trust of India (WTI) has been conducting health camps for captive elephants in the town of Sonepur since 2001 and AES was able to help support the 2015 health care camp.  Attendance has been spiraling downward from 92 elephants in 2001 to only 14 in 2015, a decline of 84% in 14 years. This is mainly due to increasing regulations regarding the movement, sale, and trading of captive elephants.  

During the Mela, WTI will de-worm all the elephants, treat any minor wounds, and give the mahouts instructions on foot care.  Data is also collected each year to record the status of elephants participating in the Mela.  Responses from owners and mahouts showed that the average length of time a mahout cares for the same elephant is 4.18 years, which is not considered sufficient for good bonding between mahout and elephant.  However, all elephants were reported to be obedient and none of elephants had any history of killing or injuring a mahout.  Of the data collected, one was a temple elephant, four worked in the tourist industry, and six were unemployed.  All elephants had some sort of shelter at their area of residence, both day and night.  All except one was off tether for at least some portion of each day and the mahouts claimed all the elephants are walked during the day.  Only one elephant was kept in a group of more than one elephant, 11 have some opportunity to interact with other elephants, and three could not interact with other elephants.

While the results of the information gathered at the Mela leave us with at least as many questions as answers provided, it is important to track such statistics as we consider the current status and future of India’s magnificent Asian elephants.  If you would like to read more the report from the 2015 Sonepur Mela, please visit here.

Our thanks to YOU, our donors, for supporting these efforts.
Do You Wonder if Your Donation Actually Makes a Difference for Elephants?

The answer to that question is very simple: YES!

In 2015, AES was able to donate $4000 to the Biodiversity and Elephant Conservation Trust’s Schools Awareness Program. This program helps educate children in 150 schools per year on the urgent need to conserve Sri Lanka’s wild elephant population. The following is a portion of a report from Jayantha Jayewardene, Managing Trustee of BECT.

Report on Schools Awareness Program 2015

The program has been designed with a view to giving students a better idea of the habits, ecology, social behavior, and basic biology of elephants, as well as presenting ways to minimize human-elephant conflicts and damage.

Progress of Program

In 2015 we carried out Schools Awareness Programs in 40 schools on behalf of the Asian Elephant Support. These schools were from six (6) districts around the island. On an average there were 143 children and 7 teachers present at each of these programs. The principals of these schools have recorded their appreciation of our programs in a Record Book, which we maintain. A map showing the districts where the programs were carried out is at the end of this report.
The cost of carrying out this program per school is $100. This includes fees for lecturers, transport, accommodation, food and books for the school library. The program was carried out in 40 schools on behalf of Asian Elephant Support, whose grant was $4,000.

With the knowledge that is imparted to the children, they will have a better understanding and appreciation of the problem of human-elephant conflicts and know in greater detail about the natural and socio-cultural history of the elephants. This will reduce the negative attitude towards the elephant by the local communities, especially among the younger generations so that they can then be persuaded to take a more positive role in the conservation of elephants in the future.

C:\Documents and Settings\acer\My Documents\L.A ZOO School's Awareness programe 2011(District Map).psd.jpg

 Pizza for Pachyderms!

A tasteful and tummy-satisfying way to help support the care and conservation of Asian elephants!

Just print out the flyer for your location from our website and present it to your server during one of the event dates. CPK will donate 20% of your bill to AES! It’s that easy!

See the list of participating locations below and check our website periodically for updates. The number of locations continues to grow!

Don’t have time to dine in? This donation offer is good for dine-in, curbside, take-out, delivery orders (that are placed directly with CPK), and catering. It even includes all beverages!
Don’t see your city? It’s not too late to take action to help elephants by being a local representative! We do all the paperwork so all you have to do is encourage your friends and family to print out a flyer and enjoy good food!

Email us at for more information.

A steady-on pace is the best way to accomplish anything worthwhile, and that is our goal with AES. Maintaining a steady-on pace, however, requires supporters like you. Without your help, AES would not be able to keep its steady-on pace and help Asian elephants in their range countries.

Our annual California Pizza Kitchen fundraising week (hint, hint: April 17-23, 2016) is the most delicious way to enjoy helping Asian elephants. And the oh-so-cute Knitties and Felties  which were donated to AES for "adopting" were a lot of fun too. Of course, our ever-so-alluring logo T-shirts and bumper stickers provide some steady funding as well. All of these have a give-to-get foundation.

How would you feel about an "it's better to give than receive" option? Just giving for the simple reason that it makes you feel good. Consider becoming a steady-on supporter of AES by becoming a monthly donor. Any amount you wish, and you can increase, decrease, or cancel any time. It's safe, easy to set up, and it’s through an organization you already know and trust: PayPal

Why not look into it? We'd love it if you did, and you would be steady-on for the elephants!

Save Vanishing Species Stamp
In September of 2011 a new first-class stamp was introduced by the U. S. Postal Service and the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service.  The Save Vanishing Species stamp has raised over $2,000,000 toward saving endangered species in the wild since its inception.  As you know, we here at Asian Elephant Support are primarily focused on the conservation of the Asian elephant in its range countries.  However, we also fully support the conservation of ALL plants and animals on our dear planet Earth.  The proceeds from this stamp also go toward African elephant, Great Ape, Tigers, Rhinos, and Marine Turtle conservation.  This stamp offers a simple and direct way to donate your money to effective conservation of these endangered species.

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Did you know that elephants have a sphincter-like muscle in their ears that closes completely when they swim to keep water out?  It is a feature left over from an ancient aquatic ancestor.

AES Mission

  • Provide financial support for the care and conservation of elephants in Asian range countries that meet our criteria for care of captive elephants and for conservation of the species.
  • Increase awareness of the needs and future of the Asian elephant.
  • Increase awareness of the humane treatment of elephants living in captivity.
  • Provide educational opportunities to those persons who care for captive Asian elephants in range countries.
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Supporting Asian elephants never tasted so good!
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