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  Greetings from Asian Elephant Support


Would you like to help improve the lives of elephants in Asian range countries? 
Do you live near a California Pizza Kitchen restaurant?

Help us continue our work to improve the health, welfare, and humane treatment of elephants by being a local representative for our 4th annual California Pizza Kitchen fundraiser or by volunteering at a participating location.  It’s easy, doesn’t require a lot of work, and you get to eat delicious pizza for a great cause! Click here to see if there is a CPK near you!

The AES board is busy working to secure the dates and locations.  Currently, we have locations in Alabama, California, Florida, Missouri, New York, Oregon, Texas, Virginia, and Washington.  We will be updating our website as more locations become available, so please visit our website for the latest information and flyers.  To sign up to be a local representative or to receive more information, contact us at


Christmas Lights + Knitting Needles & Yarn = A Thoughtful Fundraiser for AES
With the thoughtfulness and creative talent of people like Jack Pine, AES can continue improving the health of elephants in Assam, India. On the way to the EMA Conference this year, Linda stopped by the Houston Zoo to visit with their elephant keepers, reacquaint herself with some of their elephants, and meet the youngsters who made their debut since her last visit.  It was a delightful visit to the elephant barn, and a great lunch spent talking about the elephants at the Zoo and the work AES has been supporting in Asia.
Our paths crossed often at the EMA, and after we had all returned home, Jack Pine, an elephant keeper from the Houston Zoo, emailed Linda with a very special idea for a fundraiser for AES.  Jack is a member of a knitting club that knits small animals.  These are sold at the Houston Zoo’s Holiday Lights event, and the proceeds are donated to a conservation organization.  When Jack told his friends about AES, they asked if they could make us the recipient of their talent for 2013. 
Jack was particularly interested in our support of Dr. Kushal Sarma’s elephant health care clinics.   AES has been supporting Dr. Sarma since early 2011.  His health care clinics have helped elephants throughout Assam, India by providing medical care for the elephants, supplies for the people caring for the elephants, and teaching the mahouts basic husbandry techniques. 
You can see from the picture of the ‘elephant herd’ in its early assembling, just how cute they are and how much talent and time each requires!   The AES board offered to buy any ‘stragglers’ that didn’t get a home, but every elephant was purchased making the holidays even that much more delightful.  Their hard work resulted in a generous donation of $700 that will help AES continue supporting the good work Dr. Sarma is doing for Asian elephants.

A special thank you to Jack and his knitting group for honoring us with your talent, effort, and conviction that our work merited your generous support!  We would also like to thank the Houston Zoo for their continued dedication to Asian elephant conservation.

If the above article made you think of a special talent or activity that you enjoy and that could be used to help support Asian elephant efforts, please don’t hesitate to contact us at  We would love to hear your ideas!
Paying it Forward
An Update from Laos

In November 2013, AES provided funding for an elephant caregiver from the Elephant Conservation Center (ECC) in Laos to attend the 6th mahout workshop in Sumatra.  We are pleased to report that, as promised, Kan returned to Laos and shared the knowledge he gained at the workshop with the veterinarians and mahouts at the ECC. He has been working very hard and has been given more responsibility.  He is now the elephant manager, and among other things, is in charge of scheduling for the mahouts, elephant diets, forest management, and is a link between the ECC and the Laotian government.

While Kan was at the mahout workshop, he initiated several conversations with the other mahouts about caring for calves.  We are proud of Kan's determination to return to Laos to improve the lives of the two calves living at the ECC.  As a result of the dedication of Kan and the other volunteers and staff, the orphan calf at the ECC is thriving.  His name is Noy and he now weighs 705 pounds! They have started a training program based on positive reinforcement and Noy enjoys “playing” along. 

Ultimately, the future of the elephants in Laos is in the hands of the Laotian people, and we will continue to support the individuals working diligently every day to improve the lives of the elephants in Laos.

Visit our website to learn more about Kan and the mahout workshop.
Noy enjoying a dust bath.
Forward to Friend
We  wish to extend a very sincere thank you to each donor who has voted their support with a financial gift. We value that confidence and will always do our best for the animals we all care for so deeply.

 Please visit our website ( and follow us on Facebook (Asian Elephant Support).  If you have questions, please  contact us.   We appreciate your support. Please consider a donation to help Asian elephants and those who care for them.

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