"To Judge or Not to Judge"
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To Judge or Not to Judge
by Anastasia Maness
Today's passage—Matthew 7:1-6

“Don’t Judge!”

Matthew 7:1 is probably one of the most quoted verses in the Bible. Christians and non-Christians alike tend to turn to this verse anytime someone dares to say a convicting word about sin.


As Christians, are we supposed to “judge” each other? What if a friend is doing something wrong? Is the Bible saying we should turn a blind eye to sin?

If we only look at verse 1, that would appear to be the case. We need to read Matthew 7:1-5 to get the full context.


Jesus isn’t saying that it is wrong to judge. He is telling us to judge our own actions first. We need to get that huge chunk of wood out of our own eye before we can even think of helping our neighbor with their speck.

If I were struggling with a certain issue in my life, who would I turn to for help? Would I go to someone who has a worse problem than I have? No, I would look for someone who has been through the same issues and has fought that fight before me and come out ahead. Usually that person is open about their struggles and has shown time and time again how God has helped them overcome.

Jesus wants us to be that type of example. He wants us to take a look at our own lives and work on our own daily struggles.

When I take a look at my own life and my own shortcomings, it puts me into a much more humble position about other people’s faults.

Matthew 6 may seem out of place, but it’s important, too.

Sometimes people don’t want to hear what the Bible has to say about their sin and what God wants for their lives. Sometimes when we offer our gift of friendship and help, they trample that gift under their feet.

Remember, Jesus faced rejection too. All we can do is offer. It’s up to the individual to accept that gift or refuse it. If they refuse to repent and accept Christ’s gift, they are not rejecting us. They are rejecting Him.


Today, will you join me in looking at your own life before approaching a friend or family member about theirs? Sometimes the best way to help our friends and family is to hold out our hand in friendship and lead them toward the One who helps us.

--Anastacia Maness


Preacher's Wife, Homeschooling Mom to 6, and Writer

Encouraging and Strengthening Families at

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