October 2018

Supporting the care and conservation of elephants in Asian range countries.
Let's Treat, not Trick, Elephants this Halloween

Just a couple weeks left before the ghouls and ghosts come out to Trick or Treat!  You can do your part to preserve Asian elephants, orangutans, clouded leopards and many more by purchasing candy that uses sustainable palm oil.  Our little monsters can have a fun-filled Halloween without making too big an impact on wildlife. Check out Cheyenne Mountain Zoo’s Halloween Candy Guide, or download their app, to ensure that the candy you buy won't contribute to habitat destruction.

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Update from The Elephant Garden
The Suan Xang Project
Vivre Avec Les Elephants: Elephants in Laos

The Suan Xang Project started in March of 2017 with the purchase of 6 hectares of land within the Hongsa District, in the province of Sayaboury. The project’s goal is to establish a place that provides for the long-term welfare of elephants within the community in an effort to perpetuate and ensure not only lasting bonds, but the support of elephants in local villages during the tourist off season.  Suan Xang intends to keep the 65 elephants that call the district home within the community by filling the dietary needs for any elephant that wants or needs to eat with completely free access.  The elephants entering will also provide for the garden with their natural gardening abilities by opening canopies, dispersing seeds, fertilizing, and turning soil.
Since our initial funding in late 2016 to purchase the land, the project has progressed steadily through the first two phases. This included recruiting local staff, preparation of the land, structural work, collection of plants, and the first grand opening of the garden to the local elephants and their mahouts. During the construction of the traditional house that will be used for hosting the “gardeners” and their guests, the use of recycled logs from old Tai-Lue houses were purchased and transported to the site via truck and local elephants. While the land was being prepared and explored an old elephant trap (called a Khoumxang) was discovered that will be used in the future to educate visitors about the cultural and historical impact of the elephant keeping culture in Laos. Local knowledge of plants has been a driving force for the garden, both medicinally and digestibility for the elephants. This information was collected along with natural vitamin balls that have been passed down from mahouts for their charges.
The passing of traditional knowledge from mahout to mahout will be made simpler during the third phase of the project. During this time workshops and conferences will take place at Suan Xang to allow all mahouts as well as scientists to come together, study, and share elephant-related knowledge.  The third phase of the project also includes construction and design of an elephant museum, completion of an elephant-centered herbarium, publication of a book dedicated to the feeding of elephants, and the grand opening to the public. With continued support from sponsors like you we can continue to assist these innovative projects that help the local communities, elephants, and the natural habitats in Laos.
For more information check out our article from September 2017.

Conservation Conversation
Topeka, Kansas
September 2019

Topeka Zoo's September Conservation Conversation featured Asian Elephant Support as presented by President Linda Reifschneider.
Asian Elephant Support is fortunate to have Topeka Zoo as a partner that is mutually concerned about Asian elephants regarding their care today and the future of the species tomorrow.  September 13th was the second time Linda has spoken at a Topeka Zoo Conservation Conversation evening.  She has visited the zoo several times in the past few years and considers keepers and staff good friends and, of course, always spends some time with the elephants. 
Linda presenting
The 12th, while preparing to drive to Topeka, Linda learned that Topeka Zoo had to say goodbye to Sunda that morning.  Sunda was 58, and had been experiencing age-related health issues.  That Monday when she woke, she wasn’t able to get up by herself and the fire department brought in a crane that was able to help her back on her feet.  Linda understood her health was failing but you always want to think, “I want to see her one more time” and never, “It will be too late…”.   

All of us at AES offer our sincere condolences to the keepers, staff, volunteers/docents, and Topeka’s public.  Sunda came to Topeka when she was 6-years-old and lived her entire life there. 
Ten years after her arrival, African elephant Tembo arrived and those two lived together for 42 years.  Being able to view an Asian and African elephant together is such a wonderful educational opportunity: yes, both are elephants and so much the same, and yet so different.  Tembo, African, and Cora, Asian, will continue to offer their visitors this same educational opportunity, but there will be a void in the yard, and Tembo and Cora are having to work their way through Sunda’s passing just as her two-legged family is doing.
And so, in spite of such circumstances, Topeka Zoo and the Topeka Zoo community welcomed Linda warmly. We shared a moment focused on Sunda, and then had our conservation conversation: discussing the many challenges facing Asian elephants as they make their perilous trek to the next century, as well as the ways AES both alone and in collaboration with other nonprofits are hoping to smooth out some of the bumps, and thus enable the Big Ones to make that journey successfully.

Linda with Dennis and Wrylie

Thank you Dennis, Wrylie, docents and volunteers for making Linda’s visit a good one, even though all our hearts were very heavy.  And to Kim, Elise, Joe, Robyn – thank you for all you do for all Topeka’s elephants.  May the joy of your memories of Sunda ease the sorrow of her passing; know that your dedication to all elephants will only grow because of knowing her.

A couple of Topeka Zoo volunteers



The funding for the new mobile veterinarian vehicle was sent to Chiang Mai University in mid-September. While the vehicle will be put into service as soon as it is ready, the official dedication will be on March 13, 2019. This is Thai Elephant Day and an appropriate (and fun) time to be in Chiang Mai. All directors are invited and we will share pictures, including of the vehicle in service, in our April 2019 Newsletter.

THANK YOU to all who participated in the Tee-shirt campaign as well as otherwise helped raise the funds to make this wish a reality. You are awesome and we can only help people help elephants because you are the ones truly helping!

Fall is in the Air



Soon you’ll be raking leaves and carving pumpkins. The
days of warmth are getting shorter; and you’ve much work to do!

You could use the days to get a jump on your pre-holiday cleaning.
Clear out the clothes, toys, and whatnots sitting around cluttering up
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In case you are not familiar with eBay’s Giving Works, it’s simple and
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It may seem like you are donating pennies from your auctions, but
pennies add up to dollars, and those dollars purchase antibiotics, saline
solution, tranquilizers, pain-relievers, syringes, needles, rubber gloves,
bandages, ointments, scalpels, milk formulas, hay, straw, hoof knives…
The list is almost (!) endless.
Take a look around your home. There is space there, just waiting to be
found. Every little bit does help, it does make a difference. 

Help yourself AND help elephants!
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 “Where there is truth, there is religion.
Where there is religion, there is prosperity.
Where there is duty, there is nobility.
Where there are elephants, there is victory.

By Palakapya, Gaja-Shastra

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  • Provide financial support for the care and conservation of elephants in Asian range countries that meet our criteria for care of captive elephants and for conservation of the species.
  • Increase awareness of the needs and future of the Asian elephant.
  • Increase awareness of the humane treatment of elephants living in captivity.
  • Provide educational opportunities to those persons who care for captive Asian elephants in range countries.
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