July 2015

Supporting the care and conservation of elephants in Asian range countries.
Riding Elephants
As ecotourism grows in popularity, it is vitally important that the traveler makes the time and effort to support sustainable and responsible organizations and activities.  Elephant rides have become a controversial subject as tourism becomes ever more popular in places like Thailand, India, and Myanmar.

We believe this article presents this subject from the point of good science and good husbandry, and offers thoughts for consideration when traveling Asia and considering including an elephant ride as part of one's experience.
Topeka Zoo's Conservation Series:
Let's Talk Asian Elephants!

President Linda Reifschneider was invited to participate in the Topeka Zoo’s Conservation Conversation series on May 14th, discussing the care and conservation of Asian elephants in range countries. Linda always enjoys visiting the Topeka Zoo family.  And Wrylie Guffey, who extended the invitation, is an important Asian Elephant Support volunteer with her help on our website.
Heavy Spring storms may have kept some attendees home, but the audience was well-informed, truly interested in the subject, and an excellent discussion period after Linda’s presentation made the evening as rewarding for the speaker as Linda hoped it was for the audience.  The audience included Gary Clark, CEO emeritus, who has an amazing love for Africa and collection of artifacts from over 120 safaris and has published a good number of books.  While Linda knows Gary attended because of the subject and not the speaker, she was nevertheless quite honored to meet him.  And Topeka artist, Charles Moore, presented Linda with one of his canvases where he combined the ‘hands’ of the AES logo with his elephant drawing, producing both an amazing and very sincerely appreciated remembrance of our mutual concern for Asian elephant conservation.

Thank you, Topeka Zoo, for a wonderful visit and all you do for wildlife and wild places!
Giving Corner
Adopt a Knitty!

It is unlikely anyone reading this newsletter doesn't love animals. And, it's fair to say, it's unlikely anyone reading this newsletter doesn't already have a pet - but there are exceptions.  An allergy, for example, might get in the way.  Or perhaps age or living arrangement limit the opportunity to keep a personal animal friend. Yet, their love of animals and desire to help animals does not diminish.

Many of us have never touched an elephant, yet we are drawn to them. Fascinated, captivated by everything they are and do. Their size makes them unsuitable for household pets - - but, wouldn't it be cool?  What would you name your pet elephant?  How would you enjoy your monstrous-size buddy? Probably you couldn't take your pet elephant for a ride in the car! But imagine if you could! 
Now, imagine that you can!

A litter of 8 Knitties has been donated to AES and are ready for adoption to loving homes! They come complete with a birth certificate and personal carrier! They have been lovingly fostered in a smoke-free home and are guaranteed to arrive flea-free and with no bad habits. They have no claws, teeth, or tusks to damage furniture. Easy to maintain with no litter boxes and zero feed bills. Bathing a Knitty would be easy, too:  Just toss in the washing machine - on "gentle/delicate" cycle, please!  And there is no need to worry about expensive veterinarian visits as these Knitties have had all their medical needs met! 

Adoption fee is $25.00 per Knitty and includes birth certificate, carrier, and transportation (shipping) to your home.

For more information, visit and choose a Knitty for yourself or a dear friend.
How is it that one can proofread and proofread and have others read over an article and the glaring omissions fly out and smack you exactly when the ‘send’ button is hit?

In our June 2015 Newsletter, we thanked our 2014 donors.  Well, actually, we thanked most of them…and that is not good.  As this was my project, I am the one due the lashing but would first like to sincerely apologize for my error.

THE THORPE FOUNDATION has been a $1,000+ supporter of ours for several consecutive years.  They represent the support that allows us to budget ahead of requests for our assistance…and their generosity is driven by a remarkable involvement of their children, teaching them to be the future stewards of the flora and fauna that make our Earth so very special.  

Connie Harris, Jim & Carol Layton, Christi Sefton, and Gwen Tunstall also vanished from the final list. These are personal friends and supporters and I am looking for a crack in the pavement into which I can disappear.  

My sincere apology to each of you.  You are friends, and your caring is so important to our efforts on behalf of Asian elephants!                                                       
~  Linda Reifschneider
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AES Mission

  • Provide financial support for the care and conservation of elephants in Asian range countries that meet our criteria for care of captive elephants and for conservation of the species.
  • Increase awareness of the needs and future of the Asian elephant.
  • Increase awareness of the humane treatment of elephants living in captivity.
  • Provide educational opportunities to those persons who care for captive Asian elephants in range countries.


Test your elephant knowledge!

Answers will be provided the following month.

June's Question/Answer:
Do elephants sweat?
Answer:  Yes, Asian elephants sweat around their toenails.

July's Question:
Which Asian elephants have ivory tusks?

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