April 2015

Supporting the care and conservation of elephants in Asian range countries.
Mark Your Calendars!

The 5th annual CALIFORNIA PIZZA KITCHEN fundraiser starts April 19th!!

YOU can make a difference for Asian elephants! Just print out the flyer for your location from our website and present it to your server during one of the event dates. CPK will donate 20% of your bill to AES! It’s that easy!

Don’t have time to dine in? This donation offer is good for dine-in, curbside, take-out, delivery orders (that are placed directly with CPK), and catering. It even includes all beverages!

Thank you for your support and we will see you there!
Noy An's Story

You may remember the picture of Noy An with veterinarian Emma Chave from our California Pizza Kitchen fundraiser.  Her mother, Mae Kham di, worked in logging.  There are no real settled logging camps in Laos.  Private timber companies hire a few mahout/elephant pairs for a while and then the mahouts move their elephants to other worksites.  More than 50% of the Lao domesticated elephants still work in logging, but as the forest is shrinking, they have less work than before.  Therefore a proper, responsible transition towards tourism is really needed.
Noy An in the forest
ElefantAsia is a French NGO working since 2001 to protect the Lao elephants.  Their projects help the Lao domestic population all over Laos and they run the only elephant hospital in the country, based at the Elephant Conservation Center (ECC) in Sayaboury, Laos.

Owners of working elephants in Asian countries usually try to make sure their elephants do not become pregnant.  An elephant’s time out of service during the latter stage of pregnancy and during the first year or two of the calf’s life can inflict very real economic hardship on the owner and his family. Or worse, the elephant may have to work her entire pregnancy and return to work with a calf that does not get the proper rest and time to nurse that it needs to thrive.

Noy An is a beneficiary of the “Baby Bonus Program’, an initiative of ElefantAsia.  For Noy An, private donors helped ElefantAsia sponsor the bonus to Mae Kham di’s owners in cash and now the ECC is paying a salary for the mahout as Kham di is ‘hired’ as part of the well thought out eco-tourism camp at the ECC.  The contract for Noy An’s bonus is two years and is allowing Noy An the opportunity of learning about being an elephant at her mother’s side and as a healthy youngster, she is active and inquisitive and a true joy to behold.
Noy An Nursing
In Laos, females are bred to both domestic and wild bulls, with a resulting healthier genetic diversity of the population. And, as we all know, if there are no baby elephants, the day will come when there will be no elephants.  That is not an acceptable possibility if we can help it.

Asian Elephant Support is pleased to have supported the Elephant Conservation Center with modest funding the last three years.   
 “For in the end, we will conserve only what we love.
We will love only what we understand.

We will understand only what we are taught.” 
-Baba Dioum
How You Can Help Elephants through eBay
As the old saying goes, “In the overall scheme of life it’s the little things  that make the biggest difference.” And with elephants, few things are little!

Through your support, when AES is asked for emergency funds by a veterinarian treating a wild elephant seriously injured in a poacher’s snare, or for funds to care for an orphaned calf, we are able to respond quickly. You help us help the elephants.

Recently, AES has received an increase in donations through eBay’s Giving Works Program, and we wanted to send out a public Thank You!” to each of you helping elephants via this opportunity.

In case you are not familiar with Giving Works, it’s simple and easy to make a donation to your favorite charity (AES!)  Just set up each auction to donate a percentage of the sale price. eBay keeps track of your donations and sends you a comprehensive statement for tax purposes.

Even pennies from these auctions adds up to dollars, and those dollars purchase antibiotics, saline solution, tranquilizers, pain-relievers, syringes, needles, rubber gloves, bandages, ointments, scalpels, milk formulas, hay, straw, hoof knives.  The list is almost (!) endless. 

So again, thank you for your support, now and in the future. Every little bit does help, it does make a difference, and you are a part of it.  The elephants need us, and we need the elephants.
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