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Feather River Tourism Marketing District

Issue 1

First of the New Year Starts the 2% Assessment Fee
  • A 2% Feather River Tourism Marketing District (FRTMD) fee will be assessed on all bookings for lodging within the marketing district starting January 1, 2021, for short term rentals of 30 days or less.
  • Provide a receipt to your guests delineating this 2% fee as a separate line item.
  • OTA's and third party booking agencies will need to collect this fee, unless you choose to absorb the fee.
  • First quarter TOT form for 2021 will include a line item for the 2% assessment.
  • Pay your TOT and 2% FRTMD assessment fee with one check.
Who, What, and Why?
  • It has taken a dedicated group of volunteers over 6 years to form the Feather River Tourism Marketing District.
  • FRTMD is managed by the Feather River Tourism Association (FRTA), which is mainly comprised of lodging providers who have a common interest in promoting tourism for our region
  • Plumas County's tourism budget was cut in the 2011 recession, thus providing no funds for marketing our region. Without marketing, our county has lost market share of tourism to other well invested counties, such as Nevada and Shasta Counties. This couldn't come at a better time given our need to bounce back from a pandemic induced economic recession, and devastating fire season of 2020.
Goals and Next Steps
The major goal of FRTMD is to “put heads-in-beds” particularly during the off season to make our area a year-round destination. In order to do this, the association has engaged the services of SMG Consulting that specializes in strategic and tactical solutions to clients within the tourism-driven hospitality sectors. The first step is to identify what makes our area unique beyond just physical attributes that will excite guests, i.e., tourists, to come visit – again and again and again.

The owner of SMG, Carl Robado says, “Though the area offers beautiful lakes, streams and forests, these things are not unique to Northern California destinations competing for tourism dollars.  What makes a region unique is its culture, or its vibe. People connect to a place when they have memorable moments.  It is these experiences that capture a visitor and makes him or her want to return.”

So, what exactly is our “vibe?” Is it the type of people you meet? The things that are available to do with family and friends?  Is it how you feel when you are here?  These are the questions we will be asking of various sectors within our community in the months to come. 

First sectors to be addressed will be Recreation, Lodging, the Arts and Environment.

Need Answers to Questions?
FRTA is is 100% committed serving the needs or our travel and tourism industry. 
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