Our work as God's servants gets validatedor notin the details.
2 Cor. 6:4 MSG

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Finding a Path Forward

It was that church. It was that church with the amazing story to tell. It was the first church of its kind in the area. In fact, at its founding over 100 years ago, it was known as the First Church of God Tulsa. It was that church that moved as the neighborhoods changed, as the city grew. In the 70s, the church moved out to the middle of a cow field that later became the crossroads of the city. It was that church with great pastors, forward-thinking leaders, and deep roots in the Church of God in Northeast Oklahoma.

It was also that church that experienced hurt and never healed. It was that church that whose own growth was stunted by the well-meaning efforts aimed to keep the church from experiencing more hurt. And it was that church that one day looked around and realized their immediate community had changed to a predominately hispanic area that no one in the congregation was equipped to minister to.
Read more about Thrive and how they found a new path forward.

The Lord’s Purpose Prevails

Three years ago, HGC, with 3-Worlds and a number of sponsoring congregations from the United States, were invited to Hungary to work with two pastors of churches that wanted to plant a church in downtown Budapest. Essentially, they wanted to start a church in a bar and minister to the 20-somethings who live and work in that part of the city. These pastors saw the need to reach these young people but knew that they would never be able to accomplish this alone or from their current locations in the suburbs. They asked HGC to come and help them come together to make a plan to reach the lost people in the downtown area.

But this journey hasn't been according to our plans and it hasn't followed the plans in our covenant. Never the less, it is evident that God has a purpose for our relationship and the work we have done so far and will do in the future.

Learn more about how God's purpose in Hungary prevails in the face of crisis.
As church leaders, we long to awaken our churches, our communities and our peers to the cry of our heart—reaching people who are far from God.

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