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Next Tuesday, Wednesday, November 19-20 in Washington, DC

Avoidance, Deterrence, Escape Training (ADET)
-- for Assault- and Rape-Risk Environments

November 19-20, Two-Day Workshop, $395

Friday, December 13 in Washington, DC

Compassion Fatigue & Personal Self-Care 
-- for Humanitarian & Other Professionals

December 13, One-Day Intensive Workshop, $195

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Photo: Sara Salam instructs a trainee

Avoidance, Deterrence, Escape Training (ADET)
for Assault- and Rape-Risk Environments

Two-Day Workshop for Humanitarian Professionals, Journalists and others

Tuesday, Wednesday, 
November 19-20, Washington, D.C.

Cost: $395

A new class designed for humanitarian professionals --women and men-- living or working in environments where individual assault and rape poses an active risk, the Avoidance, Deterrence, Escape Training or ADET courses is designed to be respectful of local mores, while also being consistent with the ethos of international nonprofit organizations. The training aspires to defuse situations rather than make them worse, and to help individuals learn the confidence and skills they need to establish and protect their own boundaries.

The two-day ADET workshop includes: situational awareness to avoid becoming a target, use of demeanor and tone of voice to help deter predators, and learning simple, but effective measures to help de-escalate situations and escape attackers. The course includes emotional self-care awareness and techniques both to maintain equilibrium in the moment and to practice self-care afterward. 

The class instructor is Sara Salam. Sara uniquely combines soft and hard skills to teach appropriate personal safety measures to NGO workers, journalists, and human rights defenders. Sara is a former certified Rape Crisis Counselor. She has also participated in programs such as Rape Aggression Defense and Impact, which focus on sexual assault and increased risks of assaults to women.

Sara is a Krav Maga Expert Instructor and her self-defense training emphasizes instinctive movements, practical techniques and realistic scenarios. She is further certified as Master Practitioner in Energy Medicine and Luminous Healing and works as a Master Healer in the areas of quantum physics and psychosomatic health. Sara earned an M.B.A. in International Business from Georgetown University. Her approach integrates the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of safety and self-care, as well as healing and empowerment. 

Cost: $395

Space is limited. If you wish to reserve a spot, please send an email to gjs AT journalistsecurity DOT net. Or call 202-352-1736. Most major credit cards and other forms of payment are accepted.

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Photo: Senior Trainer Sara Salam

Compassion Fatigue & Personal Self-Care

For Humanitarian, Human Rights Professionals, Journalists & Others

Friday, December 13
Washington, DC (DuPont Circle)

One-Day Workshop
Cost: $195 

Human rights and press freedom advocates, journalists and others regularly develop relationships with frontline activists, journalists and their families who are facing threats, intimidation, violence, imprisonment, exile, separation or other hardships. Humanitarian and development experts and others also frequently become primary witnesses to human tragedies. Repeated exposure to trauma whether primary or secondary takes its toll. This one-day workshop offers practical knowledge and effective skills to maintain one’s emotional well-being.

Instructor: Sara Salam.

Cost is $195 per person.

Space is limited. To reserve a spot, please contact GJS executive director Frank Smyth. You may reach via email at frank AT journalistsecurity DOT net , or by phone at +1 202-352-1736. Major credit cards and other forms of payment are accepted.
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