Our work as God's servants gets validatedor notin the details.
2 Cor. 6:4 MSG
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Pushing Your Limits

We all get stuck in our brokenness and, when we don’t address it, broken becomes our new normal. We stop seeing our own limits, our flaws, our areas of unhealthiness; and instead of seeking healing, we just continue in our brokenness. The same is true of churches and church staffs.

Recently, Tim Knighton of Shively Christian Church sat down with me to share how this is true in his own ministry. HGC recently conducted a consultation at Shively and the church entered a covenant. Tim is their Worship Minister and received assessments in the course of their HGC Consultation. In his debrief, the HGC team identified several blind spots and lags within his leadership style and wiring and then asked the question, “How would you like to deal with this?”

This question set Tim on a journey to be a better leader with his team, within the staff, with his congregation and at home.


Tom Planck, Healthy Church Catalyst, Recommends Resources

During past year, it has been incredible to watch God open doors to new connections with other ministries, networks, and church leaders.  One of my favorite new connections is with the tremendous team that leads the Exponential Conferences.  It has been really cool to see the network of relationship that has webbed off Greg’s relationships with Todd Wilson, the president of Exponential.  Not only has it opened the door to several new relationships, but it has also introduced us to some fantastic resources on the Multiplication front.
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