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June 2014

Supporting the care and conservation of elephants in Asian range countries.

E-bay Auction for Elephants
Barbara Davis

No one can dispute the fact that “help” is a four-letter word, but it is most often a welcome one.  Helping others, and being helped, are part of what makes us human.  Help brings feelings of calm, joy, and unity.

Ten years ago, I received a wonderful birthday gift from my mother:  tickets to a lecture by one of the outstanding women of our time, Jane Goodall.  That evening, Miss Goodall’s message was based on her book  "A Reason For Hope".  It was both touching and inspiring.

That evening, I met another inspiring woman who was, like me, zigzagging through the autograph-line maze.  Our paths crossed for only a few minutes, but we chatted briefly about elephants and bush meat.  Immediately, I knew I’d found a new friend.  It was Linda Reifschneider, founder and president of Asian Elephant Support (AES).

Linda is a kind person and a wonderful friend.  Her passion for helping Asian elephants inspires me to do the same, and occasionally I’m able to help her with AES with such things as spreadsheets, fliers, brochures, and hosting a location during her California Pizza Kitchen fundraisers.

Recently, I took on the huge task of clearing stuff out of my basement.  Some items were listed on eBay, with auctions set up so that 10 % of the sale price was donated to AES through eBay’s “Giving Works” charity program.  With a little help from the help line, it was not too difficult.  In March, my auctions netted $23.35 for AES!  Not a lot of money, to be sure, but when you think of it in terms of supplying three foot-care knives, or purchasing five bottles of antibiotics, or providing a week of formula for an orphan elephant, it looks like much more!


With the coming of spring, I had to give up eBay while I put in my garden.  Now, I’m getting back to it, and looking forward to listing more items.  Naturally, I intend to make AES part of each auction.

My first item will be special, because 100 % of the auction price will go to AES.

The item will be three elephant-head wall sconces for holding candles, and they will go up for auction on 06/11/14.  The auction # is 111372233189  and the seller is ThisandThat135. The auction will run for 10 days.

Please take a look at them and see if they would find a nice place in your home (the beginning of your own “elephant room” perhaps) or would make suitable gifts for other elephant lovers.
And, perhaps you, too, have some items you no longer need that could be placed on eBay to help AES through the “Giving Works” program.

Every little bit does help, it does make a difference, and you can be part of it.  The elephants need us, and we need the elephants.
TRUMPETS TO . . . The Cincinnati Zoo!
We would like to send out a special thank you to Cecil Jackson and everyone at the Cincinnati Zoo!  Their generous donation of $1000 for hoof knives (kukris) for the mahouts in Assam, India is greatly appreciated!  This gift will allow our veterinary partner, Dr. Kushal Sarma, to provide more mahouts with this much needed and valuable elephant husbandry tool.
Watch for another opportunity to support Dr. Sarma’s amazing work, coming soon!
With heavy hearts . . .

Asian Elephant Support has previously collaborated with ElefantAsia on medicines for their mobile clinics and a second dart gun. In August, 2013, AES president Linda delivered to the Elephant Conservation Center in Sayaboury, Laos, a portable scale.  It was on this trip that she met Noy, a young orphaned calf the Wildlife Department brought to the ECC for care.  It was the too-familiar seesaw of periods of improvement followed by not so good times, The scale was finally showing some steady weight gains when tragedy struck and we believe it is best told by those who were with him and caring for him.

Thursday, 10 April 2014 03:21

Our beloved Noy passed away

We are extremely sad to have to report that our beloved orphan baby elephant Noy passed away on the 7th of April.

Noy arrived in ECC at the end of May.He had been spotted by villagers in a farm, close to Nam Pouy's protected area.  We told you about his story there.
Exactly one month ago, Noy had an accidental fall that left him with severely restricted mobility of his hind legs. He fell down a slope inside his enclosure, a sliding fall of approxiately 1.5 meters, which under normal circumstances would be very unlikely to cause large trauma. A veterinary team was with him within 30 seconds. Unfortunately, radiography is impossible on animals Noy’s size, so there was no way of knowing all of the underlying causes of his symptoms.
In the hope that his injuries were reversible, and to avoid and ease the many side effects that comes from being 400 kilos and immobile, Noy has had a devoted team of veterinarians, a biologist, assistants, students and friends working around the clock to try to rehabilitate him and at least keep him happy. Devastatingly, despite all the best efforts, Noy’s condition had not improved as hoped, but instead in the last few days it declined rapidly until finally yesterday he died quietly.
The post mortem investigations showed that bones in Noy’s back legs were broken in his fall and that he suffered from metabolic bone disease, which means that the skeleton is not as strong as it should be.
Metabolic bone disease is a condition that is painfully common among orphan elephant babies, who don’t get access to the important mother’s milk. From his first day in the center, Noy had been given a carefully composed diet, including mineral supplements and great efforts had been made to provide everything a growing baby elephant body needs.  Unfortunately, baby elephants cannot digest cow’s milk and there is no perfect formula that would meet their special needs. The uptake of minerals to the bones is very complex and even with all the building blocks provided, Noy’s body had not been able to create strong enough bones.
No cure exists for broken legs in elephants; he would never have been able to walk again.
We will always remember this beautiful and amazingly strong little elephant that touched so many hearts.
After a ceremony, where all the team was able to say goodbye. Noy is now in the forest where he loved to play, resting forever together with his best friends, the red and green plastic reindeer,  Jean Paul I and II.
Noy was not just another elephant calf that didn't make it (as if that weren't bad enough!).  He had a name and personality and good and talented people who worked very hard to give him a chance at life.  Noy’s sad story is one that is repeated too many times.  These calves are the future generation and too many are dying as infants as they are very fragile and difficult to raise.   Like all babies, these, too, have the best chance of survival and a healthy life if raised by their mothers.  With the support of our donors, we will continue to look for and fund projects that have the potential to negate human-elephant conflict, shrinking and fragmented habitats, and all the other obstacles that create orphaned Asian elephant calves.
We  wish to extend a very sincere thank you to each donor who has voted their support with a financial gift. We value that confidence and will always do our best for the animals we all care for so deeply.

 Please visit our website ( and follow us on Facebook (Asian Elephant Support).  If you have questions, please  contact us.   We appreciate your support. Please consider a donation to help Asian elephants and those who care for them.
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